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Testimony of homelessness to home!!!

Monday, June 06, 2011

The testimony of how God saved me is on my spark page...

But at this time, I want to give God glory for what he is or has done in my life today.

God has been soooo good to me.

About 5-6 months ago, God told me that it was time to move away from the roomates that I was living with. They were not saved, and living the ways of the world. I heard him, and was making a plan of it, when it was possible financially, but financially there was not a better time, and never would be. So, I decided to put in a move notice the beginning of April, and we were to move out the end of April. So, we started doing house repairs and everything, I was trying to get the house back into order, because all my past landlord references were good~excellent, and because of the roomates, the home was in horrible condition. All the repairs and cleaning cost so much money, even though I was working nearly full time when I put in the notice, I ended up taking out payday loans, a lot of them, toward the end I took up to after their fee's over 2000. in loans. But when we moved out, there was nothing wrong with the place, it was perfect, just the carpet needed to be replaced, but I figured they could have the deposit, I was just looking for not a bad landlord reference.

Well, I did not tell my spark team the whole, about the circumstances that I was in, but me and my two boys ended up in a woman's and children's shelter. Even though everyone may be like "Oh my gosh, this must have been horrible!" But actually, it was nice. They turned an old motel into a shelter, and me and the boys got a room to ourselves, it was clean, had our own bathroom, and kitchenette. It was like we were in a motel room. And it was actually a BIG relief, I felt so good, just being out of the past residence, and being done with the overwhelming stress of moving out of the old residence. It felt like I was free, so much was lifted off of me. Anyways, I had about a couple of weeks there, and then my church family ended up finding out what was going on with me, and finally my pastor got to me, and he was not happy with us staying at a shelter, he offered for me to stay in a studio apt that he had available. Man, that was such a blessing, but can you believe that I was actually hesitant, just because the move again, and I did not mind staying at the shelter. So much favor came our way because of God. One of my son's Grandma and grandpa send a large amount of money to help us out also. Another financial burden that we had was that we have two dogs that we could not let go, because we love them, so I had to put them in dog boarding which was 168/week. I also could not work one of my jobs because of no childcare.

Anyways, I moved into the studio, all of our stuff is still in storage, And on the first of this month, I broke down to God. Because I just did not see a way out, with loans, no childcare, not being able to work one of my jobs, and the previous landlord (after all the work we did, she still wanted more)and said she would not give us a good landlord reference until we pay her 1400. Paying for the dogs. How was I gonna be able to save deposit? How am I gonna find a place, in the area that I am looking for, because I do not want to change the kids school? Plus, I am looking for three bedrooms, even though my rent limit is not high enough for most 3 bedrooms? Except if it is an apartment, and most apartments will not accept dogs, and if they do, they only except small dogs.
At this point, I have browsed online for places, but did not go forth and apply because I thought no reason to, because I do not have the deposit. Toward the 1st of June, I was starting to consider letting go of our family dogs if we could not find a place with the dogs.

Well, anyways on the 1st, stuff was just bombarding me, and while I was cleaning the house, I just broke down crying. God~What am I gonna do? How am I gonna? etc. I did not realize it, but an apartment complex that I sent an email to had called me back the same time that I was crying to God. They had called me once before, but I did not even return the call, thinking that there was no point, I did not want to do "app fee's" cause I thought it would be a waste, because I have some credit issues that I need to deal with, and with my last landlord reference, plus I do not have the deposit, and I did not see it coming any time soon. But, after I seen that they called me, exactly the same time as I was crying out to God, I was thinking this could be God. So, I decided to call back, and see what they had to say. They said that they accepted dogs that were the weight of my dog. They said they do a 35. app fee, and a 100. hold fee if I wanted them to hold the place for me while we were waiting for the application to process. I prayed, and usually would have never done it, but believing God, I went forth, I paid 135 money to them, of money I do not have, having faith in God. This was on the first, on the sixth, thoughts were churning in my mind, what if the credit application did not meet there requirements, I was waiting. I told one of the bishops at my church that I was waiting on the 6th. Went up to the studio apt, where I had left my phone, I had recieved a phone call from the complex. I called my voicemail, and they said I had been approved for the place!

Hallelujah!!!! Praise God!!! Even right now, I have tears in my eyes. God had me from the beginning to the end of the process, and I give Him glory!!!

The place is perfect, it has everything plus more!!!! God knows what He is doing, even though we can not predict.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I want to tell you I know exactly what you are talking about.

    I live in Chicago and am now living in an actual house as of the 4th of February 2011 simply because of the grace of God.

    Because of Him I have a house to live in.

    No, I do not own it but rent it but it is a house and I do not have taxes and or repairs since their is a landlord who is the most great landlord I have ever had.

    I also had problems with the gas bill being paid and our Father God also took care of that.

    I have so many pets, kitties and one little dog and we are all accepted.

    The goodness of our Father God cannot be talked about enough.

    He really does more then what we ask and dream of and hope for.

    Yes, His grace also is more, much more than sufficient.

    I just love reading testimonies about how our Father God works in our lives and how He blesses us with blessings that we could never do on our own.

    His super added to our natural gets the jobs done with over flowing more then enough left over so that we can also be a blessing to all the families of the earth.
    2480 days ago
    He certainly does. You also need to let your church family know of your burdens as they can pray for you when they know! Rejoicing with you!
    2541 days ago
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