Plans for the coming week and Seeing the Beauty

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm feeling much better. It's three weeks since I fell. I did a 20-minute lower body workout (Kathy Smith) as my first ST in over a week. It was wonderful to get back to it... It only hurt when I was doing torso twists to warm up, and even so, it was fine.

Here's my plan for this week...
Monday: lower body (Kathy Smith)
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Upper Body
Thursday: some sort of stretching/yoga
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Lower Body
Sunday Rest Day

On each of these days I will do at least 30 minutes of walking. I decided on 3 rest days to be sure my muscles are rested. During this week I will do TBL Powerwalk on some of the days and see how I do with that. My upper body workout will involve mostly arms and bent over rows. There is no way I will try any core exercises yet, or any body-weight strength exercises like push ups. I'm going to give them a try at the end of the month.

Next week I plan to add in some Jillian or Bob workouts (not "strength" ones though). We'll see if I'm ready for that.

My Seeing the Beauty/Being Thankful challenge (with Fab Fit) is on. I am doing it not quite according to the directions, but that's me! We're supposed to walk out 7.5 min. and walk back, but where I live is so hilly, that I have a circular route that I do so I don't have to climb the hills - it's really hard on my knee. Anyway, it's funny... I normally walk the same route every day 'cause it takes me a circuitous route to downtown, but every day I see some different beauty! One day it's the lilacs, another it's someone out working in their garden, another day it might be a chipmunk.

One truly beautiful thing about my walk is the view coming down the hill into town... I was looking for a photo, but I couldn't find one. Guess I'll have to take my own. We are close to a lake, and on the other side of the lake is a "mountain"... a huge hill? with loads of trees that turn beautiful colours in the fall. So the walk into town is spectacular and a reminder of all we have to be thankful for in God's Creation.
I took this photo from Drummer1000 at flickr

It doesn't quite show the scene I experience, but this gives you some idea of my surroundings!

Here's a new product we tried on the weekend.
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