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Its NOT a good deal if its crap.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

This is just a random conversation I had with my longtime boyfriend who is 6'ft and weighs MAYBE 175. He eats "whatever" without gaining weight ! UGH!!

Yesterday we drove past a well known breakfast restaurant chain who was offering all you can eat pancakes for a real cheap price.
My boyfriend commented on how we should go one morning .
I looked at him and said, " Really? It doesn't matter if its 99 cents its junk and we're not eating that". He said "yeah but it tastes good!" then he went on to describe adding blueberries (as if this would somehow dramatically shift the nutritional value of the pancakes) Logic ? emoticon
Then I reminded him of all the nutritious food we do eat that tastes good that doesn't require a drowning in artificially flavored syrups and that you would actually have to CHEW rather than just slide down your throat.
No reply. (He may have been thinking what a buzz kill) But, I think I actually won that round. emoticon

Anyway, my point is, in another time, I would have bought into that "deal" and been more than willing to join him for a pancake slammin contest (Im very competative-lol)

But Im kind of proud of myself because this time the idea didn't even phase me and I've actually gotten good at looking at food for the nutritional value and as fuel for my workouts. (Sounds boring but its not)
Its truly not worth it to me to eat that, no matter how cheap it is.

My goal this month is to continue to live and learn a healthier lifestyle, eating good real food and to lose 13 lbs.

I don't see where pancakes fit into that plan and I don't subscribe to the everything in moderation theory. Ive read enough data on the hormone insulin to throw that idea out the window.

Wishing all who read this great success in your JUNE GOALS! If you don't have a goal this month make ONE or a few and go for it!

Please feel free to share your goals and ideas with me. I love to read them !

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is awesome -- it is great when you realize that you have changed your eating habits for the better! Way to go.
    1782 days ago
    Great goals! I just read a quote somewhere that said you can not expect to feel like a million dollars eating off the dollar menu...My dh can eat all and anything and NEVER gain weight. I am forever talking him out of eating at buffets..Good for you for not having the pancakes.. emoticon
    1783 days ago
    just got back here after doing a lot of want your blog said not to glad you are here leading te good fight and leading the way
    2122 days ago
    I wanted to thank you for your inspiring blog. I know I replied earlier but since I restarted my journey your words helped me keep good eating habits. It really helped me when my work would bring in free bagels from Einstein bros for breakfast and then pizza for lunch.

    2267 days ago
    That is awesome! Congrats!
    2495 days ago
  • FLGIRL1234
    "I don't see where pancakes fit into that plan and I don't subscribe to the everything in moderation theory. Ive read enough data on the hormone insulin to throw that idea out the window" LOVE IT!
    2496 days ago
    My version of moderation involves putting very little 'garbage' into my body these days. I think too often moderation seems to include a little of lots of junky foods. It all adds up. Even if it isn't adding weight (which it often is) it can still affect our health.
    2505 days ago
    I can't help but laugh because Joe and i have this conversation regularly! It's like the time he tried to convince me that dominos pizza had some great nutritional value because it had bread, cheese, and meat. Or the time he tried to tell me that Panda Express was okay because it had vegetables in it; failing to realize that the stuff is coated in oil and extremely salty and fatty sauces. Some men are so silly!
    2509 days ago
    2517 days ago
  • SHAR140
    Bravo!! Isn't it amazing how it's not just less food + more exercise, it's how we think about it too - I definitely also think of food as fuel now, especially when I run or have a rugby practice or game (I learned my lesson, don't EVER eat BK breakfast wraps before a game! emoticon lol)

    I do believe is moderation *somewhat*, but at the same time I know there are some foods I just have to avoid completely or I'll go overboard (you know, "once you pop you can't stop!" lol). But if I have a craving for something like pancakes, I'll try to make my own, healthier version at home - like with whole wheat flour, fruit to top it, etc.

    Anyway, I am glad I can help motivate you and help you reach your goals - I know posting mine here and updates every month definitely help keep me accountable and on track!

    2517 days ago
    Congratulations! I do believe in moderation, and it has helped me keep off 75 pounds for over three years. You have to know what works for you.
    2518 days ago
  • JENNJO322
    Good for you!!! Glad you stayed your ground!
    2518 days ago
  • JNSM08
    I keep saying this too! Plus I see lots of people are on the coupon crave but all they buy is crap, crap, crap! Oh well, I can only take care of myself! Good luck on your June goals!!!! emoticon
    2518 days ago
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