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Memorial Day Weekend

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ok, , now that I have gotten the negative stuff out there, and I am dealing with that, on to fun stuff! I wanted to share my fantastic weekend. It was full of running, family, food, and most importantly, paying our respects.

Saturday Matthew and I ran a 5K. We had an awesome day, weather-wise. Matthew shaved 2 minutes off of his previous time, and I PR'd with 33:13. Hayden wanted to run with us so much it almost hurt to leave him with Grandma Rosies, but I made him his own little race number that he could wear. We were late getting there. The race started at 8 am and we left the house (for the 30 min drive) at 7:34. Oops. BUT we made it with moments to spare. They were just lining up when we got to the timing chip table. Race was run, and run well, we took Hayden to his ice skating lesson, and then headed back home. Turns out that in our haste, Matthew had left his wallet on the back of the truck (think the ill forgotten coffee cup on the top of your car scenario) because when I got to the door it was inside the door jam. In his wallet, Matthew had all of the money he had received for his recent college graduation because he was going to deposit it all. The money was gone. So I took to Facebook, airing my frustrations with the dishonesty of some people, but grateful to whoever had returned the wallet. Money can always be replaced, but Matthew carries his Air Force Coin from the Dicemen Squadron in AK in his wallet, and that can NOT be replaced. That was thankfully still there. In response to my status update (which was posted here also) I got a message from a guy I had gone to high School with who now owns a gym here in town, asking if we were home yet and if he had found Matthew's wallet. He said his dad was driving into town and saw the wallet on the highway so he stopped and picked it up. he called Corey to see if he knew Matthew and, of course, he did, so they brought it to the house, but we weren't home. Corey drove it down to the bank to see if I was working, and when I wasn't there either, he brought it back to the house and left it in the door. Upon hearing all of this, Matthew took a chance and went down to the highway (about two blocks from our house) to look for the money. Sure enough, by some miracle (as this is a VERY busy highway AND it was WINDY) there was all the money in the ditch!!!!!! Someone was watching over us on this one! So if you ever wonder if there are honest and good people left out there the answer is a resounding YES! It was hurting me so much to think that someone, especially someone from our town, would have taken that money. It was a strong reminder that the good hearted people outnumber the bad.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day which was fine with me. The three of us went out for supper with my Mom and Dad, my sister and her fiancé. Then Matthew received a text from my Uncle telling him that they were assembling at 9am for the parade the next morning. Matthew was completely confused. Apparently, they wanted matthew to march in the Color Guard, but no one had actually ASKED him. So late Sunday night was spent trying to find all the pieces to his uniform. We still have boxes laying around from the move from Alaska, so we had a lot of places to look. In te end we found everything he needed, and he was able to march in the parade.

The parade was pretty special for me. Memorial Day is always pretty emotional for me because almost every man in my family has served in a branch of the Military, and between all of them I believe we have all the branches covered! My Uncle Tim, Matthew, my cousins Jacob and Josh all marched in this year's Color Guard. (I will point out now, that Matthew is the one carrying the Iowa Flag in the pictures below)Jacob is leaving in about two weeks to go to helicopter pilot school, so to see him and matthew and Uncle Tim (who is Jacob's dad) together in uniform... I had a hard time holding my camera steady because of the crying! After the service we went across the street to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a cookout. It was a sunny, WARM, and wonderful day!

I have included some pictures because if you have been a reader of my blogs for any amount of time, you know I LIKE PICTURES!

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