Could I get a little privacy please?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One day I will again have privacy. Time alone even. The other day I was thinking about how the only time I have alone is when I am riding the train to work and then I realized that the train is actually full of people and it is sad that I think that is my time alone!

I guess I do actually have a little time alone. When I am running. But that is some serious work just in order to have some time alone...and if you don't think that is one of the reasons I run you've not got a very good grasp on living with tiny little people. I only have two of them...I cannot imagine people who have four or six of them!

This all really occurred to me this morning when, through the fogged up door of the shower I could just make out the image of a tiny person lurking over by the bathtub eating a salami sandwich and gazing at me. (no...not some creepy neighbor thankfully but rather little Liam) My bathroom time is, apparently his bathroom time. He has some sort of radar that goes off when I go in there. If I am on the toilet he will come in and cheerfully inquire as to whether I am "going poo poo or pee pee". He says it while sort of cocking his head and looking really interested. He will then offer to get me the correct amount of toilet paper for the task like some kind of tiny (really) personal assistant. However, a normal personal assistant would not break down in tears and throw themselves on the floor if I forgot to let them flush for me. At least I don't think that they would...I've never had a personal assistant before.

We have two doors to our bathroom. It seems like if I do ever get him sent out one of the doors on some kind of mission like telling him "I think Daddy has food..." then, who comes in the other bathroom door but Quintessa. She is chattering on telling me things like ”I was waiting just outside the door. I thought Liam would never leave. Good move telling him that daddy has food! Why are your legs so prickly? Ooooh is that makeup?”

It just never ends.
…I can be sleeping and a small child will show up breathing in my face asking me if I am awake and wondering if I can get them cheese at like one in the morning!

…As I am getting Liam ready to go to barnehage after breakfast he likes to smell my breath and then guess what I have just been eating.

…Quintessa likes to choose my clothes for the day and if I let her I would be wearing a full length evening gown with shiny flowered black rain boots and a big red sun hat to work.

…I often wonder how many calories are actually in my bowl of museli…I will never know because Liam heads right over to it with a spoon to share with me every time I pour myself a bowl!

I do remind myself that this will not go on forever. One day I will get to take a tub with out having someone hang over the side asking me if I need any bath toys and then just staying to ask me random questions and splash their hands around. I will one day eat an entire apple. One day my children will not be intrigued and full of questions when I pass gas. I know this and yet sadly, I also realize that along with this they will probably not run giggling into my arms when I pick them up at school or snuggle into my robe every morning…holding my hand won’t be a necessity. When I get tired and grumpy from the lack of time alone and having no privacy I will try to remember this and relish the abundance of attention that I get right now. …but still. it would be nice to do a plank exercise without someones face appearing and grinning up at me between my hands!
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    Beautiful post! You made me smile many times!

    I think you are right about personal assistants! emoticon
    3397 days ago
    I've been there! The coolest thing is years later when they are teens and drape themselves over you while walking with you. People said they will ignore you in front of their friends... I think because I laid the groundwork when they were little that we could talk about anything,that is why they brought their friends to ask my opinion! Enjoy the silliness and don't forget to write the stories in their journals. They will enjoy them years from now... okay, some of the stories!
    3398 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6994021
    Aww, yes, it would be nice, and aww, yes, the time will come! Good to remember that life will not always have these moments. I am there, watching my daughter have these moments and missing them much! I do remember sitting on the floor and my three little ones running to me like puppies to their mother. Now when our older children come home for a visit, they do things together and we are not always included, what's with that??? :)

    Loved the blog!!
    3401 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    What a wonderful blog.....
    I remember those moments, when I really needed some me time.....I look back now, as mine are flying the coop
    I agree with Vhalkerie, save this, and savour it in years to come, when they go through the bashful stage
    Oh, and you can always regale their future partners with it....holding that little black idea might make it easier to bear lol
    3405 days ago
    I second SCREWIE & ASPEN ... I get a taste every couple weeks when we have our Lissy weekends (and worked resident camp for a few crazy-awesome summers), but you are far more tolerant than I can fathom! Might have something to do with love, I'll wager ;)
    3405 days ago
  • TERRYT55
    Thanks for a great blog and bringing back memories of my kids when they were little.
    My grandkids follow me into the bathroom now! I'm off to bed with a smile.
    3405 days ago
    This is such a lovely blog!

