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Monday, June 06, 2011

Some days I feel pretty good about myself. I take pride in the fact that I have lost over 100lbs, that I no longer need medicine for high blood pressure, and am being weened off type 2 diabetes meds as well. I feel great about the fact that I have gone from a snug womens 28, to a misses XL, or 14-16.

I am in love with the fact that I am eating whole grains, tons of fruits and veggies, and taking dietary supplements to improve my health and well being. I think it's great that I m walking an average of 5 to 6 days a week, and throwing other forms of exercise into the mix. Then I have days like today, and I feel like it's all for nothing.

We Went to the Y today for a "Body Composition Analysis" . You take off your shoes and socks and stand barefoot on a Tanita brand machine. your height, age, and sex is entered, it computes for a few minutes, then spits out a tape with your weight, BMI, body fat to muscle percentage, and some other information on it.

I am almost 45 % fat. That's disgusting. Almost half my mass is fat. Horrid. My BMI is 38, which is obese. I have lost 100lbs, and I am STILL obese! I am also gaining weight! I have gone from 211 lbs in April, to 219 lbs today! I still need to lose an ADDITIONAL 85 to 100 lbs to be considered "healthy".

I feel like climbing back into bed and hibernating for the summer months. Forget shorts and bathing suits, c'mon sweater weather!
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    Thanks to all for your positive comments and feedback, I really appreciate it! Yes, Shar we DO deserve it, and we are strong, beautiful, and curvy women!
    It was 96 degrees here in Michigan today, not including the heat index, and I went shopping in a cami and shorts, and I thought I looked ok, and I was a LOT cooler then the old me in an oversized T shirts and capri's or jeans!

    3102 days ago
    I have not lost a 100lbs but I am there right now with a pants size 13. I mean it is crazy how that is still considered to be over weight. I am at 193lb. Some days I feel great too and feel like I have curves and this is great and some days I would rather be a size 6 or 8. I am going to get there and I am going to fight for it. I deserve to look as great as I feel sometimes in my mind.
    3102 days ago
    Congratulations on losing 100 lbs! You have put a lot of effort into losing weight and getting off your high blood pressure medicine and reducing your Type 2 diabetes meds, those are wonderful improvements. You've changed your diet as well which is fabulous. Just think about how much better physically you move now then you did before, how much stronger you are, and how great it feels not to have to buy clothes with numbers in front of an X.

    You've had your bad moment, now follow everyone's advice and start praising yourself for how far you come. Imagine how bad you would have felt climbing on that scale 100 lbs. ago. I have lost a little over 75 lbs. and have 100 to go so I understand how difficult this journey is when you have such a large amount to lose but you have proven you know how to do it, so keep doing what you've been doing and get that weight off. You can do this.
    3102 days ago
    Losing 100 lbs in one year is emoticon !!! Don't let all these numbers get you down because you have done a great job and just think how far you have come so far! You look amazing and should be very proud of yourself! Sometimes stress can put a halt to weight loss so stop stressing about all of these numbers! Keep up your hard work and you'll be below 200 lbs before you know it.
    3102 days ago
    Love you too, Kay and Ang!

    3104 days ago
  • no profile photo PEASLEY
    Four years ago I lost a huge amount of weight also.I did it for a variety of reasons (health,wellbeing,self esteem issues...and to begin a new chapter in my life.When I started at the gym my bmi was 48%.And at 5"1 and 271 pounds,I guess that I could understand that.

    But after going to the gym daily(and sometimes 2xdaily)and losing 102 pounds,the bmi read out still said 37%.The trainer looked at the print and told me that if my bmi was still 37%,I must be nothing but skin and fat.

    Need I tell you that I no longer go there.She took away any self esteem that I was able to regain.

    So,now I do yoga,which I love,and I do it at work and at home.

    So what if I'm not perfect?I am the only person that I have to please.Everyone else can kiss a big one.

    Love Ya Kimba emoticon
    3104 days ago
    Thanks to all of you!
    3104 days ago
    I just had a browse through ur photo gallery and think you should to! Look at the changes you have made! You look amazing and your health has benefited too! Give yourself a huge pat on the back! You rock! X
    3104 days ago
    No no no don't give up!! This measures are so out of date! I'm 5'8 and until I get to 165lbs not considered healthy - how silly! It's all so outdated. However, think what itbwould have said if you'd never started on this journey.... And how much better life is and will be. Keep it up honey you're doing great x
    3104 days ago
  • TIAD21
    I know that it can sometimes seem discouraging to see how much farther you have to go, but you have done a great job getting this far and you will continue to lose and eventually reach your goal weight. Your story is inspirational and I hope that you keep sharing your journey! emoticon
    3104 days ago
    Don't let the scale define or deter you. Losing weight isn't easy but the hard work is worth it. Keep it up, you can do it.

    3104 days ago
    Stop it! You're beating yourself up and that's no good! So stop it. Right now. Go back and read the first two paragraphs and feel good about yourself. You've done an amazing thing by losing so much weight in a year. You have every reason in the World to feel good about yourself.

    If you think 45% is bad then calculate what it would have been a hundred pounds ago. Calculate what your BMI would have been a hundred pounds ago. I think you're closer to being an average human being than you realize. You may be considered obese, but so are a zillion other people. Including me. And probably Rob and Marty, too.

    You had your Hershey Bar, now get back on track. Get back to walking, get back to working out. Make sure you take a day or two off EVERY week to rest your body. Look at old pictures of yourself then look in the mirror and admit that you've accomplished a lot. Don't get disheartened over some numbers that a machine gave you. Numbers don't mean sh*t. It's how you feel that matters. And how your clothes fit. Sexy, confident, beautiful - those are attitudes. Not numbers.

    I love you. Now, go be sanctimonious, hoity-toity and pompous because you've lost 100 pounds and dammit! you deserve to be.
    3104 days ago
    3104 days ago
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