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Week 32- Another week closer!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Gender: boy

Size of baby: Well since we haven't had the follow up ultrasound I will tell you what the baby should weigh- size of a honeydew about 4 lbs.

Total Weight Gained: Doctor's appointment is tomorrow but that will count as week 33 weigh in, I think it's safe to assume I have gained between 24-27 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: This is a weird question. I think most maternity clothes are pretty hideous and aside from a few pair of pants(jeans, cropped khakis) I have still been wearing my old clothes, just below the belly. This week it was so hot at the gym I even wore my Nike running shorts from last season and made it work.

Movement: His movements are definitely more deliberate now. Before it was a leg here or a foot there but now I can feel and see him moving around much differently. It's nice and I know I will miss it once he's born.

Sleep: GAH it got worse. I haven't slept well since pretty much the day I found out I was pregnant and it hasn't gotten any easier. I just feel restless all night. I find myself tossing and turning and just in general not waking up refreshed which leads me to believe I am not getting a full REM cycle in. I can't complain too much though this has been the only negative of this pregnancy!

What I miss: This is hard too I think when you get to be in the 30+ weeks of pregnancy you miss the early parts of pregnancy. The excitement that came with feeling kicks for the first time, or finding out the sex. Now the only really exciting thing to look forward to is the birth, and that is scary!

Cravings: Egg burritos for breakfast with egg whites, salsa and american cheese. Cereal, fruit of any kind. Homemade ice cream sandwiches made with graham crackers and cool whip. Tomato sandwiches on toast.

Aversions: Meat. I just don't feel like chewing it. Also I am running out of room and find that I can not eat too much at any given time so meat usually isn't what I reach for.

Symptoms: Contractions that are now stronger than they were. Before it was more me just noticing my belly tightening up. Now I actually feel uncomfortable when it tightens and I need to recline to make it ease the pressure.

Best Moment this Week: Lying in bed with the hubby the other night he had his arm draped over my belly. Suddenly he says "hey is that the baby?" our little guy was kicking his arm and moving a lot like he usually does at 1 am. Hubby just kept saying "This is incredible, I can't believe we created him" over and over again. It was a really nice moment for us to share.

This post is late because as of today I am already 33 weeks but I have just been feeling overwhelmed without much internet time lately. It doesn't help that we moved the computer to the basement den area finally and I hate coming down here. The ac blows so loud and the dogs follow me and then I have to carry them back up the stairs which is a hassle in itself. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow which should be the standard check everything in and out. Hopefully sometime next week will be the follow up ultrasound to check the baby's size so we can start talking about how we plan on birthing this boy. I am still anti C section just as a personal preference but I am not completely opposed to being induced although I really truly feel like when my body and baby are ready it will happen. We have to just listen to what doc says and then come up with our own decision. Hubs is working nights this week which stinks because there is so much we could be doing around here at night that I just can't do myself(ie painting the trim and rehanging the ceiling fan). Since he is taking a few weeks off in August for the babys arrival they had to push a lot of his work up and get it taken care of between now and then. Normally not a huge issue but this means for the next few weeks he doesn't have a 3 day weekend like usual. This really cuts into the time we have to do things. I just start stressing because I am in get this house ready mode and there are some things that I just can not or should not be doing. Oh well I know that what is a necessity will get down and anything else can wait but that doesn't alleviate the anxiety in my head.

My mental state hasn't been great these last few weeks. I have felt really down and alone which is not good, I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones or not. I really try and not blame everything on the hormones although sometimes I know that's what it is. Basically I feel really left out. My mom hasn't made the time to call me in almost 2 weeks which is totally unusual for us. We normally speak 3-4 times a week. I know she was busy with the end of the school year so I didn't push the issue but they were done a week ago and she still hasn't called. The worst part about it is that she texted me for like 30 minutes today when it would have been just as easy to call. The only reason she started texting me was to reply to my request for some addresses for thank you cards. That really annoyed me. Then I have been begging anyone in my family to come and visit since I've been unemployed. Being so close to DC should be an incentive but nope, no one has come to see us. Why this really annoyed me today is that my stepdad had cataract surgery Monday and has his other eye scheduled for this coming Monday. He had to take off 2 weeks of work for this and you would think they could have come down here for a few days since he wasn't working. No, of course not and the kicker to it is that when she was texting me today she told me they were going camping for the weekend!! WTF? So not only is my mom making me feel neglected but so are my "friends" here in MD. A good (or so I thought) girlfriend of mine just had her oldest graduate high school. She threw a big party and had all kinds of fanfare all weekend for the kid and I didn't get invited to anything. This wouldn't have been so bad if our other friend who always blows us off hadn't been invited. Yikes, this is turning into a rant but I just had to get it off my chest. I hate complaining to the hubby because he just doesn't get it. I'm done, it's off my chest and I feel relieved so thanks for listening or reading(if you made it this far!!!)

Weekly belly shots

I'm posting this next one against my better judgement. Although I just woke up and look like a zombie I think it's cute because it's all 3 of my "babies" together. The shirt hides the belly

lastly a clothed belly just for comparison.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    awww sorry your feeling lonely! i get annoyed easily with stuff like that too, so i can relate! i think it is part hormones cause im usually never so annoyed so easily...unless its around pms time haha. i hope things will start to look up and your appt goes well! =)
    2503 days ago
    I hope you have a great appointment today.I know how you feel, things are getting harder for me too. Sleeping, contractions, etc...
    I'm sorry you've been having times of feeling down lately. It's probably a combination of hormones and the increased need for time & attention. I remember having the same thing go on with me when I was expecting our first (needing more from my parents), but with my last baby and with this one, I am content with the time/attention/affection I get from my hubby. Also, I now have a lot going on at home with two children, so I'm pretty busy! I tend to spend some time, though, dwelling on how I feel physically (self-pity even!)Haha
    Well, you look great as usual! :) Hope you have a nice weekend!
    2506 days ago
    You look great! Perhaps with your stepdad having surgery, your Mom has more responsibilities placed on her. I had the LASIK done on one eye to attach a cornea that was coming loose. I had a headache for three days after the surgery.
    2507 days ago
    awww you look great....
    2507 days ago
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