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I have inherited so much!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Nah, I'm not speaking of money - but I am speaking of material things.

One of the items my Daddy gave to me about a month ago was his old Hobart/KitchenAid Stand Mixer - it's about 30 years old now. I used to tease him that if he didn't bake for 2 weeks I was confiscating his mixer! Of course, I stopped doing that when he had to stop baking - but I held off on taking it for as long as I could.

He was supposed to show me how to use it but we just never found the time. I only learned how to use a Hand Mixer a couple of months ago! Can you say fork? That is how I mixed things, with a fork and then I learned how to use a Whip.

Today I worked up the nerve to use his Hobart and I love it! How I wish I could call him and tell him. *sigh* I had so much fun making his cheesecake - it was all I could do not to make a 2nd batch!

Tell your loved ones and friends how much you appreciate them - while you still can.

Dad knew I would love his mixer - I was just so afraid of it - and I had even dared to hope he would feel better again and resume baking.

@Blackheart904 - I only learned how to make gravy about a year ago, lol. Hence "the whip."

**using the mixer is such fun! I need to buy more cream cheese!!
emoticon emoticon

**edit: nope - not a secret recipe. just 'google' juniors cheesecake recipe and you will find it!

***another edit: the cheesecake passed the "taste test" at the family reunion! WooHoo!! emoticon
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    So happy to hear you made his cheesecake with his mixer. I'm sure he knows how much you enjoyed it.
    2537 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2537 days ago
    My mom died just a year ago. Funny how I feel closest to her when I'm in the kitchen. I'm glad you're enjoying your Dad's Hobart and I'm sure he would have liked knowing how much it means to you!
    2539 days ago
  • CHRYS13
    Thinking of you and wishing you precious memories....
    2539 days ago
    I LOVE to bake too and because I always made my niece and nephew their Birthday cakes, my father bought me my own Kitchen Aid stand mixer (smaller than the Hobart but at the time made by the same folks). To this day whenever I mix up a batch of anything, I feel close to my Dad!!!
    2539 days ago
    2540 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    Making his recipes or using that special mixer---both great ways to keep him close to your heart! emoticon
    2540 days ago
  • SAX_88
    I'd like to suggest this:

    Write your dad a letter or a poem, or even song about how you feel about the esteemed Hobart Stand mixer......I believe you will feel better, and you can read the poem as often as you like. Share it or keep it as a private thing between Dad and you. Either way, I'm pulling for you.

    (Writing my dad a poem helped me to purge ALL the wonderful things I'd wished he could have heard while he was dying from cancer.) So, try it.

    Oh, and I have friend (who happens to be a Sparkfriend) who taught me how to make homemade Spinach and Mushroom ravioli, Lobster ravioli, and Basil Chicken w/Broccoli Pot Pie, using her Hobart Stand mixer. She has a red one, and (surprise!) she received it from HER father.

    Her name on here is Cheflanders.

    Have as wonderful a day as God intended His children. Cheers!
    2540 days ago
  • RR1_RR1
    That cheesecake sounds good. I would ask for the recipe but it sounds like it may be a family secret emoticon
    2540 days ago
    Good points thank you.
    2541 days ago
    I firmly believe that one of the best gifts a parent can give a child is to teach them how to cook. Sort of goes in line with the proverb that if you buy a man a fish he will eat for a day but if you teach him how to fish he will eat for a lifetime (I am paraphrasing). Obviously your Dad taught you well. My husband loves to cook (sometimes that is not all for the best). As a result, my kids cook for themselves. They are not big into popping frozen dinners (i.e. Stouffers) into the microwave. My mother really is not a great cook, but as a result of her, I always make my own ice tea. None of that store bought stuff.

    I bought DH a new Kitchen Aid for Xmas, and I am sure that one of the kids (probably my daughter) will want it when we are both gone.
    2542 days ago
    I am SOOOO GLAD you are using this !! Not because of what it "is" but, because it was ur Dads. and each time you do, it'll bring you both back together in memories and love all over again. As you know my Mum is dying, and though I just had surgery she wanted to see me, she lives 2 hrs north/west of me and so we LOADED the car up with blankets/pillows to make me comfy,,,,she gave me her engagement ring my Dad put on her finger years ago,,,and of course the 3 of us,,,cried. Now each time I look at my hand,, ALL the time,,, I have their love in my heart. SO I KNOW what you mean by this. We said ALL the words we wanted to say. She was able to gather the strength to say the wisdom and pass along the motherly words to me for life. I'll cherish them FOR LIFE. MUMS !!!

    ENJOY EVERYTHING YOU MAKE !! It's MADE with NOT just with UR hands, but ALSO with UR DADS !!! Diane
    2542 days ago
    Sweet! How wonderful that you learned to use it! I can see how much happiness it brings you.
    2542 days ago
    What memories you have and what joy you will be creating with every use of the mixer. emoticon
    2542 days ago
    Love my Kitchenaid!
    2542 days ago
  • MARTY728
    I am glad you are able to share this and experience the same joy your Father did using his old Hobart/KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I would bet that if you do an internet search you could find a User's Manual online for his old Hobart/KitchenAid Stand Mixer if you want one.

