So Much, but yet so Little

Monday, May 30, 2011

I had lots and lots to talk about but then I couldn't do it at work. Just felt guilty. I'm not sure why, I wasn't doing anything at work (there's literally no work to do). But let's see if I can start this right.

Daughter calls me the day before she is to come home from college. She's wrecked her car. Not bad, but enough to kill the radiator. So I tell her to get it to a radiator shop, not even thinking about other damage (but I know she can't lift the hood). She does, we file an insurance claim and have to deal with total NON communication. During this time, my daughter has to get back to Dallas because she has a wedding. Well she's 20, can't rent a car. One of her friends bring her home, I rent a car and she drives my vehicle. Okay that works. Then we discuss what's going on back in Lubbock. She tells me another dentist approached her to work out there. She couldn't get her apartment sublet, so she has at least $1k to pay out, whether she is there or not. She's on the promo team at her other job, so she has to go back to Lubbock at least five times. This is sounding like a nightmare. She goes through all the pros and cons, finally calls her dentist here and tells him the situation. His first question is "Do you still want to be a dentist?". She answers yes, and he tells her that he knows how hard she works and that she is dedicated and yes, she still has a job at his place when things work out and if she needs anything to let them know. She is planning on coming back at the beginning of August in his busy season before school to help him out, but she is going to stay in Lubbock. The cool thing is he was originally calling her to see if she could go the dental convention in NYC and even with saying she wasn't coming back full time this summer, he still paid her way to the event. He and his wife (she's also a dentist) are great people.

So a bunch of long paragraphs to say my baby is not coming home for the summer. Her father and her brother came through with the deductible for her, so she's not out that. She's been studying so hard, she hasn't been able to work, and it's killed her disposable income.

On the job front, my husband finally got an interview at a decent warehouse. I've heard good things (it's actually my company, but it's on the good side of the company) and we are hoping that we hear something this next week. He had hoped it would have been last week, so we could have stayed at the lake today, but no nothing yet, so he had to work today. I've had some really good interviews in the last week. The commute would be a lot more, but the money is better and the growth potential is astronomical. I have a second interview with one on Wednesday and waiting for the other manager to fly in from South Carolina for my second interview with them. We shall see what happens, hopefully something this week. Things are just getting more and more insane at work in our department. I go in daily and just shake my head in disbelief at some of the stuff.

My lab was a good boy and did not destroy the house, the 36-48 hours we were gone to the lake. It was very relaxing and for a whole three days I did not have the shooting pain from under my shoulder blades through my ribs. I've been on pain killers and anti-inflammatories for this for over a month and it's getting quite old. I need a full blown massage, but of course it's not in the budget yet, not even for my health.

I'm tracking my food better. Not getting the exercise like I want because the interviews are throwing me off, but eventually I'll get back on track. I'm feeling better anyway. Not the deep despair that I was having, and the total defeat.

That's all I got.
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    Nice blog! With a college girl not coming home you should join our Empty Nest team. We are small but have fun.

    Keep on keeping on!
    2851 days ago
    Wow, never rains but it pours! You sure have a lot going on. God luck on your and dh's interviews...I guess I'll be in same position soon. Just wanted to make a point, about the pain you have... I had a pain in my left arm for a couple years, and saw nerve conduction specialist twice, had aCat Scan and an MRI. no answers.. Then I went for 1 massage and the pain was gone.... I know it seems like a lot of money with no coverage but your health is at stake and I know what it did for me...
    2851 days ago
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