28 days ... New foods, new habits, new fun

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I think I'm pretty adventurous as far as trying new foods. I'll try pretty much anything. During the past 28-day challenge we tried many "new-to-me" foods and different recipes.
1. I think it must have started with bee pollen...

I'll admit, at first I sure didn't like it!! But I think it's because I stirred into my oatmeal... made it taste like it was steeped in herbal tea. The next time I took other people's advice and just ate it directly from a spoon, and I find I quite like it. Not sure if I'll get any more though... It's kind of expensive, but if I see a big difference in my energy level after I stop taking it, I certainly will. Shannon gave bee pollen a BIG Thumbs Down! emoticon

2. Quinoa

I did have this once before... but it was yuck. This is the first time I gave it an honest try. And I liked it!! I prefer brown rice actually, but it's nice for a change, or mixed in. Shannon prefers the quinoa.

3. Coconut Water

I've heard so much about this but I'd never seen it or tried it, so I got some, and LOVED it!! Too expensive though. Probably won't have it again. Shannon like it too.
4. Almond milk

Didn't try the Original. Chocolate was okay... Vanilla??? OMG MMMMMMMmmmm!!! We both LOVE this!!

5. PB2

I LOVE this too!! Use a spoonful in my protein shake. Shannon didn't try it... I'm happy... all the more for me.

6. pop chips

Again, heard a lot about these. Tried them... very good. Shannon likes them better than regular potato chips, and so do I.

7. Edemame

This vegetable is awesome!! So much protein! and so tasty! Thumbs up from both of us.

8. Bok Choy

Again, I think I may have eaten this before... but it's not something I've eaten in a long time... Very good (but not something regular for me... too much vit. K. I'll make it more often for Shannon)

9. Sweet Potato Hummus

So Good!! Garlicky but sweet!!

I LOVE the foods from the Summer Fresh company! It's new stuff that's recently been introduced in our town and people are really loving it. I bought these a couple of times for snacks...

10. Multigrain pita crisps

These are awesome with sweet potato hummus, or chili!!

Okay... that's enough pics of new foods. I know there were more, not even including the new recipes, but I think you have seen photos of those on other blogs.

As far as new habits and new fun. We are eating 5 times a day with proper portions, and for the most part that works for us. Shannon has discovered that he likes foods he thought he didn't like, such as hummus, black beans, white beans and cottage cheese.

He also discovered that he and I can have fun cooking together. He chops veggies and takes cooking direction well. And he loves to photograph all the delicious results. It's been a lot of fun. Fun we totally plan to continue.
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