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Monday, June 06, 2011

So I picked up my wife's 17 Day Diet book the other day. Of course, I was just into it when she discovered I was reading it. After a bit of discussion, I have decided to give the first cycle a shot with her.

Now, up there in the title it says I'm a skeptic. I should clarify a bit. I don't doubt that just about anyone will lose weight going on this at first. What I'm skeptical about is what weight will be lost. Sure, there will be some fat. Water? Muscle?

I know that the idea is to get through all the cycles and then you will be at a pace you can live with, but I'm skeptical of anything that calls itself a "diet" as it sounds very fad like.

I'm also skeptical of the request to only do 17 minutes of exercise like he is doing the reader a favor by not making them workout. I like to work out. I'm concerned that I won't have the energy to do my usual workouts, and the good Dr. briefly said as much.

So I think to myself...prove it. I'll give you those 17 Days you asked for at the start of the book. If I can lose fat and not muscle, while maintaining an energy level that allows me to work out and go about my life, I may even give you another 17 days.

Sorry if this sounds negative, but part of that comes from the hope that this is not duping people into losing the wrong weight. I certainly hope I'm wrong and I'm sure I can live with the results if I am.

Some positive now...I'm really looking forward to doing this with my wife because I knows she needs my support and it will only help her if I'm doing it with her. Ironically, our son seems to be on the first cycle because a chicken breast with an apple is one of his favorites.

I'm looking forward to the first cycle because I FEEL like my body is made up of junk. I want a fresh start.

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    My husband is doing it with me....he still works out 1-2 hours, 5 days a week. His muscle tone is better than ever, and he's lost the fat he wanted the point that I'm jealous that he did better than me. emoticon
    3701 days ago
    I completely understand your concerns. I had very similar concerns. There was a time in my life when I was athletic and had no issues with weight...however a mixture of sitting on my butt at work, pregnancy, enjoying food, age and a lack of exercise and motivation have caused this 50 year old to simply get fat. I have tried everything except pills and surgery. My doctor had advised me to do: Weight Watchers; Jenny Craig; South Beach; etc - nothing. Then he decided - because of my age - I needed to completely cut back on calories. I was starving...literally, and I put more weight on. To say I've been frustrated is an understatement.

    Then I heard about this plan (no - not diet - life plan for me). My doctor and I sat down and discussed it with a nutritionist...and with their blessings, I started it on May 14.

    I am down 12 pounds. I feel better than I have in years. I mostly have a sedentary job/life, and so 17 minutes of exercise is more than I've been getting.

    Is this easy? No. But I am enjoying eating again. My cravings are gone. I make better choices without feeling deprived. Yes, I still am losing weight slowly, but I'm losing it and I haven't done that in 3 years and countless diets. Even my 17 year old is eating on this plan (though he isn't dieting or sticking to the cycles - he's just eating the foods I bring into the house) and he feels better. Part of his day involves fire fighter academy so he has to have energy and stamina.

    Is this a quick fix? Not even. It's a lifestyle change. But as Gabby said - it's nothing new. It's what we are supposed to be doing to eat healthy and maintain a healthy balance in our lives.

    Not everything works for everyone. This is the first thing that has worked for me. People who have never had a weight problem believe the answer is so easy - so simple. Eat less, move more. Yes. That's what we are supposed to do. But sometimes, it takes a plan like this to get us on the correct path.

    For me - this is the correct path.

    No fad. No medications. No delusions of grandier.

    This is how I'm supposed to eat. And with each cycle I will be able to move more healthful starches and carbs back into my life and I will be able to learn to balance them.

    Sometimes some people have to start at the beginning to reach the same point so many others already are.

    Maintain your skepticism. It's healthy - and will allow you to find the correct balance you need with this eating plan.

    Good luck to your wife too! She's lucky to have your support! emoticon
    3701 days ago
    Thanks Gabby308!
    3701 days ago
    BREWMASTERBILL, that is exactly how I have always felt about "diet." I know how caloric deficit works. I also know how there are different needs based on different activity levels and the activities you participate in. I know myself, like I mentioned, my biggest concern is the people that don't necessarily know what they need and look at it as a "magic pill" sort of thing.

    It's a strange comparison, but I was telling my wife that the author kind of turned me off the same way the Sears salesman did last week trying to get me to buy a coverage plan on an appliance. There are some things in there that sounds like he is trying to sell the book when we have already bought it.

    Anyway, I'm in. Hot lemon water, morning workout, and breakfast are out of the way.
    3701 days ago

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  • GABBY308
    Welcome to the team and you might want to read my blog about the diet going viral where I address some issues from those who say it's a "fad" diet. You don't count calories on this diet. .We do have some members who had to adjust it for the first cycle because they are marathon runners on weekends and need extra carbs. Even Dr. Mike says there's nothing new in this plan,it's based on healthy eating - it's just the way it's designed that's different. The first cycle is the cleansing cycle and although you will probable feel worse (especially for the first 4 days), while toxins get flushed out of your system, you'll end up with more energy if you can stick it out past the first 4-7 days. It's definitely not Atkins where you lose muscle and feel worse the longer you stay on it. Cycle 2 introduces some carbs back in and cycle 3 allows pretty much all of them. After cycle 3 you can decide which cycle you want to stay on or go back to. It's more of an anti-processed food plan.The members who follow it exactly, are the ones who love this plan and feel great - no cravings, no hunger because we're eating a nutrient dense diet, and more energy. Those who admit to sneaking sweets or other foods not on the list, are the ones who say it doesn't work for them. So come and read our posts and join us often. You'll see we're very friendly, supportive and fun! emoticon emoticon
    3701 days ago
    There is nothing magical about this diet. Like any diet, if it works for you, it's a good diet. Like every diet that "works", it is just a calorie deficit. You don't need a book or a plan to eat less. However, if it is structure and support you need, it sounds like a good idea. You get a plan and hopefully the support of your wife. That could definitely aid in your success. The SparkPeople recommendations would work fine too .. again, they're just a calorie deficit. I find a lot of this is self discovery. Some people can eat less on a balanced diet, some require higher protein, some eat smaller more frequent meals, some "save up" for the end of the day. No diet or method is superior except the one that works for you. Good luck.
    3701 days ago
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