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What I REFUSE to feel guilty about

Friday, June 03, 2011

I refuse to feel guilty for working out, for taking 1 hour a day to do what I want, which is to exercise so that I can reach my goals of becoming fitter, healthier and more confident in myself.

I also refuse to feel guilty for being the odd one out because I do not want dessert or the fattening / sugary so-called"treat".

I adamantly refuse to feel bad because I want to eat healthy things.
I know that this sometimes makes people feel guilty themselves because then they think about the crap they are putting in their bodies or make them realize how little they exercise. A lot of people I know think that exercising every day is mad. No it is not. If you are trying to lose weight or become more healthy, exercising every day is the norm or ideal.

I love my friends and family but sometimes it seems they are sabotaging my efforts and it's so annoying! It's mostly unintentional but it's still difficult. Like it's not hard enough to motivate yourself to workout or eat the healthy snack, now I have to contend what others people think, say or do. It shouldn't matter but it does. Currently I am living with my parents while I sort out things this year and they are doing me a great service. But I wish certain individuals wouldn't make me feel guilty because I place losing weight as my main priority and am very careful about what I eat and make sure I exercise often. It would be easier if people would just let me be, but everyone has an opinion on something, such as whether I'm eating enough (1,500 cals a day is normal for people losing weight!); exercising too much; and other such things.

I've come to the point where I exercise in secret so that I won't get told off! I'm 27 years old and trying to get fit so that I don't end up like the other females in my family who are all obese or have had eating disorders.

One day, I will live how I want to be and do what I want, when I want. Until then, I have to manage my current situation and stay calm.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It is so annoying when people who are doing nothing about theird health comment on yours right? I get that all the time too.

    "You exercise too much" from people who won't even recognize the treadmill machine is in front of them.

    I hear you and I feel your pain.
    2877 days ago
    emoticon you have graduated to where we all want to be healthy, and exercising and just plan know,what we are putting in our bodies and what is good for us.

    Hang in there, keep your head up.

    Nothing taste as good as thin / healthy feels.
    love the blog! emoticon
    2878 days ago
    There's only one thing we can do for those love ones that keep sabotaging - intentionally or not - our efforts - do our own sabotaging! If they give temptation right in front of our faces, just push something else towards them. Show them how it's so great to do walking at the park instead of lounging at the sofa and end up sleeping. Whatever happen, don't let them break us!

    And that is my develish side talking. On the other hand, my angelic side said, "Play along and secretly influence them with our positive attitude, with our better, healthier lifestyle."
    2878 days ago
    Great blog!!!

    You put into words what alot of us deal with every day. I have to hear "Are you crazy you get up at 4:30am to work out". (I don't offer this info unless asked) I calmly explain that working out in the mornings works best for me. It's not for everyone.

    Hang in there all your hard work might rub off on some of your family and friends.

    2878 days ago
  • DRPOOH63
    You shouldn't feel guilty but also don't turn preachy -- what tends to happen when we love how good we feel.
    2878 days ago
    You're right, you shouldn't feel guilty, you are doing what's good for you! But I do think PUOKGIRL is right.... you are changing, for the BETTER, but it frightens the people who love you. What if you change so much that you don't like (or love) them anymore? You are growing as a person, but what if you outgrow them? Human minds go to strange places when they are frightened.

    Good luck, and keep up the good work!

    2879 days ago
    Good attitude! Take care of yourself and become the healthiest weight for you. emoticon
    2879 days ago
    i loved your blog!!!!!!! keep up the good work! emoticon
    2879 days ago
    Here is not too feeling guilty! Our friends and loved ones are well meaning (most of the time) but they can sure be a challenge! Keep on taking care of yourself, because there is only 1 you! :)

    2879 days ago
    Here is not too feeling guilty! Our friends and loved ones are well meaning (most of the time) but they can sure be a challenge! Keep on taking care of yourself, because there is only 1 you! :)

    2879 days ago
    don't mind them , they're actually feeling guilty that they don't do the same, you're a threat at their lifestyle. I'm totally with you here , my mom who never liked sweets is suddenly a huge creme brulee fan or can't survive 3 days without baking a cake. she did it until I warned her that I'll throw away all the food . being a cheapskate , it worked : ) . they'll get used to you at some point. try to find people to support you .
    2879 days ago
    When I was first starting to lead a healthier lifestyle I had a bad experience at a kids' birthday party. The birthday boy's mom was upset with me for not eating the pizza, drinking the soda or having a slice of cake larger than 1/2" wide. She actually said to me "Way to ruin the party."

    I took her outside and told her that she was the one making a big deal about what I was/wasn't eating. I also told her that I was making healthier choices because I didn't want to be 300+ pounds, too embarrassed to jump in the pool, and with knees that won't allow me to use the stairs (all things that are true of her). Then I gave the birthday boy a hug and went home in tears because I felt attacked and was blunter than normal in return.

    We talked the next day. I apologized for being so blunt and explained that even though I'm working on a healthier me, I'll still love her and hang out with her. I won't be preachy about diet/exercise either. She hasn't pressured me, bugged me or teased me about my lifestyle choices since.

    The thing is that the birthday boy's mom was upset because the status quo was being changed. She was worried that the changes I was making would change me into someone who doesn't have time for her, doesn't love her, doesn't like her, etc. That might be why your friends/family are behaving the way they are.

    Either way - keep being "selfish". It's important!
    2879 days ago
    Don't feel guilty! That's right! It's amazing how all of a sudden we can be labeled as "selfish" when we start taking care of ourselves. Good for you.
    2879 days ago
  • JESSICA2140
    nothing makes people more uncomfotable than having a mirror held up in front of them...this is what you're doing for those certain members of your family with weight issues. Misery loves company, but you don't have to play that game!!!
    2879 days ago
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