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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Somehow, I gained a pound between yesterday and today. I didn't really stick to my diet, but I know it shouldn't just show up right away like that. From what I've read on this website, I guess it must be water retention. Grr!
I turned off my meal plans on the nutrition tracker because it was taking entirely too long to prepare those meals, plus the calorie balance was way off. I mean, is it really healthy to eat double the calories you ate for breakfast for lunch?! I think its better to try to eat around four hundred calories per meal. I'm measuring my portion sizes alright, though. I'm still eating more than one serving of some things, though! emoticon
Another problem I'm facing is lack of support from my live-in boyfriend. He is almost as overweight as I am, but he won't weigh himself. I don't know how much he really weighs, but his waist size is definitely a serious risk. I'm concerned about his health as well as mine, but he sees no need to alter the same eating patterns he's had for his whole life. So, I have all these foods in my cupboards and fridge that I know I shouldn't eat. The only way I can really be sure that I don't eat these things is to not have them, but my boyfriend doesn't want to eat what I eat. Not only do I have to resist eating these things, I also have to watch him eat them and smell them. I'm not very good at fighting temptation. His solution? Tell me, "No! You can't have any!" That's great. I end up feeling like its not fair that he gets to eat some and I don't. I don't know what to do about it; I guess I'll just keep fighting myself to be healthy. I want to be healthy and not restricted by my fitness level or weight.
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    I dont follow the meal plans either. What I do instead is I just track what I eat and try to stay within my caloric ranges. Then as I have been going along, I try to pick out healthier foods. I have learned that you can usually have larger portions and have it be less calories if you eat the right things!

    As for the bf, I know the feeling. My ex did the same thing. I started making sure I left the house for walk/run or to the gym whenever he ate horribly or something delicious right in front of me.
    2844 days ago
    I too, couldn't use the meal plans, I do much better eating on my own, tracking everything, added a category for cheating and when I need a fix, in it goes... today I ate 3 orange slices - candy... and it is tracked... helps keep your eye on the overall prize. I have made progress... keep in mind, females especially will have weight fluctuations, from day to day and some times within a few hours... If I weigh when I go to work and when I leave work, I may weigh 3 pounds different, and I have a sit-down at a computer job. If I weigh first thing in the morning I weigh different than in the middle of the day, so keep that in mind too. I have always gained about 7 pounds around "that time of the month" so I keep that in mind and don't officially weigh on the site until a few days after or I would be sooooooo depressed. Salt and sugar intake will effect water retention. Certain fresh fruits and vegetables will encourage you to shed water... so don't let one day get you down... the boyfriend is another issue...

    He will have to grow up and take care of himself. You may worry and you probably will, since you care, but you cannot try to change him... he is a person of his own. Maybe if you can stick with it, and keep drawing encouragement from this site (awesome) then you will be able to lose and he will be drawn in by your own positive attitude and changing tastes... you will learn to like healthier foods... and you may crave junk less...

    Hang in there! Keep reading, keep blogging, and posting, and joining in, even when you have a really bad day... there are people here for you, and we have all had THOSE days. This is all about making a permanent change, but it takes one step at a time. Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it yet... A phrase from a childrens book I loved and still take with me today... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2844 days ago
  • MISSY0356
    You can't do anything about your boyfriend until he himself is ready to change so all you can do is focus on you and hopefully he will catch on eventually. Keep focused on your journey you can do it.
    2844 days ago
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