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The infant's exercise program, or Exercise like a baby

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ok, I wrote this for the chair exercise group, and really, if you're not clinically "obese" it may not resonate with you, but for anyone who struggles for functionality when they exercise, maybe it will help you. I sure hope so.
Ok, this is a new thought for me, and I'd like to talk it out.
first though I'll give you some background so you can understand how i cam to this thought/plan. Also I'd like you to know right upfront. if this doesn't jive with you, let it go. It may not work for everyone, but it might start you thinking in a different direction.

First the background. I'm obese. like most, I wasn't always, and even when I was clinically obese, it didn't affect my activities most of the time. of course by preference I'm sedentary, I prefer carbs to other types of food, and I'm insulin resistant.
So I was running down the stairs in 2003, and my knee suddenly gave up the ghost. it folded sideways rather than frontwards, and suddenly I was disabled. I lay at the bottom of the stairs screaming and couldn't help myself for the first time since I was a child. I got crutches at the ER, then visits to an orthopedic surgeon, then therapy, and I was released.
I thought I was as good as I was going to get and I was sad. using a cane most of the time, doing exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee to support it. and I gradually began to fade. I kept loosing my train of thought, was unable to focus well enough to pay a bill, and by 2007 was spending most of my time in a recliner, and bed. finally diagnosed with uterine cancer and then when I went in for surgery I was also diagnosed with diabetes.

Since then I've been gradually gaining strength and clairity til last year it dawned on me that I used to be able to get down on the floor to play chutes and ladders or blocks with the grandkids and I couldn't get up from there anymore.
more cogitation made me realize that my core ws unable to lift me when I did get down. now this might be where you'd say. so don't get down and you won't have to get up, but that doesn't work, does it? Last winter I was taking two grandsons to the store to get something. maybe milk or maybe a coveted toy, and my foot slipped out from under me and *I was suddenly flat on my back. I lay there while three cars drove past like I was invisible and my grandsons played in the doorway of the van. when I finally got myself turned over, I still had to get over to the car to hoist myself off the ground. That was almost as hard as getting rolled over. I could barely lift my weight off of one leg to move it forward. and then the other. I slowly inched over to the car and used it to hoist myself off the ground.

SO I brought up the idea of strengthening my core to my doctor. Since I have a large hernia in my stomach, I can't do crunches so I thought I might be unable to help myself. but she had me get down on hands and knees and do cat stretches. and lift one arm and the diagonal leg up and balance that way. Today while doing this, I had a thought. I'm like a baby. I can't do a lot of things that I need to be able to do to function. So, why not start where I am, and practice what a baby would do. if I can't roll over, then I need to practice rolling over til it's easy. then practice getting up on hands and knees, and ROCK!! LOL then one hand and knee, then another, til I can creep across the floor. it's the Baby exercise program. and it could work for many people. LOL
today I did that. and it left me panting and my muscles a bit shaky. but if I do it again tomorrow like a baby would, I might be able to do it twice a day. and if I keep it up, I might not need a kitchen chair to pull myself up on. I might be able to get up from the MIDDLE of the floor!!
LOL it's such an exciting thought. to work in baby steps to learn the way a baby does to do the things a Baby can, and maybe someday I'll even be able to RUN!! or CLIMB!! wow, it blows my mind.
SO, if you want to try this, Go for it!! if it rings a bell, maybe it's a way to add more functionality to your life. I hope and pray so. I know if you've been told you're obese or even if you've ever injured yourself and couldn't function any longer, you'll understand where I'm coming from.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow! I can relate. I need to lose about 150 pounds and have diabetes and that abdominal hernia too. Maybe we are twins separated at birth! I'm going to give it a try! Thank you and God bless you!
    2507 days ago
  • KITTYF54
    I'm so glad. great minds think alike.
    2578 days ago
    Kitty you read my mind. I was thinking the same thing just this week when I had to get on the floor then had to get back up. Small steps,just one step at a time. Great blog, Great idea!
    2578 days ago
  • KITTYF54
    THANK you, you GET IT!! start with baby basics and work your way UP! thanks, everyone. That's what I meant!!.
    2578 days ago
    You're definitely on to something!
    2578 days ago
    I think you are on to something. The real base of exercising is core strength so it makes sense to start there. I am a preschool teacher and when I was hired 10 years ago I was asked how my knees were. (They were fine then and I could jump up off the floor without holding onto anything. Ten years later the story isn't quite the same. I can get up but it tskes a lot more effort.) I think I will work on core strength this summer. Thanks!
    2578 days ago
    Well, babies start with the basics and work up, so the idea is great!
    2579 days ago
    GUESS what you are doing YOGA. Cat and dog stretches are great and lying on your back and moving your legs will also help the core and legs. That was a brilliant idea. Go for it. I bought a VHS tape yeras ago called yoga for ROUND BODIES and those stretches and coat sleeves are in there. Coat sleeves are what little kids do. Put up your arms and twist a bit from side to side as if your coat sleeves were flapping in the breeze. GREAT idea. let me hear you are doing them easier in a few days time. Have FUN doing them too. HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon IDEA emoticon
    2579 days ago
    What a great idea! Like you I can not do the things I used to enjoy. I dread the thought of finding myself on the floor, or in a low chair or sofa. It is almost impossible to get myself upright. But taking it one step at a time, like an infant....that I can do. Just spending a little time every day could strengthen my core muscles. Thanks for sharing, and inspiring me.
    2579 days ago
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