    My Mom passed in 2007. On Sunday, my Dad gave me some of her old purses her no longer wanted around and I bought them home to go through and empty and then give to charity. My wife and daughters are given first crack but I know they will not want them due to their age and style. Anyway I came home from work yesterday and found my youngest daughter who is home from college going through the purses and enjoying every minute of it. She was bursting to share her Grandmom memories and stories with anyone who would listen, including the dogs. I plan on blogging about this when I can.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2542 days ago
    Beautiful blog. My mom just died last Friday, the 27th of May. I really do not think it has really sunk in that I will never see her again. But my memories of her are beautiful. She was a fantastic cook and I always said why do I need to learn how to cook you make everything the best. My sisters and I have all her recipes and are going to make books for all the kids and grandkids for Christmas. She would have loved that. Thank you for the blog! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2542 days ago
    So sweet....
    2542 days ago
    That is so precious a memory. And you know what you are absolutely right. My parents are no in their seventies and finally after 11 years I am going to be able to go home and spend Christmas with them this year. They are still in pretty good health yet. Mom is having trouble with short term memory so I'm going to be watching and accessing that while I'm there for the two weeks. Could just be dementia but it could be signs of Alzheimer's too and my sisters are getting concerned. Dad's old injuries are full of Arthritis and he's lost half his sight in the lower half of his one eye. He is borderline Diabetes and is on meds for it. his blood is too rich and so once a month has to go and give a pint of it. But no serious illnesses.
    It'll be the first time in over 20 years for Walt and 11 years for me. Walt's parents are both gone now too. He was never close to his dad until the last few years after we got together. We never got to spend one on one time with him but we called him often.
    2543 days ago
    My dad actually worked as a baker all his life except when in the Navy. Even tho he's 83, he bakes several times a week which is his way of coping with loneliness because as a diabetic, he can't eat any of his goodies. It's a good thing I live in another state! Instead he gives them to my sister & her DH who are seriously in need of Spark-seriously. I've told Dad that he's killing them with baked goods.

    My DH does all the cooking when he's not at sea. I only cook to kill bacteria. ;-) He has a KitchenAid mixer which is terrifying to me. Maybe since you've jumped right in there and learned how to use your dad's, I should at least try. It's not like it'll kill me altho maiming is a possibility.

    2543 days ago
    It is fun to use (and see) the various things I have inherited over the years. It always reminds me of the person the item came from. You will get a lot of joy out of that mixer.
    2543 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2543 days ago
  • MARTY19
    The memories you will create using that mixer will make your dad proud. He is in heaven cheering you on.

    Love you
    2543 days ago
    emoticon to the mixer and another generation of someone using it! It is amazing how long the old electrial appliances work for. I still have my mixer from when I bought it in 1986! The food processor also still works, but does not have a big capacity so will replace it one day, you also have to hold it to make it work. emoticon
    When I spent time with my dad in Tasmania, I made a point of really taking in his story's about his past, he is in good health and 82 years young! spends most of his time in his garden and also cooks now as my step mother is disabled and can no longer do the cooking. Maily due to lack of strength in her arm muscles and some balance issues after a stroke during a brain tumor removal quite a few years ago now.
    2543 days ago
    A very important message in this blog. Hugs.
    2543 days ago
    Linda that is lovely that you're finally making use of such a treasured item.

    Totally agree about showing love and affection. I cuddle DH as much as I can.
    I wish I could cuddle mum and dad but they are long gone.

    Enjoy cooking hun, every time you use it you'll think of dad, I think of mum every time I use the carving knife she gave me for Sunday joints and the gravy saucepan that's still going strong!

    2543 days ago
    How Wonderful Linda ... I am so glad you have your Daddy mixer He would have treasured it and now you can do the same and learn to use it !!
    not to much though !! you need to keep within your calories!!
    Love and Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2543 days ago
    Wow..you've led such a "sheltered life"...not knowing how to use a mixer? I cannot relate at all! I have been making for 50 years! But what an awesome story...Love the correlation. I couldn't agree more. Love the ones you love...make sure they know it and feel it every chance you get. You also "honor" your father by making use of his gift. Good for you! emoticon
    2543 days ago
    Such memories we store through the years. I'm glad you have these to cherish.
    2543 days ago
    emoticon No time tonight.... emoticon
    2543 days ago
  • HOLLY043
    What a beautiful tribute to a special man. His legacy lives on through you (& his mixer!). Cherish the memories. Everything you make with that mixer will be made with "love"!
    2543 days ago
    Enjoy the mixer and the beautiful memories of your Dad.

    2543 days ago
    And I am thinking he knows and is watching you getting a huge kick out of you doing this!!!
    2543 days ago
    Just learned how to use a whip? Really? You are so cute. I thought I was bad in the kitchen. I'm so glad you are enjoying the mixer.
    2543 days ago
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