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Hot-Air Balloon Ride at 55 !!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Actually, those two things both happened today! Yet, neither happened today!
What am I talking about this time?

Well, I *hope and dream* to take a Hot-Air Balloon ride some day. My ideal dream would be to go to the huge Hot-Air Balloon festival in Albuquerque. Call it a bucket-list item of mine. So how did I take that balloon ride in a basket? Vicariously, through another Sparker!! Oh yeah!! People living their dreams, making things happen for themselves. In this case, it's a couple, and they are taking this journey side-by-side, no stopping them! I have the feeling she'll be ziplining, oh, about this time next year! Anyway, for a real treat:

So that's how I got up there for the view. It's an interesting thing, a different perspective.... It can highlight the things I've simply never noticed before, expand the slice of my heart that is devoted to making my life, and the lives of my family and friends better. A different perspective also can more fully cement those things we hold most true. I remember the words from my critical thinking professor: "Be the rusty weathervane! Don't swing wildly with every slight breeze, but be open to the stronger winds of new information, new ideas..." I liked that. Your core values become stronger as your mind opens to new ideas, allowing you to bend without breaking!

OK, let's deal with the next part. Some of my friends here know my age and FIFTY-FIVE AIN'T IT!! But for a very small slice of time this morning, I was a 55-year-old. Now, I don't have the slightest thing against being 55, kinda cool numbers - two 5's and all, but it's the way I got there!

I am back in college, working toward moving from software engineer to health information technology/health information management. LOVING IT, BTW! Anyway, I have to go full-time which means Summer I and Summer II. Five weeks each, and the course material that is taught normally over the span of a semester is inhaled at great speed. That's cool. I have one heavy lifting class, Anatomy and Physiology I (dissecting tomorrow in lab - GAH!). My other class, which is required, is a public speaking class. No problem, 26 years in the work force included plenty o' presentations and I even taught technical classes (to customers!). So today is the first day for this class, we did normal first day things and then she paired us up so we could do a warm-up speech, introducing our new classmate. My buddy is a delightful young fella, we interviewed each other for our bio's, and then he asked, "How old are you?" (Yeah, as I said.... he's young yet...) I joked back, "I don't think we need to include that!" He said, "How about if I guess!?"
emoticon Well, hahaha on me!!
My thoughts immediately went to, "You know, self, you've lost 29.5 pounds since January 10th. You're looking pretty good. Go ahead, let him guess..." so I agreed.

He Laid Six More Years On Me - not counting the three months it'll take to get to 49!!

May I have a "GAH!!!" ??!!!!!!!!! How about "Ouch!" ?!!! Pfffffft, there goes the vanity out the window.
I think I said something along the lines of, "WHAT???!!!! NO! I AM *NOT* 55!!"
Him: "Oh, well, your kids are grown and 26 years in the workforce and all. I just tried to add it all up. (pause) Sorry?"
** during the earlier exchange, he'd said his major is Criminal Justice **
Me: "I think you just made your first "bust", kid... 'cause that was a BUST!"

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome! Thanks for sharing the link to the Balloon Ride and I am glad it inspired you. Hope to inspire others too.

    Yeah, letting others guess weight is never good. My former boss once told me that another co-worker of mine just didn't understand us older folks. Hmmm, the other co-worker was 35 and I was 37 but my boss is in his 50's... Just how old did I look? This of course was when I was in the 400 lb range. Hopefully I am looking more my age now.
    3063 days ago
    Okay, HOW did I miss this!?!?!?! Thanks so much for linking to our video. I'm glad it was inspiring to you and I highly recommend it. It was just so beautiful and the reaction from people is priceless. They look at you like some kind of daredevil.

    Tell that young punk to shove it and for future refernce, NEVER let a man guess your age! I was talked to a guy when I was 31 and about 40 lbs from my highest weight and he said "you're what, 38, 39, you've got time to start your own business!" I said "I AM 31 THANKYOUVERYMUCH!" That's when I confirmed my weight really was aging me because I know he was trying to be polite because he actually thought I was 40.
    3063 days ago
  • ELLIE381
    Melly another great blog. You really grab my attention with your great writing. Fun!!

    Enjoyed watching the hot air balloon video. Beautiful!

    You are so brave to change your life. Going back to school and doing such a wonderful job on your weigh loss at the same time.

    You are an inspiration to us all! Way to go! emoticon
    3069 days ago
    I just KNOW I told ya how I just love the way you write. LOVE it!

    The hot air balloon ride sounds like fun-floating along across the skies...*sigh*

    The poor 'kid'-Ha!Shoulda' told him he needs to take another math class..;)

    I admire you so for going back to college;changing your life style for a healthier happier you. Its wonderful Melly! emoticon
    3069 days ago
    This is one of those times when you think of the perfect thing to say well after the "offending" event has occurred. "Gosh, I thought you were 16 and brilliant for your age. Now I know you're just average for your age." Anyway, I am glad you took it in stride because that's a teachable moment for him and a teflon moment for you (just let it slide.) I love the balloon ride and rusty windvane advice. All I know is that people look a lot younger to me now than they did when I was younger. Ha! Perspective. It changes.
    3070 days ago
    That hot air balloon ride looked cool!! It's on my bucket list too.

    You do not look 55! But perception is skewed - remember when fifty sounded old? Now it's not old at all!! Now twenty something seems like a baby! It's all perception....
    3070 days ago
    How did I miss this blog?! Oh, geez, Melly. Young people are so CLUELESS these days! You look NO WHERE near 55!

    I loved this whole concept of seeing things from different perspectives...very nice. Thanks for sharing with us. are totally going to take down the summer classes. Go get 'em!
    3070 days ago
    OOh, You opened yourself up for that one, lmao. Bet next time you will drop the true numbers right out there. But truly when I was young i thought people were old who are younger than I am now.
    The ballon videa was neat.
    Have fun with the rat.
    3072 days ago
  • LORT-C
    Oh how funny. Just remember to all those young ones we look older and now you have something to hand over him the rest of this summer session.

    Hot air balloon sounds fun. They fly over us every so often. They start out one of the wineries that are here and depending on the breeze they don't always end up where they plan to go but always arrive safely. Have fun when you do it! emoticon
    3072 days ago
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