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Poetry (Late Spring 2011)

Monday, June 06, 2011

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hyacinths in white

eucalyptus oil in
water on hot stones

steam rises

sweat cleanses
time away

the in between

hyacinths in purple
hyacinths in white

a rabbit crosses the road

Lee Scott-Green (April 21, 2011)


there's a nest in the magnolia
and the maple has leafed out

some kind of roll call
I am here

Lee Scott-Green (May 10, 2011)

thunderstorms chased me home
blossom petals under foot and all around me

the earth
I am here

Lee Scott-Green (May 12, 2011)

wild turkey walking down the fence line
dragoon trail follows the ridge

this river valley
I am here

Lee Scott-Green (May 13, 2011)

cardinal's song in weeping beech trees
catch the fragrance in the wind

I am here

Lee Scott-Green (May 14, 2011)


the young boy was in his own world
a driving range from where I saw him
quite a swing with a branch
dandelion heads
white fluff
tee'd off on stems

aware that his path will cross

the young girl who held out a slice of bread
to the Canada goose
hearing a harsh voice telling her to get in there
go after it
a smile on her small face

caught up in the chase

another voice enters
don't do it that way

the observer
voice within
instructs to sit still and watch
let nature come to you

like a seed carried in the wind

Lee Scott-Green (May 20, 2011)


green so green
light rain and my voice
falls in an octave

the trunks of the trees
are dark and wet

Lee Scott-Green (May 28, 2011)


The doe stood across the road
I was washing up the dishes this morning, I
watched her and she reminded me,
be gentle with yourself

She was there, I was looking out
my kitchen window, thinking about you-

Yesterday along the river
you could see the humidity
in the air against the trees about seven miles in

one of the firemen dropped his glove
but I didn't tell the turtles who were being
photographed along their branch

just above the surface
a medal is strewn on an altar
in surrender

I draw more water from the deep well
there are back-up begonias to plant

and a hawk on the tower...

I've been meaning to tell you
about Denver's response

they said no

the doe began to move, I shifted
too and stood next to the dining room table
watching her make her way
across the service road and into the trees

white iris blooming in the garden

I set flame to your old letter
sweet release

Lee Scott-Green (June 5, 2011)

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