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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursdays always seem to be difficult days for me to get in my workouts. The reason for that is because it's usually one of the two days a week that my hubby gets off work. Since we have only one vehicle and gas prices are sky high, we usually take Thursdays to get our errands done. That's exactly what we did for the majority of the day today. After a couple of days with minimal sleep (I've been pretty good about gettin in my 8 hrs on a regular day), we both crashed early last night and slept in this morning.

After breakfast, which wasn't exactly healthy (leftover pizza from dinner last night), we got showered and headed out the door. Tony was in dire need of a haircut, so we visited the barber shop then headed for Dick's Sporting Goods. It just opened up and we hadn't been yet so decided to check it out while we were in the area. I found it to be a lot like Academy, which we have to drive 35 minutes to get to, but the prices for many things tend to be better. They also seem to have a better MMA section according to my hubby. LOL I found a few things for my wishlist in the fitness section too.

Our next stop was to Sam's Club. This is our primary shopping place for meat and a few other things for home. Tony has been on a pork kick so I told him it was time for a break - no ribs or chops this trip. He found some beautiful london broil 2 packs at a great price. I know that red meat isn't always the healthiest, but I married a meat and potatoes guy so I've learned to deal with it. :) The broils actually had next to no fat in them so I couldn't complain too much. After leaving there we went to a farmer's market down the street that is locally owned and almost all of their produce is locally grown - that's the advantage to living in such a rural area! We stocked back up and headed home.

Once we got everything broken down for freezing/storing, I got my kitchen cleaned up before we gave Keiran his haircut. Tony and I agreed to give our 2-yr old his first mohawk for the summer. I LOVE IT! I can see his big blue eyes again and his cute little face. Daisha just loves that her little brother looks like a rock start. That's my girl!

From there we got dinner done and ate before I finally started my workouts... UGH! What a day it has been. We have relaxed and been productive. I've managed to get in 30 minutes of strength training and 75 minutes of cardio, including 4 miles with Walk Away the Pounds. Tonight was the first time I've tried it and as bored as I expected to be, I really liked it. I watched tv while following along with the video so I didn't even realize how quickly time passed. And I can actually say that when I've walked 4 miles on my own, I've never felt like I've done any good... that definitely wasn't the case tonight. I was feeling it in my glutes more than anything.

I'm off to try to get at least another 2o mins done before showering and heading to bed. The weather is supposed to be rainy again tomorrow, though we really need it so I'm not complaining. If it doesn't, I'm heading to the pool with the kids to tread some water. :) Good night everyone!
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    WOW, what a busy day. I am still hoping to find my love of working out so that after a day like that I still want to be activie instead of a veg on the couch. YOU ROCK!
    3076 days ago
    sounds like a very productive day
    3076 days ago
    Wow! Sounds like a great day!!
    3076 days ago
    And I managed to get in 57 points for the BLC TNT Thursday Step It Up Challenge - those are the kind of numbers I've wanted for that challenge every week but never seem to be able to get. :)
    3077 days ago
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