Why it's good to walk

Saturday, June 11, 2011

1 - you can get fit, it's good cardio.

2 - if you don't mind compromising a bit on the cardio side, it's a a nice way to "city shop". You can walk around with your nose in the air and notice a lot of very interesting gargoyles that you'd walked past who knows how many times before, never seeing them. Just change your route when you catch yourself shouting hello to them as you walk past, if you mind people looking at you funny.

3 - you can get good training for your reflexes and motor coordination - that's because, being so engrossed in the gargoyles, you see the lamppost just before walking into it, forcing a sudden dodge to miss it (extra points if you manage to also miss other pedestrians on a busy pavement).

4 - you can use it to exercise your calf and thigh muscles by practicing lunges every time you see small coins on the floor, that everybody else is too proud to pick up. After a few times, your eye-to-leg-and-hand coordination will be so fine tuned that by the time you get home you'll find a handful of coins in your pocket and you won't even remember picking them up. Before you know it you'll fill a jar!
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