I Got Accepted!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

I got accepted I got accepted I got accepted!!!!!!!
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OMG - Everyone - Had to share with my Spark fam!

Picture all week long, me at work, disgruntled and frustrated in my job, in my coworkers and office visitors, dreading the day's work, annoyed by my boss and just not caring anymore in general (about the J-O-B). And so every day for weeks, I've been coming home from work and going to the mailbox looking for a letter, THE letter.

It all started with me recently knowing I needed to change my life, do something drastic... My job is a dead end which is not what I signed up for. On top of that it doesn't pay well which has made my life such a struggle. And every day the owners make clear action showing that their employees are not their first priority. "Well I hear ya, loud and clear!"

I don't need to make a million dollars, but in my evaluation of "doing something new," I would like to be a professional of some sort WITH the ability to earn a decent living. And help people. So, finally, after a lot of soul searching, I feel ready to go back to school (since finding a decent, new job hasn't panned out after two years of looking and applying and interviewing). Hence I spent my Spring 2011, post-marathon energy searching and applying to different schools and programs.

I'm almost 30 and I still don't really know what I want to be when I grow up, ha. You know what I mean??? Some people just KNOW. I'm not one of those. So all I've been able to do in my "search" is go off what I know I "DON'T" want to do... And that's a long list, lol. But I finally realized that I could use it constructively to eliminate possibilities, and form a plan. So I started it.

I don't want to be a:

Lawyer (those two really upset my mom,lol)
Ambassador or Foreign Worker (b/c of my degree in International Business)
Soldier (and so I love all who are serving in our military, cuz I don't want to do it, lol)
Teacher (though maybe a post secondary professor one day)
News Journalist/Anchor
Massage Therapist
Physical Therapist
Agent (of any kind)
Hospital Administrator (actually NO to anything having to do with a hospital, ha)
CEO (of someone else's company that is)
COO (ditto as above)
Computer Programmer
...the endless list goes on...

So finally I stumbled upon a medium that I could grasp. Family Therapy. As I work in radio, I can still use my voice, to communicate and reach people seeking help in their relationships. More so, I can have my own practice, set my own hours and pretty much invent myself any way I want as a therapist/ businesswoman. Yup, that's right up my alley. And the profession is certified and packaged to allow you to be licensed and accredited. And the field is growing.

Plus I don't have to test and attach diagnoses to people (like Psychologists)... I don't like that...putting people in boxes. And also I don't have to prescribe pills (which I absolutely hate the thought of being a part of that whole big business "keep em medicated" regime, I don't like that either though I know it's needed with many patients.

Also I don't want to be in school forever, especially for something I won't enjoy when I'm finished. So no law medical dental pharmacy or whatever 10 year long schooling for me. This Masters in Family Therapy (MFT) program is a two year program, plus two more years on top of that to be licensed, as you need your clinical hours. But you can practice after the two years.

So I immediately applied for it and was pleasantly surprised that I got through round one and round two even with my business degree (and without, say, an undergrad psych degree). I had my graduate school interview on May 20th. I was nervous. The interview was looooooooong. It was all day. 8:30 to 4:30. I had rounds with three different professors, plus made contact with two others. I guess meeting them personally and it being less formal than I thought, allowed me to ask them candid questions and be myself. They informed me that I got passed those rounds because they encourage a well-rounded group of students from different educational backgrounds. And in talking with them, I learned a lot more about the program that met my future interests.

By the end of the interview day, I wanted it bad. It was deep down in my gut. They said they were only accepting 40 students out of I think we were about 60-70 strong to show up for interviews, plus all those who couldn't make it (like those serving and who were international students). So maybe out of 80-100.

But it doesn't matter now. To one of the best, hands-on programs in the country, I got accepted! I am so unbelievably excited! My life has been tough lately and this is what could finally change my life down a new direction, a direction I want...finally. To just do something drastic.

Now before I accept 'Acceptance', I will have to weigh the pros and cons of getting an MBA degree versus this MFT degree. I'll have to sit down and start making that list soon. But right now, all I know is that, you have to gun for the options. And so far, now that I'm accepted to this MFT program, I have that option.

Thanks for stopping, and reading, and sharing in my joy for a second.

I got accepted!
I got accepted!
I got accepted!

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