Shrimp & Steak Skewers meal (with asparagus & potato)

Monday, June 13, 2011

I thought that I would share this:

I have added "Shrimp & Steak" skewers to the family menu this week. (To keep the price of steak down: Wal-Mart has the yellow-tag meat an additional 30% off - you just need to eat it within a couple days - and a bag of frozen shrimp will dethaw quickly under warm water in a strainer in your sink!) Lean Steak gets cut into smaller pieces, and just salt & peppered - put on the skewer. Shrimp gets a "Blackened" seasoning (or Cajun) - 0 calories for the seasoning! - and put on the skewer. Grill for just a couple minutes on each side & your're done! I also take asparagus & drizzle with oil & salt (Kosher salt - larger granules) - and grill next to the skewers - NO CLEAN UP! Idaho potatoes can be forked (holes) and microwaved on a paper towel (again - no clean up!). The meal is healthy, no added sauces, and very tasty. You can also substitute chicken for the steak or shrimp!
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