    It makes me wish I had children and at the same time be very grateful I don't emoticon
    3406 days ago
    What a sweet blog!

    It sounds as if Liam is getting ready to train. Bet you won't be sorry to see the end of diapers.

    Relish every one of these moments. They were all too few with my kids.
    3406 days ago
    Oh, how funny and so true! My "baby" is now 21, but I remember back once when I actually threatened to go rent a room at the hotel near us just to take a bath uninterrupted! Loved your writing. Thank you for bring back some warm memories! ~ Tobi
    3406 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8066537
    Wow! My kitties are my children and they follow my everywhere! One day when we have human children I'll get this experience! Thanks for sharing and I do hope you get some "ME TIME" soon! "Mommy's Day out"
    3406 days ago
    Awwwwww! Wow did that stir up memories! You are smart to be conscious of how sweet this time is (although I totally sympathize with the desire for a privacy break!).
    3406 days ago
  • ERIN4771
    well..obviously you know i don't have kids, but i was a nanny and remember many a time she would throw herself against the bathroom door in a fit because i was going potty...not a pretty sight i assure you, quite the drama i can sympathize with you a little emoticon's hard finding that balance as a parent i think, when you enjoy your children, and the joy they bring you, but yet still want to take a shower without being gawked are funny, no boundaries, no question too weird, i would say embrace it for what it's worth, because we tend to lose those inhibitions as we age, something about society finding us weird or something emoticon ......and honestly, your kids are so d*mn cute, it would be hard not to answer any questions, or share an apple with them emoticon ......
    3406 days ago
    I was just thinking this very thing last two are 17 and 19 and I so well remember the days of no privacy! It was only yesterday, of course. I treasure every day with the little squirts because they will be out of the nest soon. I hug my 6'4" son and tell him "you KNOW I'm gonna be calling you Boogs when you are 40"....
    Your kids sound just adorable. Full of personality just like you. emoticon
    3407 days ago
    Save this blog, and remember it when they are teenagers! ;) But it does sound like you need a little breathing room. Wish I knew what to suggest.

    The cats get very curious when I do plank exercises, too! The fluffy one especially likes to walk under my plank, then tickles my nose with her fluffy tail. Annoying, but probably one day when she is old, I'll probably remember it more fondly than I do now.
    3407 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/25/2011 6:52:29 PM
    I have absolutely no idea how you do it! You should be proud of yourself every single day. I am being serious AND you should be able to schedule in some alone time. Is that too much to ask for? I have no idea as I do not have kids.

    Mom2Piper is delving into this area a bit I think. She recently came to the conclusion that she may need a massage more often than originally thought. There just has to be some solution for you too. At least once a week. : )
    3407 days ago
  • DJ_514
    Excellent blog. Your children do sound delightful, even if they don't let you have any time to yourself. They sound like little cuties for sure.

    My son and daughter are in their mid-20s and making their own ways in the world. I sure miss the precious moments when they were young, wide-eyed and full of curiosity. What I wouldn't give to spend more time with them now, but they are busy doing this and that. The house is so very quiet now, the pitter patter of little feet in the middle of the night is just the dog making his nightly rounds to make sure all is well.

    Your blog brought out some very good memories for me and made me smile this afternoon. Thanks and hang in there, your little ones will be grown far too soon and you'll be looking back and smiling like I am now, remembering the precious moments when you had your little mini bathroom assistant and mini wardrobe consultant.
    3407 days ago
  • IONA72
    My girls are both teenagers now and I love my time alone when the house is empty, but I also miss their company and energy when they are away too long! Those younger years fly by so enjoy them while you can! emoticon
    3407 days ago
    You write so well...from your heart...about your life!
    I could picture...more than I should have! LOL!
    Really, you do have a way with words. And you are so correct. This time now will go so fast. They will be teenagers in a students, soon after that. Then off to some internship across the country (or world?) and then you can go and visit them!
    Love your stories, you have a blessed life! I do wish you some 'alone time' - it's healthy! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3407 days ago
    I dont have children but I have 13 neices and nephews....I really liked you sense of humor...
    3407 days ago
    Love your attitude (and your wallpaper)!
    3407 days ago
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