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What bad words am I allowed to use on here?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Okay, I want to say bad words, but I guess I have to keep it civil.

I am P^$*& and disappointed in myself and I don't even know what to do.

Here's what set me off: I took a *$&%^# Three Minute Step test to assess my cardiovascular fitness. And honestly, what I was trying to find out was whether I rated Very Good or Excellent. (On the 12 minute Cooper run test, I rate "above average") So what was my score on this test?


Yep, that's what it said. VERY POOR.

Well excuuuuuuse me, but that just isn't %&#(@*&% true! I run and workout 5-6 days a week. I have been doing this now steadily for 3-1/2 years so this isn't new. Off and on I've been running since 1995. I have ran countless races, including a half marathon. I usually finish about the 50th% for my age group although I actually won my age group in one small race. So I'm not a fast runner, but I can hold my own. I'm not someone struggling to bring up the rear or anything.

I run in the heat. I run up hills. I run 10 minute miles. On the days I don't run I do resistance workouts with kettlebells. On the fitness test I was taking I scored EXCELLENT in every other category - sit ups, push ups, squats, sit and reach. Not just good, but EXCELLENT! Then on the step test I score Very Poor.

I can't even think of words to describe how I feel about this. I guess I am in denial, big time. I thought that if I could go out and do a run of several miles on a hilly route on a warm day (and I do it regularly) that I was in good shape. But then I get the rude awakening which tells me that I am falling WAY short. So why the &#@) do I even bother? I mean what is the point? I don't want anyone telling me to "try harder" because I put forth a great deal of effort and discipline into my workout routine already - just to reach the LOWEST POSSIBLE level of fitness. :( :( :( :( :(
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  • URMO345
    I knew it is old blog, but i suffered same fate. I can run, bike, work out and it was very poor, now it is marginally poor.

    This test is stinking!

    At least it did improve,
    1488 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/27/2014 1:32:38 PM
    Here's what I think. You are fit. Running makes you running fit but not necessary make you step fit. I suspect that if you redid the step test a couple time a week you would hit the excellent/beyond belief category in no time.
    2570 days ago
    Tests are screwy sometimes. I'm lean, workout about as much as you do, and my BMI puts me in the "overweight" category which always flags at check-ups... Really annoying!
    2571 days ago
  • LISALU910
    If it was a little off - like if I scored "Good" and I expected to score "Very Good" - I'd be kind of disappointed, or maybe even think there was a margin for error.

    But when I expect Very Good, or even Excellent (yes, I really thought I was in EXCELLENT cardio condition!) and I score at the very bottom of the chart, well that isn't just a margin of error. I don't know what that is.....
    2571 days ago
    Sounds like you are putting the perfect amount of effort in, most of the time tests aren't as accurate as what we know and feel.
    2571 days ago
    Give yourself a pat on the back for all the great stuff that you do. I am very, very new to this, and I am trying not to look at external measurements - like weight and inches. Maybe when I've been at it as long as you, I will think differently. Try to take a step back and ask yourself in the whole scheme of this, how important is that one reading? You know in your heart that you gave it your all. What's there left to you. Beating yourself up will not help. I am very, very proud of you, and I don't even know you. Don't give up.
    2571 days ago
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