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Sunday, May 29, 2011

As I was telling another Sparked Buddy this morning, I just never knew!

"Funny how I never knew I was not alone all those years ago when not accepted for my weight! Maybe it was an "era" thing? I never dreamed so many of us were not accepted by parents due to being heavy or obese."

I was always the fat kid - the fat one in the family - just me and Mama.

Maybe by coming out of the closet more people will be helped just for the fact that we are not alone!

We were never alone - just isolated!!

Never allow someone else's opinion to keep you down!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think we need to go back to the ole cliche' - "if ya got nothing nice to say - then don't say anything at all"...it's the PITS how we damage the ones we love with our words! What a shame!
    2518 days ago
    I was the skinny kid with the coke bottle glasses. I do not know why people, family, etc, find it necessary to pick attributes to taunt us and in turn make us dislike ourselves. No matter what the condition, fat, skinny, sight challenged emoticon , we are never alone. There are so many fighting the good fight with us. Rock on!!!!
    2521 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Know that you are NEVER alone! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2521 days ago
    You are so right . It's to bad most of us have to wait until we are older to get the idea that ther are other people in the same boat . Thanks for sharing . emoticon
    2521 days ago
    so cool
    you rock lady
    2522 days ago
    2522 days ago
  • JGAL8123
    Great observation! Part of what makes our Spark journey so special is the ability to help each other along the way.

    emoticon for being the helpful you that you are!

    2522 days ago
    emoticon blog my friend! You are NEVER alone! emoticon emoticon
    2523 days ago
    I was in a fat family. My dad, my mom, my sister, my aunts, uncles, cousins.... Well, I did have one normal weight paternal grandmother. Anyway, I felt lots of stigma from people who were not family; especially from kids my age. And my older family - parents and above - never understood that being fat was a stigma at school and in the community. They didn't understand that there was no way I'd become a cheerleader, popular, prom queen, etc. My grandparents thought I was "healthy" at 50 pounds overweight. I heard a lot about "pleasantly plump", "such a pretty face," and "chubby".
    2523 days ago
    2523 days ago
    I was on the "other side" of it being extremely skinny and used to hear "Skinny minnie" from my grandparents, and you know,,,that hurt just much. I felt just as singled out and my parents would tell others "Oh she just WON'T EAT ! And made me feel that IF I DID eat, it was WRONG !!!! NO WONDER I grew up the way I did !! I put on the weight when after a car accident, I was put on steriods and heavy antidepresants, which quickly in 3 weeks more than doubled my size and then some. SIGH !!! So I guess no matter WHAT we LOOK LIKE, NO ONE is happy with it huh? We have to LEARN to be HAPPY with ourselves. I am soooo careful now with the girls to make sure they KNOW that happiness comes from WHO THEY ARE and NOT what they LOOK LIKE. That esp goes now for my Grand D in this day.
    2523 days ago
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    2523 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2523 days ago
    You are so right, it is just the reaching out that is so difficult when we are young. Hopefully things have changed.
    2523 days ago
    Yup, I have heard lots of stories like this. You are such a great example of determination and an unstoppable spirit.

    It is nice to know - regardless of our upbringings - we can be whatever we want. Thanks for showing us how it's done.

    You rock!!

    2524 days ago
    You are an example for all of us---we do have the power to change things in spite of others who don't understand. emoticon
    2524 days ago
    I was a skinny kid but as soon as I reached puberty and got a little curvy my dad used to tell me (and my older sisters,too) that I was getting a fat ass- NOT good for a young girl's self esteem!

    2524 days ago
    My childhood was full of pain... not through being overweight but because I was so ill.
    I was born with bronchial Asthma and I was always so sick and struggling to breath.
    I was also painfully thin, I did not start putting on weight until I was having my children ... and I didn't get really obese until I was put on Cortisone the new wonder drug back in the late 70s.
    I was on 15 mgs a day for over 8 years there was nothing else to keep me alive .. the asthma was so bad I was always being rushed to hospital with ambulance bells ringing. I got to 145 kilos before another drug came on the market and they could take me off the Cortisone the rest is history.
    so there are many reasons for weight gain ..
    and I so sympathise with what you are saying ..
    Yes we were isolated because we were not the norm .. and it is so sad .. that children should feel so ashamed of their bodies..
    Unfortunately, it is a live time sentence because we are never really comfortable about our bodies.
    2524 days ago
    emoticon emoticon You have such a great point... I wonder if very many of us girls grew up feeling decent about ourselves. emoticon emoticon
    2524 days ago
    Too true Linda, I am just so thankful Sparks has made it possible for all overweight people to express themselves.......it's so essential to have that compassion and understanding from others who KNOW how it feels to struggle.
    Great blog emoticon
    2524 days ago
  • MARTY19
    It is the fact that we never fit in or feel like we do. One look at a magazine and I know why. A siz 10 model is considered plus size. How unrealistic is that. It takes life and friends that give us the ability to accept ourselves.

    2524 days ago
    It is truly amazing how far we have come as a group. We have the world's attention and there are so many options for us now. It is through this awareness that the cycle will be broken.
    2524 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    I just knew others were going to relate! I am positive that you helped more people than youll ever realize by posting that and coming out of the closet. Be proud, because you deserve it. emoticon
    2524 days ago
    It's so true, I know I was. Mom always said "I don't know why you are like 'that' no one in the family is." We live in different countries but almost every time that I talk to her she will ask me "how are you doing" and she means weigh wise, it doesn't bother me as much as it did before maybe because I am doing something about it.

    Now I am not alone and for that I am grateful. I also understand why I was "like that" and all the emotional influence and now I am doing something about it and it feels good. I also understand that no one that has not experience what I have can understand WHY and it's okay. There are a lot of things that I don't understand as well. The good news is that here in SP they do understand!!!
    2524 days ago
    That is sad to think about. I had a friend who was morbidly obese and she passed away, but when I would go anywhere with her people were so judgmental, and she was one if the nicest people ever, so sad.
    2524 days ago
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