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Saturday, May 28, 2011

WOW! Who would ever have guessed that I would be blogging? But, yes, Chele, get on with it!

I want to start with explaining myself and my actions. My name is Chele, actually, i like to spell that with a little "c". as do i like to do everything with little letters. drives my boyfriend mad emoticon i started out being a rather chubby little girl and have grown into it. not that i think i am overly large but i have big bones and little height. i sort of look like a rectangle.

when i was in 7th grade i started getting migraines. one every 6 months--not bad. when i was in 10th grade, my lungs shrunk to only 4 inches high. this i did not find out about till many years later. my mom just told me that i had asthma like my aunt did. i never went to the doc or anything. (btw, they shrunk in one day--i went to school and by the time i needed to go to my last class, i couldn't catch my breath.)

when i was in college, i was 18 and i had started getting lots of migraines--6 a day. they were the weakest kind though meaning that they only cause my eyesight to go away for 15 minutes. i would take tylenol as soon as i saw a spectrum coming and just sit down to wait for it to be gone. however, that was a hour and a half of every day that i would have to do that for. i had also gone to a specialist for my breathing because it wasn't getting any better and mom was no longer around to keep me from going to the doc. he said i did NOT have asthma but he couldn't be sure.

when i was 19, i had the first of a four year event. i had a stroke! i had another one when i was 20, another when i was 21, and a fourth, yes, FOURTH when i was 22. three major strokes and one minor. the third stroke was minor but still killed brain cells the size of a racquetball. in total, the strokes killed the whole left quarter of my brain. while i was having the strokes, i was in the best shape of my life at that time. plus, the docs did not say i was over weight at all. they sent me to the mayo clinic because nobody could figure out why i was having them. so, i went, spent almost a month there, showing everything to lots of people (i'm not that shy anymore) only to have them tell me that they "haven't the faintest idea."

it was then that i decided that i could either worry myself into another stroke or just live my life the best i could. and my life has been wonderful. i did need to get a pacemaker while i was at the mayo clinic; they put me on a med for the strokes and that cured my migraines; i ended up having a blood clot to my left knee and another one to my left kidney (different years) but they put me on a 81mg aspirin and that took away the blood clots. last of all, when i was 29, they found a fibroid tumor (non-cancerous) and they ended up giving me a partial hysterectomy which was fine with me because i really didn't want to have kids when i didn't know if my strokes were hereditary or not. (btw, i was the first in my whole family to ever have a stroke) when i turned 30 was my last doc app't to be followed up for the hysterectomy. he told me i could return to the gym and lifting weights again. i went across the street to the gym and did my aerobics. the thing was...i have been healthy ever since. and now i am 43. and VERY PROUD OF IT!

the thing is, i was so young and so determined after having my strokes to actually be able to recover that i did just that. now when people look at me, no body has any idea of my past. i even got my speech back which i went for 8 years trying to get.

well, i think that is all i have to say this first blog. i think that might be enough emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great first blog! Nice to meet you...and you are in inspiration.
    3158 days ago
  • BEEJAY49
    You are one totally awesome person! You have been through so much in your time already. You are quite an inspiration! :)
    3158 days ago
  • PATTYS1959
    WOW Chele, you are really a survivor! You have not only survived you have triumphed over many obsticles!! You have much to be proud of. emoticon
    3158 days ago
  • ASHLEE624
    Wow! That is an incredible medical history. I can't believe you went through all of that at such a young age! I am a speech pathologist and have worked with lots of stroke patients, so I know how difficult it can be. Congrats for pulling through all of that!
    3158 days ago
    Thanks for sharing- you are a very brave woman and I look forward to getting to know you as I follow you down the healthy path!!!
    3158 days ago
  • COLT2008
    emoticon you are a survivor!!
    3159 days ago
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