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42 Reasons to Lose 42 Pounds

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Edited to add that I got the idea for this post from this entry in this lovely gal's blog:

It inspired me to write my own list. If you happen upon this post of mine and want to make your own list, please do share!

Here goes!

1. Gain control of a part of myself I let go out of control. Big time. I mean, it’s ridiculous how I let myself go.

2. Feel pretty again. Haven’t felt pretty in quite some time. Last time I felt pretty was when I got married in 2009!

3. Lose my double chin! I’ve never, ever had a double chin until now. Ugh.

4. Walk a half marathon. I’d like to run one, but I’ve had problems with my feet my entire life. In high school, where I ran competitively, my doctor told me I could either not run or have flat feet. I chose to not run…

5. Do a sprint triathlon? That’s a 750 m swim, 20 km bike, and a 5 km run. Hmmm. I’ll have to keep this one on the back burner. See #4.

6. So that my joints will thank me. See #4.

7. One word: Swimsuit!

8. I won’t be the fat one in my husband’s family!

9. Lessen my chances of breast cancer, which my mother lost her battle with in 2003. It wasn’t genetic, but I still want to avoid it if at all possible.

10. Take up less space on the bus that I ride every day to work. I barely fit into one seat.

11. Make those closest to me proud of me.

12. Not feeling like I’m having a heat stroke just by being outside in the summer!

13. Heels. Not crazy 4 inch heels, but right now, I can’t wear any sort of shoes with a heel without having serious foot and leg pain. I’m short, so I don’t mind having a little elevation! See #4.

14. To learn that food is not my source of comfort. No food tastes better than weighing 135 again.

15. My kid(s). Don’t have any yet, but I want to!

16. Restore my energy level. I’ve never been an Energizer Bunny, but I have felt better than I do now. I know I’ll need it for my kid(s).

17. Is it bad to want to be a MILF (I mean, once I am a mom)? If so, then I guess I’m bad!

18. Shorts! Oh, how I miss shorts. Capris are cute, but they don’t cut it when it’s 95 outside.

19. So that when I do get pregnant and gain weight, that my lifestyle changes carry through and allow me to lose the baby weight. I may start where I am now at 175, but I’ll have the tools to start the weight loss journey again. Because, we all know I will not be one of those women who bounce right back!

20. I miss being able to cross my legs.

21. So that my older brother will not be the only one in my family to have lost weight! He’s one source of inspiration for me. He lost 50+ pounds at the age of 44.

22. Pictures. I used to love having my picture taken, or at least not mind. Now, I hate it. My Facebook picture is a cartoon version of me because I hate how I look in pictures now. (Alas, I must live with my driver’s license picture taken this year. )

23. I’m 40, and I don’t want to be fat anymore.

24. To be able to go shopping for cute clothes again. I’ve never been a fashionista, but there are a lot of things I can’t wear like I used to be able to.

25. Because my 91-year-old grandmother, not too long before she died, gave me a piece of advice: to keep moving. She wishes she had moved more to help keep her bones strong.

26. The memory of my mother. My life took a nosedive back in 2003. Eating myself into oblivion will not bring her back. I will honor her memory by living a healthier lifestyle.

27. I like crossing things off lists. This list will be toast in a few months!

28. To get my inner critic’s voice down to a whisper from a roar.

29. Cooking. Both of my parents were/are excellent cooks. I’m sure that I have the genes to love to cook somewhere in my DNA, or at least like it. It’s a necessity to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

30. Patience. I am sorely lacking in it, and I need to learn how to have it again. Being a little hungry is not the end of the world. I will not die if I don’t eat dinner at 6:30.

31. To learn how to cope with life’s inevitable potholes without taking a nose dive into binge eating my way through grief. I say this only because I have a 16 year old cat who is on her way out. I will need strength to get through her loss.

32. Saying goodbye to my rolls of fat around my midsection. Parting will not be such sweet sorrow. It will be just plain sweet!

33. Realizing that perfectionism is not my friend. I will slip up along the way. Deal with it!

34. My back says it would like to stop hurting. Okay, back, I will lose weight so you can feel better!

35. I’m teetering on the edge of needing to shop at only plus-sized clothing stores. Not gonna happen!

36. Watching the scale go down instead of up and eventually having it be at my target weight!

37. People will ask me if I’m pregnant only if I really am pregnant! (That was my trigger moment over Memorial Day weekend.)

38. Going on more adventuresome vacations. I used to enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and biking while on vacation. I currently avoid those things if I can, lest I want to have a stroke!

39. To get my RealAge to be younger than my actual age! It’s currently older. And right now, I feel the older age…ugh.

40. Being able to listen to the voice that tells me it’s okay to get the healthier option when eating out, and to take some of it home.

41. Feeling fabulous. I have it in me. Being lighter and fitter will help me feel that way.

42. Perhaps by my actions, inspire someone else in my life to lose weight. Gotta carry on that Spark!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks! I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I can't. I got it from this post, which is listed as one of the most popular posts in the last month (or maybe longer, I can't remember):


    Her writing style is very entertaining, and I have subscribed to her blog. It's a great exercise to find out what really motivates you, from fitting into your skinny clothes to being able to run in a marathon.

    If you do make a list, please do share! emoticon
    3179 days ago
    This list is a great idea! Maybe you could try to focus on one every week - and that one item be THE pound you're losing that week. I think I'm going to have to work on a list of my own.. .
    3179 days ago
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