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Stolen from another member (weight loss quiz)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Starting Weight/Measurements.
I'm not really 100% sure what my starting weight was because the scale I was using at the gym wasn't very accurate. I'm going to go with 235 because I think that's what it was at the doctor's office last year. I hovered around that weight for quite a while. I didn't measure (still haven't but I need to) but I was wearing size 18 (sometimes 20) pants and size 16 (sometimes 18) shirts. I'm sort of in between sizes right now but most of the clothes I own are swimming on me and some stuff that I haven't fit into in years now fits (or is too big). WooHoo!

What is your height? How do you feel about your height?
I’m 5’9" and have generally been OK with my height. That is, until I moved to NY. It seems that every guy that is interested in me here is shorter than me. This makes me feel like an Amazon and larger/fatter than I really am. Other than that, I am thankful that I'm relatively tall and my weight is distributed well so most people have no idea how much I really weigh.

Your greatest fear regarding your weight loss.
I'm afraid that I'll never reach my goal and will be stuck at this size forever.

Why do you really want to lose this weight? Who are you doing this for?
I want to be able to do anything and sometimes my weight holds me back. I hate feeling squished in an airline seat or movie theater. I hate not feeling confident that I'll be able to go on rollercoasters because I might be too big. I want to be able to walk into the stores where my friends shop and be able to try on something and not worry that it won't fit or I might rip something while trying to get it on. I'm doing this for me. For my health. For my future.

Do you have any disordered eating habits? How do you overcome/cope with them?
When I was in high school I used to starve myself for a week in order to lose weight. I did this while also playing school sports and it was a very dangerous time for me, health wise. I think I might have screwed up my metabolism forever because of it. I'm just trying to have a good relationship with food now. I know how much I should eat and I try to create some balance so I can still eat the "bad" foods every once in a while.

Who knows about your weight loss journey? What do they think about it?
I didn't tell anyone for a while. But then I couldn't keep my mouth shut about SparkPeople and have felt confident sharing some of my successes with my closest friends. And some of my co-workers know about my fitness goals because I've shared that with them (my boss is very encouraging of my half marathon plans). People have noticed some changes in me and are very supportive. My biggest support is obviously on SP though (shout out to EBEAMS who always keeps me going). I have the best SP friends!

Your workout routine

Sunday – I live in a very walkable city so even though this is sometimes a "rest" day I walk at least a mile or so, depending on the weather.
Monday – At least 40 minutes of cardio (treadmill, maybe the bikes) and some strength training
Tuesday – I try to walk a couple of miles.
Wednesday – At least 40 minutes of cardio (treadmill or elliptical) and some sort of strength training
Thursday – 10 minutes on the treadmill followed by 60 minutes of Zumba
Friday – Rest day
Saturday – 45 minutes of cardio, strength training

I've been doing the Spring into Shape Boot Camp on SP and have been integrating the videos into my routine. I love, love, love the cardio kickboxing videos that Coach Nicole has. I'm definitely going to keep doing those after this boot camp is over.

What are your co-workers’/friends’/family’s reactions to your weight loss? Positive or negative?
Everything has been positive. I tend to try to downplay any changes but my closest people have definitely noticed and commented. My family hasn't really said anything but I haven't seen them in six months anyway.

Do you feel like you have given anything up over the course of this process?
I've given up a sedentary lifestyle. :) I'm way more active and it's improving my life in many ways.

Tell us what you ate today. Is this a typical meal plan for you? If not, what do you usually eat?
I'm on a very strict budget until Tuesday (a budget of $0) so I've only had Fiber One toaster pastries this morning. This is not typical. Usually I have Greek yogurt or a bialy and some fruit in the morning.

What are you doing to lose weight? Are you in a program or doing it on your own?
Sparkpeople! I’m really doing my own thing though and just using their tracking tools.

What is your ultimate weight loss/fitness goal? Describe what made you choose this as your ultimate goal?
My ultimate weight loss goal is to get down under 200 pounds, preferably in the 180s. This was the weight I was in high school (when I thought I was soooooooo fat but wasn't) and I know I look good at this weight.

Are you vegan or vegetarian? If so, how has it affected your life, weight loss-related or otherwise
Nope, and never will be.

What made you decide to get healthy?
It started when I got a a deal to join a gym for under the usual price. Then I stumbled upon SP and it just clicked with me. I have been on tons of diets in the past but nothing ever worked. This is real though; it's not a diet.

What do you allow yourself to indulge in? Candy, cake, alcohol, etc.? Why did you choose this as your indulgence?
I occasionally include alcohol into my lifestyle but I think I'm going to end that soon. I track it, and my favorite is Stoli Vanilla vodka with diet soda. I don’t drink soda otherwise, though. I know that continuing to drink is going to keep me from making any real progress.

If you have been on a weight-loss program, what is your favorite? If not, which one would you be on if you could?
I've been on Slim Fast, Nutri-System, Atkins and South Beach. I had the most success while on Atkins but that's only because I changed it and didn't eat high-fat foods. My weakness is carbs. I think what I'm doing currently (eating within a range and tracking my food) is the best thing for me.
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