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Family Reunion! Now I have another year to prepare!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday morning - woohoo - 116.9! I rock!

Monday morning - uh-oh - 119.5! I ate and ate and ate!!! Fallen rock :(

It's ok - life goes on! I knew I was 'so' going to blow it on Saturday - ok, so Sunday was a bit of an "after-shock" on my personal Richter Scale - life goes on and the leftovers (what little remains) go in the freezer this morning.

Back to water (without bread) and get those veggies into that pot and cooking! Get out the morning fruits and into the bowl!

No more "mrs nice guy" - back to "on track" for me!
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Nutrition Tracker Notes for Sunday, June 14
Yeah, I know, too much reunion leftover cake, lol.
Eaten 2,419
BMR* 1,407
Exercise 386
Total Burned 1,793
Differential 626+ over

Get rid of the chocolate chocolate cake Linda!!
No, no, don't eat it!!
too late :(

**Tues: 119.0 even though my calories were over yesterday - they were mostly veggie calories and 2 slices of my homemade bread. Not junk foods.

I have "learned" that after a weekend binge, I must taper off -- my body will still be calling for extra food, but it is up to me what kind of food I shove in my face. My sodium was under 2000 and that helped me a lot! Even having fried fish for lunch, the weight is coming back down.

Wed: 118.2 - this is the fastest I have every come off a binge - maybe because it was pretty much a planned binge? Maybe because this really is a lifestyle change? Who knows and really, who cares - all that really matters is SparkPeople works!!
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