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Thursday, June 16, 2011

So, finally some answers from hospital and doctor... not!

I saw the consultant on Friday, who gave one more prescription for vitamin D. She also told me I'm wasting my time trying to get it from food as tuna is not really a good option due to the mercury it carries, and salmon only has vitamin D if it's wild, not farmed (sorry Ian, I'll have to rescind our engagement). At least I learnt something new, I hadn't seen that anywhere! GP confirmed that as I asked him to refer me to a dietitian and he did, but warned me not to expect too much. Everybody agrees the best source of vitamin D is the sun. Which is all very well, but I live in London where, at a push, we get 30 days of sun a year. A good one! On top of that, the sun makes me break out in rashes, and it's not pleasant!

The other day I spent half an hour in the cereal isle at the local supermarket (sorry, I know you're all envious, but I can't help having such an exciting life!) and found that Special K have a lot of Vitamin D added, so I took advantage of the special offer and bought two boxes. The last time I'd tried special K I thought they sucked, but I've had it three times since I bought it and it's not as bad as I remembered it, so I think I'll give that a go.

Consultant said I should go for HRT. When I objected on the grounds of animal cruelty she said that the one prescribed in Europe is fully synthesised, it's the North American one that involves animal cruelty. She also said that up to 48 years, the benefits much override the risks. I'd kind of made up my mind to give it a go, but when I went to see GP he said that he wasn't an expert on the subject and not many people are worried about it, so he'd never fully informed himself, but as far as he thought no HRT is fully synthetic. I have to see him again next week after he's received a report from consultant and we'll discuss it more then.
I can't remember where or when, but ages ago I saw a documentary about these poor mares being tortured and their foals taken away from them so we could get their urine for HRT. I can still see these farms in my ind and they were really awful. Now, if HRT had some really huge benefits for me, that would prevent some really horrible things from happening to me, much as I don't agree with animal exploitation I might consider it. However, I've been looking on the net and I can't find anything about why HRT is such a great thing. i've asked both the GP and the consultant several times but the answer I keep getting is "Oh, we'll discuss it when it's needed". And when, exactly, would the right time be? After I've been taking it???
From what I've seen on the net, and what I've heard discussing it with friends and family who had reason to know something (my mother, my aunt, others), all I seem to get is that HRT has some sort of delaying effect on nobody knows what for certain. Hot flushes have been mentioned (but I'm not getting them, and even if I did I can't see how I couldn't help them with layers of clothing). Osteoporosis has also been mentioned - however, if I'm taking steps to raise my vitamin D levels (with food, supplements, or even sunbathing... whatever it takes) what can HRT do that I can't?
Another thing that has been mentioned was the ageing of the body, but what does that mean, exactly? Skin sagging? Wrinkles? Hey, since losing weight I've been looking like parchment. Do I look like I'm bothered???
All I'm getting is: "it's good for you". Could somebody tell me why it's so good, exactly? Will my legs fall off if I don't take it? Will I go blind? Will I die of some horrible disease?
I don't know how other people feel, but when I ask questions and everybody seems to be going out of their way to be vague, I start thinking "well, if it's so good, why don't you tell me exactly why instead of crapping around? What are you hiding?"
Is it that it's not really that good, or is it that it's downright bad?

Possibly the only good thing about it is that all this talking about it scared my periods into submission: I've had two regular ones in a row :D

Anyway, dad's arriving tomorrow :)))
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  • LEXIE63
    First off, even if it is overcast, you can still get the vitamin D benefit from a twenty minute walk each day. Some sun rays still gets through most cloud types, you see. :-)

    Second off, HRT is weird. I've heard some people swear by it for cutting their hot flashes, and evening out their mood swings, waking them up etc. And I've heard others say it was a waste of time. So I guess it works for some but not others. :-) I firmly believe in food therapy, and I'll eat the fish and whatever else has the benefits before subjecting animals to torture for my benefit. That is gross!!! *shudders*

    Oh, and I saw people mention cod liver oil. You can get that in capsules, which makes it more palateable. :-)

    Lex xxx
    3390 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/16/2011 9:53:19 AM
    Rant away my dear. I never took HRT but
    then I never had any problems. As for the
    Vitamin D debate, I get enough sunshine
    and now have just started taking a supplement
    which has zinc, manganese and magnesium.
    3403 days ago
  • EVELYN5877
    Glad you're enjoying yourself with your dad. I don't know of any good reason for HRT either, but some are so anxious to get rid of any symptoms of ageing at all. I feel it merely puts it off till you are older, and maybe less able to cope with it. We all have to go through it after all. I have finally mostly got rid of hot flushes now, they were never worse than inconvenient, I never had mood swings, my periods which were heavy and horrible died away to nothing, and stopped when I was 50, and I was so thankful to be rid of them, and things are good now, post menopause. I have never felt less than a woman because I
    can't breed, anymore than I do only having one breast. Hope it
    takes you the same way. On vitamin D, it was prescribed in the form of cod liver oil for all children from the clinic when I was growing up, because of the amount of us growing up with rickets. Cod liver oil or other fish oil capsules are cheap and still the easiest way to get this vitamin. Tinned salmon, with the bones, or sardines or mackerel are all good and don't contain mercury either.
    3417 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/19/2011 10:04:07 AM
    Have a good visit with your dad.

    3420 days ago
    What about cod liver oil? People here drink tons of it here for the the vitamin D due to not having much sunlight in the winter. Up in Tromsø the nurse came by when Liam was just a few weeks old and told us to start giving it to him. For some reason they took it in the Caribbean too everyday...although I wonder if it wasn't just brought over by England or something when the island was an English colony because there was always sun in the Caribbean. Anyway...just a thought.

    I am so glad your dad will be visiting tomorrow! Have a great time!

    p.s. the cold liver oil tastes terrible but might help.
    3420 days ago
  • EVELYN5877
    I am also not an expert on HRT, but as far as I understand it, it is supposed to stave off some of the effects of ageing,e.g. Hair thinning, dry skin, poor sleep, bone density problems, heart problems. The reason it would never be prescribed for me, and I wouldnt want it, is the fact that it increases your chances of developing breast cancer significantly, as oestrogen, one of the hormones in it, is implicated in a lot of cancers. This risk continues even after you stop taking it, while the benefits, including lack of hot flushes/ mood swings, don't. If you have never suffered badly from PMT, the odds are slim that you'll get
    mood swings now, and it merely postpones the other things, I
    won't call them problems since for many they're not. It's just
    normal ageing. emoticon P.S. Fish oil supplement capsules, are pure vitamins D and A.
    3420 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2011 2:26:59 PM
    Good grief! To be honest, I got so confused about the vitamin D debate that I gave up on supplementing it beyond one Centrum Silver a day.
    3420 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    OK, so glad your dad is arriving....

    As for the rest, well, it reminds me of an old joke, a male gynaecologist is like a mechanic who has never owned a car...

    As for the sun, it is better in London that Edinburgh: the problem is that the pockets of sun are not always at the most convenient moments.

    And....not only can you get vitamin D injections, you can also get it in capsules....funnily enough, offered to babies and small children here in France.

    Rant away when you need to!
    3420 days ago
    Hang in there, London. Your honesty is refreshing. I live in Southern California so our "sun" issue is the opposite. We have to plan ways to hide from it. I'm 59 so my menopause days are over. But, I feel your pain.
    3420 days ago
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