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Vacation worries - Opinions or advice please!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ever since I started over with my new calorie range and exercises I have been doing very well. I've lost 18 lbs so far 12 of them in the past 4 weeks. I woke up this morning thinking about how our vacation to nova scotia might not be so bad after all because I will hopefully be down another 20 lbs before then or maybe more and I told Jason that at the very least I need to go for walks a few times a week while we are there. What I didn't think about is the fact that I will have absolutely no control over what we eat while we are there. We are staying with his family alternating between his parents and grandparents houses and his mom has also informed us about different bbq's etc that his family and friends have planned. I'm worried.. I don't wanna come back a lot heavier than when I left. I'm worried that if I bring my scale there and weigh my food that people will talk. I don't even know what kinds of bad things they would say.. if any.. but we're supposed to be on vacation and eating in all different places and I don't wanna lug that thing around with me every place I go. They've also been rambling about huge lobster nights and everything that we've been told about seems to be based around food. Not to mention that his family is pretty fit so yup I'll be the only fat one there trying desperately to watch what i eat and not be discouraged by the food they shovel into their mouths. Plus I don't know if I'll have options.. like instead of that greasy fried chicken to be able to have a grilled or broiled piece instead. And how do I even turn down stuff I know I can't eat. I don't wanna be rude and go buy my own groceries while I'm there so I can make sure to eat healthy. It's still a month away but I'm freaking out over it already. Would it be rude to talk to his mom before hand to let her know that I do not wanna fail out there? Let me just add.. his family struggles in the income department so it's gonna be tough enough for them to feed all of us without me adding my own grocery list to it...

I also am going to be joining the biggest loser challenge that starts june 13th and goes through my vaca til august 22nd and I wanna do well on this challenge. I know we have a lot of activities planned as well out there.. but a lot of it is going to be sitting around and "partying" Which means a lot of calories from alcohol.... I know I won't drink a whole lot out there.. I'm a huge light weight now and being hungover doesn't sit well in my mind. But I know I will indulge a bit while we're there. I don't wanna come home and step on my scale and be shocked at a weight gain. I would rather come home and still see a loss.

What do I do?
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    Thanks guys for the advice. I am going to talk to her before hand so she has an idea of what I'm going through... She's also the sweetest lady so I know she'll be supportive. I have found since I cut back on eating that my appetite is nowhere like what it used to be so I'm gonna try the best i can for portion control and just take my time eating so I feel full at the same time I am actually full. When I told Jason about it he said she won't care too much and we can do our own shopping while we're there so I can have options. I'm also gonna "give her a night off" lol and cook a meal myself for them a few times (I hope) so that I know for sure that at least 2 of the nights I'm there I'm eating properly. He also told me that we can go for walks as often as I want and since I don't know the area he's gonna come with me while his mom watches the kids.. so at least i can plan for some exercise. Pretty excited now knowing that I can have a somewhat healthy vacation and if I gain a pound or two ah well as long as it's not 5 or 10.. it's a VACATION!! lol
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    Portion control is a biggy. If I'm going to be in a situation where I know I won't have a lot of control over my food, I'll do a lot of pre-planning.

    1. I figure out my priority meals first. Is there a dinner out where I'm really going to want to splurge? If so, I'll maybe sacrifice another meal and go really healthy on that (as an example, I ate out twice in a row a couple weeks ago. I wanted to go with a splurge meal with the in-laws and went for a healthy, small meal the next day to compensate).

    2. I pre-order where I can. Easy if you're eating out, but even if you're at a BBQ or pot luck you can do a bit of this. If you basically know what you'll be eating (like lobster... yum!), try to track a rough outline before hand. If you at least have a ballpark of how much you want to eat, it'll be easier to control it when you're faced with the food.

    3. Use cheater weights. This is my little portion trick - I actually weighed some of the common items in my purse on my food scale. If I'm trying to estimate food weights, I can reach in and grab my wallet or phone to make a rough comparison. It's a sneaky way to judge without having to whip out the food scale at public events.

    4. Do your best to track. I use the SP app on my phone, but before I had that I would try to enter everything at the end of the day. I find it helps keep me on target if I at least have a rough idea of what I've consumed.

    Really, though, the best thing to do is just keep it all in mind. Try to go with smaller portion sizes where you have control, and don't be afraid to not finish an entire plate if you're full (I know, difficult with some families!)

