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why is THIS the hard part?!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Okay, so it's 10:52 pm PST right now, and I still have calories to eat...I have a bowl of cereal infront of me coupled with a glass of wine (don't tell, but it is my second of the I know) because after logging my days meals I still had ~250 calories left...I even logged the piece of cheese that I ate while shopping as Costco. I even ate some chocolate!

This isn't the first time this has happened either. More often then not, I am struggling to meet my food goals. More times then not, it's the carbs - I blame that on not being able to eat gluten and not wanting to bake all the time (it's messy and I don't have a dish washer...and yes I am a self proclaimed lazy bum). I am however eating a TON of fruits and veggies, getting my protein and staying in my fat range. I feel like this shouldn't be so easy, but at the same time it's hard. I don't want to starve my body, at all. I want to feed it what it needs to be a better body. And here is the thing, many of you (if any of you read this) will say "snack during the day" "eat 5 small meals" or something else similar - and should I take this advice - I would end up eating all day and surpassing my limits by miles. I am a snack-er by nature, it is the reason for the size that my body is at this present moment (although it is 5lbs less then it was 4 weeks ago emoticon). I don't snack because I know that if I do, I will continue. I only have so much will power and there are only so many strawberries and cherries that a girl can eat (and afford!) in a day, and even then the calories are so minimal that I would still be under at the end of the day!

Also I feel bad that this is my problem - I don't eat enough, when I know that there are many of you out there struggling to stay under your limits. I feel like this is how my whole life has been: high, low, and NO in between!

Well, it's 11:06pm now...and I still have at least 50 calories to eat....jeez louise I'm gonna eat some cheese!

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  • NATALIE225
    Just remembered: Whole Foods has a list online of all their gluten free foods. The list varies by store. Here's a link for one:

    Even if you don't have a Whole Foods, everything is listed by brand so you can ask your local store if they carry it.

    Trader Joe's also has a gluten free list. In case there's one close to you:
    3138 days ago
  • NATALIE225
    You're not the only one here who has this problem. I went vegan about 2 months ago and now I'm often low on my calories. I get enough protein, fat, and carbs, but I eat so many fruits and veggies and they're sooo low in calories that it never adds up to much. I also find that eating a high fiber diet keeps me full so I often am not hungry for my snacks (and I plan on 2 snacks every day.)

    So, I bought some higher calorie foods. Things like coconut yogurt, beanitos, somersaults (these are vegan snacks and not necessarily gluten free) that are between 150-200 calories and either incorporate one into a meal or have one as an evening "treat." Since I've been doing this I'm usually able to hit my calorie range, although I'm still in the lower part of it.

    My suggestion: look for some higher calorie, gluten free snacks that you can incorporate into your meals. If you're a lazy bum emoticon and don't want to cook, spend some time seeing what's available at the store. Most health stores have lots of gluten free options available now...good luck!
    3138 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2011 8:42:23 PM
    Since you said to struggle with eating carbs b/c of your diet: Are you coming in low on your carb range as well, or are you struggling to get in enough cals across the board with macronutrients? As far as not snacking, do you have any snacks or just the 3 meals? (If it's just meals, I'd suggest having 1 or 2 small gluten-free carb snacks if you're coming in low on carbs.)
    3151 days ago
    Milk is a great suggestion. If you squirt a couple of spoonfuls of Hershey's syrup in, you'll have no trouble making your carb goal.
    3151 days ago
    When I was lifting weights (like, SERIOUS lifting, to gain muscle), I needed to eat WAY more calories then I was use to, and sometimes I had trouble getting all of them in (not often, but SOMETIMES lol). If I needed to fill my calorie quota I would drink milk with a few of my meals. It is super nutritious, 90 calories a cup, healthy carbs and protein, but it wasn't something that made me want more of it, if you know what I am saying. Or, I would eat almonds, you don't need many to get a good amount of calories in.
    3151 days ago
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