ST is back!! and another new food

Monday, May 30, 2011

Found this at the grocery store today. I had never heard of "tofu spaghetti" before. It was in the "reduced" case. Oddly enough, it's not that it was out of date... it's good till August, but in this town? I guess they don't think it will sell quickly enough. A gain for me though... I decided to give it a try...

WEIRD cooking instructions... it says to rinse thoroughly to eliminate "authentic aroma". Now what on EARTH is that supposed to mean?? So I sniffed the bag... eh (nose wrinkle...) not very appetizing.... So I rinsed the heck out of it... The sniffed again and it smelled like... nothing. So I boiled it up and serve it with pasta sauce, chicken and a little mozza cheese. Pretty good... a little gummier than regular pasta, but definitely edible.

Here is the nutrition info...

So... essentially this food has NOTHING in it? I read somewhere that it's 97% water.

Anyway, I think I'll buy it again. I'm sure there'll still be some at the store tomorrow.


ST is BACK!! emoticon emoticon

It's weird... I felt so sore yesterday, and today I feel so much better! I took my half-hour walk, then came home, had a snack. Felt not too bad so I stuck this DVD in...

and did the 20 minute lower body workout!! Yay me!! emoticon emoticon

It doesn't seem like very much, but 20 minutes was about all I could handle. And that's a workout I normally use (but I usually use heavier weight... used 8lb dumbbells). I like that workout because it's surprisingly challenging for me. I really have to concentrate to use the proper muscles with proper form.

What I've decided to do is stick to my regular routine of Tuesday and Friday off and workout only on the other 5 days. I know I'm doing less, but I need to keep to the schedule. Wednesday I'm going to try upper body, but I think it might cause more pain in my ribs... if that's the case, I'll abandon it for now... I think I'll use TBL Last Chance Workout upper body sculpt. I don't like the Kathy Smith upper body workout... I find it really awkward.

Anyway, I'm very excited!! I did well! I didn't have heavy pain in my ribs till about 15 min. in... then I stopped! I didn't overdo it!! Yay me!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon Great job one both - being brave enough to try tofu spagetti and the workout and knowing not to 'over do it!!!!!

    Glad you are on the mend!
    3103 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Was to go on the workkout! And I like those noodles for thai inspired dishes. Yum!
    3113 days ago
    You should look thru the Hungry Girl recipes. It calls for those noodles a lot. What a great find.
    3114 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    So glad you're getting better and feeling like doing some ST!
    3114 days ago
    I suspect that your town and my town have a lot in common...

    Tofu spaghetti is something I have never heard of! (and would be surprised if I saw it in the stores) (but we probably have ten kinds of LARD!)

    3114 days ago
    I am not so sure I would run out to buy the Tofu Spaghetti...but glad it was okay for you. I like to try new things too but some things I still am not sure about.

    Sounds like workout....well done. You are such an inspiration....I wish I was at the level u are at...but I will get there someday. One step at a time. I am glad with my current progress, well could be quicker of course , but all in all I am doing pretty well.

    Have a great week! Liz emoticon
    3115 days ago
    Hey ! I am a kathy Smith fan too ! Good going on finishing the DVD ! You go girl emoticon
    3115 days ago
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