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Could my last two days get any worse?!?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have been working with my daughter to get our pool cleaned for the last week since she is getting ready for her H.S. graduation party this weekend. We had not opened it for a couple of summer's since we had been just too busy and the pool was a complete mess! We emptied it, scrubbed it, and made it sparkle!

I get ready to fill it yesterday morning. No Water. not a drip. We are on a private well. And, yep, there is NO water. Our well is OUT! Seriously, what timing! Knowing that neighbors have been drilling deeper in the last couple of years due to our water tables, all I can think about is a four thousand dollar bill, an empty bank account, and no water for our Graduation party!

So, I am on the phone with the well people, and my cat is coughing up hairballs, my puppy is vomiting and her eye is apparently infected as it bulging goop, and my son tells me he has a temp of 102 degrees, can't breathe and can't hear!

Okay, I am shoving the dog outside, cleaning up hairball puke, cleaning up dog vomit, shoving a thermometer in my son's mouth and now I am calling the doctor too!

The well guys show up amazingly fast, and are surprisingly nice. They crawl under the house, with all the spiders and dead mice, (ewww!) and find that I have a valve that needs to be replaced. 30 minutes later, I now have water and the well guys are on their way back to the office.

My son goes to the doctor and then we go to the pharmacy, now he has 4 prescriptions to take for the next two weeks. Double ear infection, Sinus infection, low O2 sats, fever, etc.

I find leftover veterinary eye antibiotic in the cabinet and start treatment for the puppy. It already looks better after just a short amount of time.

Now, I start filling the pool with water.
Today, 24 hours later, I go to look at the pool to look at the progress and find the liner has torn away from the edge and has fallen into the middle of the pool!!

Seriously!?! After all that we went through to get this pool ready for the party, or just to get it set up for the summer at all, and now it has done this.

I. Give. Up.

The kids can have water balloons, squirt guns, buckets, I do not care. With our luck, it will be raining anyways!

I am doing all I can not to sit in the closet and cry right now!
Here is hoping that the party goes off without a hitch, if it gets off at all! I am having to convince my daughter that we should still have the party.

But tomorrow, I think I will stay in bed, watch T.V., read a book, and just not care what happens or what gets done.

I will start fresh on Friday and get this party prepped, ready and set for fun!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This too shall pass! My motto is "Well, no one is dying, right?" So "All is well--or will be anyway."

    I am in similar straights! Everything seems to be falling apart on me right now and it is all on my shoulders. But... I called a friend and she will help me make one major problem go away today!

    Your daughter is graduating! That's the best part! We used to have a pool and when things got crazy that pool got neglected and became a god-awful green gooey mess! at least you don't have that!

    The kids will enjoy themselves. Who needs a pool anyway! Chris
    2832 days ago
    Hi All.
    Thank you for your support. My dear daughter has been helping me all along, but we both suffer from a myriad of health problems and are both feeling pretty beat up right now, both physically and mentally. And it has been storming for the last 2 days so we cannot even work on the decks, grill, chairs and stuff like that still needs to be done.

    My husband is still on the road, hopefully will be home by Saturday, so when all this happens, I end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated that I have so much to do without him. And we are still working on painting the inside of the house, prepping it for sale, so the inside is in various stages of done and not done.

    Sorry, sometimes, it just helps to vent.
    Thanks all for your helpful tips and thoughts. And believe me, I repeat the Calgon Ad mantra OFTEN!!
    2832 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I think that's a plan. emoticon
    2832 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    You sure have a lot happen in a short amount of time. Give yourself that break and ask the graduate help wqith the party too. Please try to relax and enjoy the weekend.
    2833 days ago
    Sounds like a bad time but once you get your breath, try to make a list of all the good things.
    1. You didn't get the $4k water bill and you have water to drink!
    2. Your son didn't have meningitis or anything else life threatening.
    3. Your daughter is probably just happy to be thru with HS and is happy to just have any kind of party. And if her friends care that the pool isn't working, then it's cool that she finds out they are so superficial now rather than later!
    4. Puppy sounds like it's on the way to recovery,

    The water guns etc sound like fun! Maybe even set up a sprinkler and tell them it's a retro party to how they played when they were kids, now that they are graduating to the next step toward adulthood!.

    And remember the old Calgon ads - Calgon take me away? Yeah definitely read a book, take a break, do something for you. And rather than convincing your daughter you should have the party, ask her for her help and see what she wants to do. I bet she would be so honored to have her opinion weighed in that she may really step up and take the lion's share of the prep work from you.

    Hang in there! Either way you go with the party, next week it will be in the past! emoticon emoticon
    2833 days ago
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