Soda, a leading cause in Obesity?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

First let me start with the article that kicked me off …

Soda Drinkers Beware!
Nutrition News Flash
-- By Becky Hand, Licensed & Registered Dietitian
Studies now correlate an increase in certain health risks with soda consumption. For four years researchers tracked the soda drinking habits of 50,000 women. When women went from drinking one regular soda drink a week to at least one a day, they gained an average of 10 pounds over the 4-year period. An increase in body weight was also seen when using fruit drinks, but not when diet soft drinks where consumed. In another study of 90,000 women, those who drank soda or fruit drinks daily had about twice the risk of developing diabetes compared to those who drank soda less than once a month.
Currently, the federal government is considering its first-ever warning that soft drinks can cause unhealthy weight gain. While soda sales have nearly doubled during the past 20 years, so has the percentage of obesity. Battle lines are being drawn and the debate is heating up.

Should a warning be issued concerning weight gain and soda consumption?
Should there be a ban on soda commercials during children’s television programs?
Should soda be eliminated at school? Currently the sale of soda helps fund many school activities.
Action Sparked
There is strong evidence linking the consumption of soda and fruit drinks to obesity. An occasional soft drink presents no problem, but one or more a day could be disastrous to your diet plan.

Now … after reading this I hope that you see what I see… I knew that drinking soda wasn’t exactly a good thing but I didn’t realize how it has effected society. I am not even sure that people know what they are putting into their bodies when they do drink it. I am not sure, even though the nutritional information is listed on the side of the can, I find that it can be a bit misleading. Most people, when they read the side of the can and they see the amount of sugar, they think that this is for the whole can, when in most cases, it is only for half the can and they have to double the amount of sugar seen on the label to get accurate amounts of sugar in the can for the whole can. I mean seriously! I don’t understand why the government isn’t making them list the nutritional information for the whole can.

I know someone that drank soda regularly and didn’t think that it was effecting her diet all that much until she really look a good look at the labels and couldn’t believe what she saw… with all of the soda she was drinking everyday, it came out to be 12 cups of sugar. O.O 12 cups of sugar when your recommended amount of refined sugar you are suppose to intake is the size of a golf ball …not even one cup.

If adults don’t know what they are doing to their bodies, I am positively sure that the children don’t know what they are doing to their bodies either. I try really hard to educate my children. They are only 4 and 6 but they understand a whole lot more than people give them credit for. I tell them why they should only drink soda on special occasions because it will eat the enamel off their teeth and cause cavities, and it could make them very unhealthy …. running would be a whole lot harder and playing outside won’t be as fun anymore if you are unhealthy … they agree and say they want to stay healthy and strong

I think that all soda should be removed from the schools and other high sugar fruit drinks. I think that children would like flavored waters just as good. My kids friends come over and they love the flavored waters and fruit tray that I usually have readily available … I think that given the chance, kids want to eat right … the problem is the adults…

Time to step up parents… lets teach our kids so that they have an easier time than we are having with weight and diet! Make America Thin!!! Get them young!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    No problem honey :) i love to help ... I quit drinking soda unless it is diet and now I am not liking the diet taste so much anymore ... I would much rather eat my calories than drink them ... :)
    It all comes with time ... the better you stay on the path the easier healthy changes will be to make
    3667 days ago
    I have never been too crazy about soda. Bobby Boucher was The Waterboy. I am "The Water Gal". lol But whenever I go to a restaurant, I do indulge in a soda and get as much as 3 refills while dining b/c it is offered to me. So, now I can just imagine how much sugar I have ingested with those tall glasses. Thanks for this post. This was truly an eye opener!!!!!
    3667 days ago
    I was not meaning to say that Soda is the only cause of Obesity ... if you see in the title of my blog it says, "A LEADING CAUSE" .... like I believe any form of refined sugar and saturated fats are both causes of obesity but my message was not to say that soda is the only cause of obesity.... I also think that if we start in the schools and hit them young, it will be second nature and won't be a struggle, like a lot of older folks seem to be having these days.... if they teach healthier habits in schools, during very impressionable ages, it will stick with them for life....
    Maybe if you were taught in school, you wouldn't have needed to research so deeply for yourself. I think that high sugar and high saturated fatty foods should be banned from schools because they in no way shape or form help children grow at all .... all those kinds of foods will do is drag them down and hold them back from their true potential.

    Yes you are right, moderation is the key ... that is how I teach my children. Soda is only allowed on special occasions along with other bad foods ... but the point of my blog was not to single out the fact that soda is the only cause of obesity ... it was to talk about what soda contributes to obesity.
    :) thanks for the comment!!!
    3667 days ago
    I think pointing to a single food item or group (remember, high fat was the problem? Then it was carbs, now soda ... oh wait, we're all still getting fatter!) is a logical flaw. The problem is over-consumption, period. You can get fat eating fruit and vegetables if you want. Eat too much of anything and its a problem. I think banning a drink or food isn't going to help much. It's education that's the key. I think it's pretty sad that a grown man like myself had to "research" how basic nutrition, calorie surplus and deficits and how to lose weight truly works. The waters are so muddied with people trying to sell us something or those with political agendas. People still think losing and maintaining is some sort of magic or that there are secrets. Eat less, move more is what we need to start instilling in folks young and old.
    3668 days ago
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