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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hi Spark Friends!
I have been off of SP for a while and I apologize to you for my absence. So much has been going on in my life that there has not really been time to slow down. I will start back at the beginning of December...that is when my mother in law who was in stage IV Lung cancer took a turn for the worse....she passed away on December 28th, (I had been taking care of her at her internet access...) Two hours after she passed away my daughter's Mare gave birth to a Colt! NO ONE EVEN KNEW THE HORSE WAS PREGNANT!!!! I had bought the mare at an auction for her to ride in drill team.....she never got the pregnant "barrel" look! My daughter was riding her full out while the horse was 10 month pregnant and the horse never complained! So now we have the new horse to deal with.
Mid January and February I was busy with my clothing business....March was full of Rodeo and Spring Break and working on Taxes....April had more Rodeo performances and moving horses around to different barns for better board fees, Then May rolls around.....May was supposed to be just about my daughter finishing up High School with Prom and ended up becoming a month of endless days!
The day after Mother's day my elderly mom (she lives 3 streets away from me) had scheduled a Pain Management shot for her lower spine to alleviate the pain her pinched nerves were causing her...because it had to be given in the lower back she needed to go under general big deal, simple in and out should be home by 9 am......well.....she was in the Recovery room for 9 hours and was now paralyzed from the waist down! You know when they tell you the side effects on those annoying prescription drug adds on TV? Well her life started to become every side effect for real! There were MRI's, CT's and all sorts of other tests! For the past 3 weeks it has been one thing after another! Sort of a Pandora's Box with her! This medication messed with her kidneys, which then raised her acid levels and brought on Gout.....they could not give her medication to stop the Gout because they wanted to do surgery on her back, but they were waiting to do that because of the blood thinners she was on because of the suspected blood clot they thought she had and the chest pains she was experiencing....and on and on!!!! It was like watching a dog try to chase its tail hoping to catch it! And through it all I was the one person telling the doctors the entire history as it seemed not everything was documented in the chart "yet"....It was a long three weeks; back and forth between the hospitals and rehab centers (thank you Medicare regulations!) Through it all my mom remained Pollyanna Positive and I relied on my friends and their prayers for us both......of course I still had to tend to my daughter and Prom, send out graduation invitations, pay bills not only for me but also my mom, deal with siblings who put on a good front that they cared, but never offered to help with anything....and a husband who was not supportive in any way shape or form asking when the laundry was going to get done or complaining that he had not had a home cooked meal, or the milk was bad and "I" needed to go grocery shopping! Mom did not want me to leave her side and seemed happiest when I spent the night on those "oh so comfortable" fold out guest beds they roll into the room and of course you get no real sleep because they come in every hour to check on the patient during the night..........
With all that said, here is the positive outcome:
Surgery was performed that took part of the bones off her spine causing the nerves to be pinched off and my mom can now walk again! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!
My daughter graduated from High School this past weekend!
I lost two pounds! (Normally with all this stress I would have gained 10 so I am really pleased with myself!)
My mom may be released today from Rehab and everyone is calling her remarkable recovery a miracle!
I know what many of you are thinking , "You should file a lawsuit against that doctor!" At first I was thinking that too, but I honestly don't believe he did anything mom has always had complications......she does not have the textbook anatomy......if anything, she will be this doctors next seminar subject.
The bottom line is EVERYTHING TURNED OUT OKAY!!!

So sorry for my being away for so long spark friends! And Many thanks to those of you who checked in with me during the past months! It was nice to know you missed me! Hopefully I am back now!!!
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    WOW you have been going through so much. What a hard and stressful journey. I am so sorry all of this fell on your shoulders. I am glad your daughter graduated and she looks great and so happy :) Hopefully things get a lot brighter from here on in!
    3493 days ago
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    Wow, that is A LOT of stuff, glad to hear it is all working out - finally :-) Drs can do their best and sometimes things just go wrong. It happens, I know that all too well. Great job on the 2 lbs and not gaining. I would have eaten myself into a stupor if I had that much stress! :-)

    Hope your week and the rest of the year is calm and relaxing! :-)

    3521 days ago
    About,that husband! lol You had your hands full, him not offering any support, sounds like he needs a good talking to, he should be very thankful, that you were there for his Mother, and that you are trying to put everyone ahead of yourself. Take time for yourself, and put him at the bottom of the list, until he can openly support you. Just sayin...... emoticon
    People don't realize what they have until it's gone.

    3521 days ago
    Glad things turned out well, and the the whirlwind has settled down.
    3521 days ago
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