Insanity - Week 2 - COMPLETE (Plus Doctor's Visit)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's getting easier! The first week I was barely able to move from the pain but, this week, things are much different. I can move, function, and feel much better. I THINK I might be starting to see some of the results too. Nothing major but I think maybe my shoulders and arms are starting to tone up a little. Maybe the beginning of some abs under that coat of fat on my tummy. Maaaaaaaybe? I FEEL stronger, that's for sure. I did the fit test again and these are my results:

Fit Test # 2
Switch Kicks: 72 (25 fewer! YIKES!)
Power Jacks: 49 (1 less)
Power Knees: 90 (1 more)
Power Jumps: 27 (6 more)
Globe Jumps: 9 (1 more)
Suicide Jumps: 13 (1 more)
Push-Up Jacks: 15 (1 less)
Low Plank Oblique: 55 (12 more)

So there are some ups and downs. I really MESSED UP on the Switch Kicks...though I have a feeling I wasn't doing them right the first time. Anyway, I can only imagine how many more I'll be able to do at the end of 60 days! BOO-YAH!

Also, guys, dramatic pause, I went to the doctor yesterday!! I was so excited to see her and get a clean bill of health. I had a feeling I was pretty healthy (since, well, I wasn't puking my guts out or crying from internal organ bleeding or anything) but it's always nice to know for sure.

I had four things I wanted to ask about:

1) Rash on my forearm
2) Why am I cold all the time/lips turn blue?
3) Exact height
4) If it's healthy for me to weigh 105lbs

I got to ask everything but the doctor was a real PILL. Not friendly, not pleasant, not calming. She treated me like I was a complete idiot and I had no idea what I was talking about. She also made some mildly hurtful comments about my chest (which I'm super sensitive about). She just talked down to me a lot ( "Now WHY do you think you would be cold? Hmmm?") Just, overall, a poor experience with personal care.

But, I got my answers at least. She gave me a cream for the rash on my arm and we did blood work to see if I might have an auto immune disorder that makes me cold. Most of those results have come back, though, and I'm proud to say that everything's turned up aces thus far. She didn't think I was cold from poor circulation so, I still have no idea. She made it sound like I lost weight so fast (10lbs over 6 months? Doesn't seem that fast to me...) that I depleted the fat under my skin. She also suggested Renads but there's no telling if it's that yet. Also, guys, I WAS RIGHT! I'm 5'2"! This means that, according to BMI, I CAN still be healthy at 105lbs if I wanted. That being said, the doctor (unsurprisingly) was EXTREMELY unhelpful in giving me a professional opinion about losing weight. She basically said "If you feel happy at 105 then good. If you feel happy now, then good." Really, lady? I kinda coulda figured that out on my own. But she wasn't very shy about demeaning me on how small I was already. Insinuating that I was cold all the time because my weight was too low and that if I'm doing Insanity I'm going to get muscle weight anyway so being 105lbs would be dangerous and I might have problems with my period if I wasn't on birth control.

It was actually pretty darn frustrating. I mean, you guys have seen some pictures of me, I'm not about to blow away in the wind. I've got meat on me and healthy meat in good places. I meet my calorie count every day (or, at WORST, go OVER it! Never under!), I exercise like a maniac (but never more than Shaun T says. Oh the mighty Shaun T), I work hard to get the right amount of nutrients that may be missing from my diet with vitamins, and avoid alcohol and cigarettes pretty regularly. I don't need someone making me feel like I'm an anorexic, ignorant, little actress desperately seeking glamour.


So, I've decided I'm going to keep doing Insanity and see where I weigh at the end of 60 days. I'm 111lbs at the moment. I'm...pretty OK here. I'd be a teeny bit happier at 110lbs and, not gonna lie, FLOORED at 105lbs but...111 is cool too. The more toned I get, the happier I'll be and I think the number on the scale won't matter as much as the body in the mirror. Or whatever a nasty doctor has to say.
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    Too bad on the doctor situation, but I would definitely avoid her for nutrition and exercise and speak with a fitness trainer and/or nutritionist. You are your best judge on your weight and body mass anyway. I would think that with the gradual weight loss that your body grew accustomed to the weight loss so feeling cold is questionable. I'd check with a fitness trainer. Keep work on defining yourself with muscle mass. Don't worry....be happy! And, it looks as though you are there! Keep it up Wonder Woman. YOU ROCK!!
    2557 days ago
    Congrats!!! emoticon emoticon

    Some doctors are idiots...Glad you got a clean bill of health, but I'd switch too!
    2571 days ago
    Filthy, nasty doctorses. (Just kidding.... mostly.)

    Yahoo on the clean bill of health! I'm glad you're starting to see some results with Insanity. I know I'm getting stronger, since I managed EIGHT pushups in a row, where before I could barely do 2 very tiny, sad, pitiful ones. (If I tried to do a "real" pushup, I'd get down and halfway back up before falling on my face. Now I can do EIGHT OF THEM!) My hubby started doing my Insanity workouts with me just a few days ago and I'm ALREADY seeing more muscle definition in him (like abs! He has ABS... sorta-almost). But then again, he's also not obese (like me) and can make it through the whole workout with needing about a million slow-it-down, modify-it-so-I-don't-die breaks (unlike me).

    Here's hoping Insanity helps you get to where you want to be! CHEERS! Kampai! Nostrovia! Sláinte!
    2571 days ago
    Sheesh! I think I'd see about switching doctors. I wouldn't put up with that! Now that you've seen that you're in good health maybe you should talk to a trainer about your weight and work outs. They would probably know more about that than the doc anyway. I think you look awesome! And anyone who can workout with Shawn T has my respect! Go Girl! Hope you will keep us up to date on your workouts!

    2572 days ago
  • MICH368
    IM 5'2 ALSO!! id LOVE to be 105lbs! (or 110, or 115 for that matter!)
    2573 days ago
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