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Thursday, June 09, 2011

I just got home from going out to dinner with my gf. We have tried to do this weekly and so far have been successful. I so enjoy our time together and she desperately needed some guidance tonight. I have a two fold investigation tonight - one is personal and one is in comment to a comment left on my blog yesterday.

My personal investigation involves a thought that came into my mind today and I am completely uncertain of where it came from. It dawned on me today that I had my daughter for 10 years and she died in January and I had Bern for 10 years and he died in January. Automatically I am feeling like there is a message here and I know at some point I will know it if I wait patiently. There is significance because both of these beloved people were not your average people. I was chosen for them and I know that there is something that will come at some point in time to define the significance of this thought.

I don't generally have things like that unless there is a message that I know I will know one day. I just wanted to share that with you because - if we listen, I mean really listen - there are messages throughout our lives that if we don't listen well enough - we will never receive. These messages are gifts and I have been the recipient many times before - I listen!!

I wanted also to speak to a comment left on my blog yesterday that I have spoken to before, but one that I sure shall speak on again. The comment was regarding "listening to your body" that I spoke about yesterday. Many people, and possibly all people, think in the moment instead of the long term. I am sure we all have been guilty of that before. There are consequences for not listening to our bodies, nor using common sense. It bears reminding for those who too quickly forget or just don't understand.

Fitness is important to each of us for the overall health and well being of our bodies - however when we go beyond, we take huge risks that may not be seen until much later in life and then there are consequences to bear. My cervical spine does not have an "injury" but it has consequences from my "fitness". After lifting overhead it has caused the degeneration of some of the discs in my neck and who knows if I will ever need to have surgery to correct - I pray not but it is quite possible.

Now, do I find that my "fitness" was beneficial to my health - sure it gave me a great external body, however, it left its permanent mark on my inner body. I do not find this to have been a worthwhile benefit of exercise. Do not mistake what I am saying --- what I say here is that there are consequences to those women (especially) who try to lift like a man. There are consequences -- when you are lifting overhead, think about that movement --- you are pushing heavy weight overhead on some of the smallest bone structure in the body. Our bodies were not meant to do that - we do it yes, but it was not meant to. So what do you think will happen over time?

People don't think about the long term- and neither did I. We get wrapped up in that "ultimate body" philosophy and we think we are invincible, and that includes me too. Well, reality check , we are not invincible and our bodies are not made of steel and cannot handle whatever we throw at it. My best response is that you must LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, you must really think about your goals for the long term and you must LISTEN when your body speaks to you. By no means should you be ignoring it.

I was and am very proud of my accomplishments at my age but the consequences of my actions are the very things that will pose issues for me along the aging continuum. In retrospect - it was not worth it. It all comes down to GOALS and it all comes down to what you are hoping to accomplish. What we don't want to forget to do is to think about the consequences of our actions. I learned the hard way but many won't have to if they listen. Even the most educated don't always see what may lie ahead and then we also have the "every body is uniquely different" - no one can predict the outcome in the long term.

We can't just pick on fitness - we must also pick on nutrition. What will be the long term consequences of most of the food market today? What kind of long term health effects will the kids of today see as they age - and I do believe they will see it earlier than mid-life. We already see that with Type II Diabetes - kids are getting adult onset diabetes. What will this tell us right now about the health of the generation ahead? We could go on and on about all the bad things in life and environment - what is most important is to look at what we can control and what we can change.

When we share we grow - we share to be a change in the world. Not everyone will listen but that is okay - what matters most is that some will listen and they in turn will grow. There is nothing more powerful than touching the lives of others - and if you only touch one person then there is more value in that one touch than you could ever wish for.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    First, may I say how very sorry I am for the losses you have had to endure. I cannot imagine going through that and admire your positive attitude.
    Next, we never know how our bodies will respond to something- as you said-every body is unique in many ways.
    I had built myself up to 4-5 mile/one hour powerwalks with few or no problems but within a few months of adding some slow jogging in there (which felt marvelous, I might add) I was suffering from hip pain that woke me up every morning at 5 -bursitis- and it has taken me over a year to lick it (I hope!).
    I still am tempted to run because of what I read about it here on SP and elsewhere.
    I love your wise words about thinking about the short AND long term- good advice in all areas of our lives!
    2549 days ago
    For many years I worked too hard as a nurse and did not concentrate on my long term health but I have been focused on it now for a few years.
    2553 days ago
    Thank you, Karen, for another powerful, insightful, and wonderful blog. Very good point about listening to our bodies in the short-term AND the long-term.

    Also very glad you're staying in touch here again. It was an interesting coincidence about your daughter and your husband. If there is a message, I hope you learn it someday soon.

    Hugs as you continue your journey...
    2565 days ago
    Oh, my. I needed this. Badly.
    Thank you.
    2567 days ago
    I always enjoy reading your blogs; you inspire me to be better.
    2568 days ago
    A wonderful blog Karen and I will certainly be listening to my body.
    I am so glad to see you sharing your fitness experiences with us again.
    You are an inspiration emoticon emoticon
    2568 days ago
    Awesome and ohh so true ...Thank you for defining the way we should exercise.. Love and Hugs,
    Susie emoticon emoticon
    2568 days ago
    Another powerful message.

    Unfortunately, most of us don't have enough knowledge about the bone structure and musculature of our bodies to be able to think through to the consequences of what we ask of it.

    And, it is not just the average person --- the other day I read in a blog that one Sparker's personal trainer was having her do exercises that she should not have been doing because of her age and developing osteoarthritis. In a perfect world that trainer should have known better, or at least inquired about her age and any bone/musculature problems she was having and adjusted the training to suit.

    Since this world is not perfect, I guess that we will have to stumble on, trying to figure out what is best for us and listening to our bodies as well as we can.

    2568 days ago
    You have touched many lives along the way Karen. It's good to be reading your blogs again. It's tough to admit we're getting older and aren't able to do all the things we used to. Not as easily anyway!
    2568 days ago
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