    Listen to your body and enjoy yourself! Eventually it'll be more natural, but right now I like to look at trips away from home as good learning experiences. Sometimes I do well, and other times I end up identifying trouble spots (that's code for "I ate the appetizer and the cake")

    Have an awesome vacation!
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    Hey, I've got a big camping trip out to the middle of no where in July and I'm having the same thoughts. I'm flying in from quite a distance, so my brother is buying all the food etc. I haven't told him yet about my journey and I don't want to be the one who's like "only buy whole grain" ha ha. The other issue is that the cabin only has a tiny fridge which runs on a generator and there isn't room for lots of produce etc.

    Here's what I'm doing, now to prepare though. I'm working on estimating my portions and THEN weighing them to double check. Surprisingly I've been getting pretty good at it! I don't think most of us plan on weighing our food for the rest of our lives, so this is a good challenge for you to see how far you've come! I think you will surprise yourself at how much you've learned. Even if the specifics of your exercise and nutrition routine are impossible to maintain, you can still have success!

    Definitely tell your mom! I told mine and she is the biggest worry wart in the world and I was concerned she was going to obsess over everything served "can you eat that?" etc. and I finally told her "I don't obsess over food because that's what got me here in the first place". Since then she's been great and SUPER supportive. It is hard to tell people, but when I have, I have felt GREAT about it afterwards and have been given nothing but support. Expect one or two people to possibly say "Oh you can have some, you're on vacation!". They mean well, but be prepared and say something like "Yeah, I CAN, but I'm choosing not to!".

    Most of all ENJOY this trip!! You can do this!! Keep up your awesome work :)
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    First of all, take a big, deep breath. You can do this. Really. You are on your way, and with some focus and good planning, this won't be anything but a bump in the road. And a fun bump at that!

    So, what are some things you can do? First of all, be proud of yourself for what you are doing, and don't you DARE feel embarrassed for watching what you eat! I figure that people can see for themselves that I am a fat girl, but if they aren't people I see regularly they aren't seeing my journey. I have no problem sharing it with them (even when they probably don't want to hear it!). No, I'm not THAT lady...yet.

    My advice, since you asked for it.... (ha, you might be sorry for asking!)...

    *YES! You should talk to his mom. Honesty is great. Tell her that you are concerned about having healthy choices but that you don't want to be a bother or a burden. If she could be your advocate and try to help you make sure that you have as many lean options as possible you would appreciate her help. People really do love to be a help like that, to feel like they made a difference for someone else.

    *Have a talk with hubby. Tell him that this is going to be a severe test of your efforts and you really need his help. Come up with some "code" words or phrases so that he can remind you of your resolve. That way he can say "good job on choosing good things!" or "warning, warning, don't eat that!" without anyone else knowing what he is talking about or bringing attention to it. Plus, code is fun! Sometimes we need to know that someone else is watching and ready to kick our butts when we are ready to eat the chocolate chip cookie dough.

    *Pack your own little things that can make all the difference. Spray butter for your lobster, your own salad dressing, your own sweetener.

    *Eat lots of veggies and make sure you drink a lot of water. It might be hard to keep up with when you are busy busy on vacation. Maybe carry a particular water bottle with you, and do something to keep up with how many refills you get through in a day. Colored rubber bands around it you can move from top to bottom or something.

    *Choose something to remind you constantly of the journey you are on, like a bracelet or something else you wear. I want a bracelet myself for this because I'm most likely to see it when I reach for food! Focus on it as a symbol of how far you have come and where you are going. Let it remind you of how proud you are of yourself for the steps you have taken.

    *RELAX! Accept that this is just a few weeks in your life and that you are not going to let them ruin your future. So, enjoy them. Kick out the stress and have fun planning. Make more good choices than bad choices and that is victory.

    Do not be afraid to tell the people around you no. "Oh no, that looks delicious, but..." Or just take a tiny taste if something really appeals to you. Noone is going to care if you don't eat a pile of cake. Really.

    You can do it! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

    2857 days ago
    I think you should talk to his mom, and let her in on your process.
    your biggest friend while on vacation is portion control, it's the only thing you Can control entirely. If I remember correctly, a portion of meat is the size of a deck of cards..maybe you can measure with measuring cups for portions for carbs-that might be less intrusive to you than a scale. Add sparkling water to drinks to extend their life and reduce calories while being a part of the festivities. eat a handful of almonds for snacks/ treats so you get protein, vitamins, and good fat to keep you going on an active vacation.
    You can do this!!! You have another month to normalize portions, exercise habits and all of that. Remember this is supposed to be fun while we are on the journey!!
    The very best of luck on the Biggest Loser Challenge!! emoticon
    2857 days ago
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