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Weekend & hurt feelings...

Monday, June 06, 2011

Wow, what a weekend! Had lots of fun Friday and Saturday w/the family. Took the kids riding four wheelers and then to Jeep Jam on Saturday after hubby got off work. It was nice to spend time together. We all had a great time!

I have to admit I've been feeling a little down lately though. Someone I thought was a good friend apparently is the type she can't have more than one friend at a time. Suddenly her and and old friend (who betrayed her) have hooked back up and now I'm thrown to the wind... feeling like a sloppy second :( I'm not one to have a lot of friends to begin with - yes, I have friends I chat with and lots of Facebook buddies and Spark Buddies, but when it comes to that friend that you share your deep secrets with - nope, nada.... Hubby is my best friend but sometimes it's nice to have a girls night or even just sit with a cup of coffee and chat but I just don't have anyone and hubby doesn't understand. On top of this friend thing, I've not been making it to the gym. Too busy with the kids and hubby doing his thing which lately doesn't involve the gym either. Until yesterday I had been eating right but yesterday was my breaking point and I caved to a batch of homemade brownies (ok, I didn't eat the whole batch, but I ate a couple). I blame some of it on TOM too.... I just wanted chocolate soooo bad!

Anyway, I don't want a pity party, but thought maybe if I put my thoughts down, I'd feel better. This is another busy week - our last for soccer - so hoping to get back to ME soon. I need something to make me feel good about myself again. I'm thinking tonight if I can't make it to the gym, I'm going to crank up my ipod and dance around the house just to get myself moving! I don't want to fall back into the same rut and routine I was in that got me where I am now...

thanks for "listening"...
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  • JIBBIE49
    DONE GIRL, I'm sorry your friend has "let you down", but turn this around for something good and find some NEW friends. What about that "new" woman at the gym? I'm SURE you noticed some one there who is new and you KNOW this woman has taken ALL she has to come there and START an exercise program. I met a man at the gym and I've talked to him several times lately since i found out his wife died from cancer a year ago. Now he decided to go to the gym and "get himself healthy." With FACEBOOK we can go home and "keep in contact" with these new people we meet.
    2501 days ago
    I have my sister.... I thank God for my sister, maybe theres a sparkbuddy near you that could develope into a close friendship??

    2508 days ago

    emoticon Kathy
    2508 days ago
  • KIKI0531
    When I am upset - I want to eat
    When I am mad - I want to eat
    When I am nervous - I want to eat
    When I am bored - I want to eat

    It seems like no matter what emotion pops up - I want to
    HOWEVER, I must admit that when I take the time out for myself and work out and am feelin' real good about myself - Ive been wanting to eat less. Slip-ups happen to all of us, I have just learned not to be so hard on myself and try to make up for it by working out a little harder or really watching the next day.

    I can relate to the whole "friend" issue. A lot of that too is the fact that there are very immature adults walking around on this earth. Don't take it to heart. You were a friend to her when she was dissed by her so-called "friend". Don't be surprised if she comes crying on your shoulder once again.

    Be good to yourself and have a great day !

    2508 days ago
    Hi, living here in Miami, Florida where it's very hot & humid! Can't wait to see my sons reaction when he learns he's gotta go to summer school. I've got two kids 15 & 9 I just lost my Dad this March & the kids lost there beloved Grandfather too. My eldest took the death very hard, & has failed a course in school. Wish me luck tonight when I tell him!
    2508 days ago
    2508 days ago
    I hoped it worked and you feel better!! This week will be better.
    2508 days ago
    I'm in the same boat as you, sometimes these people really make it hard for us but hang in there & try to do something for yourself - even a new little hobby, or listen to some nice music.
    Your more than welcome to stop by on my sparkepage if you want, where do you live?
    Hope you have a great day!
    2508 days ago
    Like you, and the two ladies who have commented, I am in the same boat! I have one friend from childhood that I still talk to from time to time..but, I really don't have that galpal who I tell all of my thoughts and "stuff" to. I guess I'm just a very private person and I'm not very trusting. Too many friends have been too twisted to me in the past, and it's something that is very hard to get over. My hubby is my best friend, although, I don't tell him EVERYTHING, I tell him most things...and I'm very grateful to have him. I sure hope that you don't like this keep you down are totally better than that!!!

    Don't you worry about those brownies...turn up the volume and dance them off!!

    Have a great day!

    2508 days ago
  • BRDGT262
    Wow, I have been down this road with a few friends along the way. It's like they can only have 1 friend at a time, and once someone new comes into thier lives they just drop you! And honestly, I haven't talked to either of them anymore, they literally just put me on the back burner and didn't even care! I hope your friend will realize how much you mean to her and what she is doing to you, and if she doesn't, as hard as it is to think about, you will just have to let her go! It's not fun and it's not easy, and 10 years from now, this will probably still upset you!!! I'm sorry for the pain you are feeling, I wouldn't wish that upon anyone! Mmmm if someone was baking brownies in my house I'd probably give in too, except I just might eat the whole batch!!! I'm bad when it comes to sweets! I try not to keep them in my house. When I get a chocolate craving I have my husband pick me up a Hershey's dark chocolate bar with almonds, it is like 190 calories for the whole candy bar. Well, I hope you get to feeling better, and again I am sorry for what you are going through! Just keep fighting for yourself and stay strong!! You can do this!!!! :)
    2508 days ago
    Wow! I know how you feel, being let down by a friend is not something we wish. Like you my husband is my best friend and I would not have it any other way. The only other friends I have are on Spark People, although its not the same as having someone close by that you can walk with or plan outings with, but I don't miss that at all. I have learned though not to get attached to anyone. The pain of loosing them is something I can't handle, so I spend more time with my children and hubby which I love. I also like me time and my privacy.
    The friend you thought was a true friend was never a friend at all, if she was she would not have done what she did. The way I see it she's no lost," my opinion of course ".
    Be happy that you have a family you can share your time with. I hope things turn out well for you.
    Wishing you a beautiful day!
    2508 days ago
    emoticon Hang in there!
    2508 days ago
  • BIGDOG18
    2508 days ago
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