So I f@#$%^ up..... again

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Well I did it to myself again , I overate. I told myself when I was ordering from Dominos that I would have only two slices of pizza, Well I actually ate four. Well didn't go as planned. I was mentally cussing out my self conscious. Hello..... where are you Mrs. Will Power where did you go ? You showed up for a long minute, made a decent decision for me , packed your bags, took a vacation, and left my brain. After I ate the last slice of the fourth slice, I just sat there and just was traumatized by my empty plate. " Did you really have to eat those extra two slices really flippin really?". Whenever I am confronted with something greasy or sweet, I have to have fill my stomach until I am in a sugary or greasy burping comatose (whoops tmi sorry!!).

What can I do in order to save myself from dealing with this consumption dilemma. I know. Don't order it . Don't even go over to the candy section in the grocery store. But its not exactly that easy. If my family wants to something that isn't exactly waist friendly, that's what their gonna get. I could object until the sun comes up, but at the end of the day their gonna eat whatever they have a taste for. In this world, there is no way to completely cut out junk food or sugary stuff , just lessen it, maybe that's just me . I don't want to speak for everyone.

I wanna face the music and not deny what I ate, so I put every last greasy drop on my tracker. I really don't want to, but that's just denying what I ate, it would be like lying to myself.

How can I get over this overeating thing?

I know I am not an emotional eater. I just tend to eat what's in front of me without any inclination of what these foods will do to my body. I even work in a hospital setting, and there are so many people that are morbidly obese that it just makes my soul shiver. People that can't roll over, can't get up out bed, can't even get up out of bed to go to the bathroom. It just kills me. I just don't wanna be a prisoner in my own body.

Anyway I don't wanna go too far off of subject.

I just wanna figure this out. What so I have to do some gregorian chants or write on a blackboard I WILL NOT OVEREAT to cover the board. Maybe everyone can give me some insight to what I need to do to overcome this villain taking over my food plate.
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  • no profile photo CD6096849
    Hugs! We've all been there. I still struggle with it also. I always have the best intention of ordering X but then I see Y and that's what I get even though I know it's not diet friendly. But I will say I have been able to stop my sugar and alcohol cravings by using this natural supplement called L-gulatimine. I don't know if you have a health food store, but it's about $15 and that is $15 that you will be happy you spent. Look into the benefits of it and see if it can work for you. Good luck
    3214 days ago
    Everyone has went through this before Im sure of it and I am one of those people. I love pizza and so does my family. I always order a special one for me a thin crest with mushrooms and I plan to eat it on Fridays, therefore at work I eat fruit and that evening I can enjoy and stay within my calorie in take. Just find ways to make it work for you and if you over eat just kick that next work out into gear!!!
    3219 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5035425
    things like this happen. It was one meal, one day. tomorrow is a new day to start over again.
    3219 days ago
  • ACCT1908
    Days like this happen, and will probably happen again. I think the key is to shake them off, and start again the next day (meal). Stay consistent and you will get results! Enjoy the pizza and don't be hard on yourself!! emoticon
    3219 days ago
  • JESSICA2140
    It helps me to only put what I am ok with eating on my plate...if I find that I still want more, I have a running deal with myself that if I REALLY want seconds, I can have them if I wait an hour...usually, I don't wan them by then!
    3219 days ago
    first of all, BE STRONG! what's done is done!!!

    each day, hour, minute is a new beginning... don't worry about the mistakes, just stay on the journey.

    i am just like that... i eat just because...

    do you exercise? maybe a walk instead of eating the extras could help out... it might also motivate you not to do it in the future, because your body will continue to tone up.

    rebuke that negativity and fight!
    3220 days ago
    I'm struggling with this myself. What sometimes works for me is before I eat, I think of how I'll feel afterwards, after I overeat. Lately this has been working...But good luck with whatever you decide.
    3220 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5983865
    Could be worse, you could have had a whole pizza! I've done it and SHOULDN'T be proud. I know where you are coming from. Try and keep it in check. Sometimes what I do is picture old pizza with congealed oil and stale crust, then I don't order in the first place. Good luck! emoticon
    3220 days ago
    emoticon Don't beat yourself up too much. Just learn from your slip up. Whenever you get that urge to keep eating just think back to today and how you felt after you ate the 3rd and 4th pieces of pizza. You CAN do this! The things you say to yourself when you slip up, would you say things like that to your best friend or someone you love? If not, then don't say them to yourself. You would probably be there to support your friend and motivate him/her. So think to yourself what you would say to them, and then say it to yourself. emoticon
    3220 days ago
    I don't know if it will work for you, but some of my SP friends are talking about wearing a bracelet on their eating hand that will make them think before they eat.

    I find it can help to log my food before I eat, especially when it is something I have to be careful of. If I put 2 pieces of pizza in my tracker and I am still in my range, it helps me fight off eating more.
    3220 days ago
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