I Had An EKG today!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


If you ever want to freak out an entire doctor's office, walk into Urgent Care and tell them you have been having periodic chest pain for most of the morning. Boy, do you get in fast.

And so starts my story. I do something called chronic hyperventilation. Have you ever seen someone have a panic attack? I over breathe throughout the day and have done so for many years, much of it based on anxiety. Because of this, I have costochondritis-inflammation of my chest wall. Periodically, that causes me to get chest pain in one area or another like the top of my ribcage. Anyway, this morning, I started having a little pain about half way up my chest and to the left. A sharp pain. I didn't think much of it, because I get a pain there every once in a while, have been told it is costochondritis, etc.

I proceeded to walk 2.5 miles, do my weight training, and 10 minutes of kickboxing. Although it was aggravating me, my exercise went fine. I took a couple Tylenol, hoping that would help, went on to my shower and got ready for lunch. By this time, I was a little more worried, because often the pain there doesn't last that long, and by this time, it had been about four hours of off and on pain. I was talking to my dad about it, and he told me next time I go to the doctor that maybe I should have my heart looked at. I went in to full blown panic attack mode. Managed to get a few bites of lunch down before I just got tired of it all and went in to Urgent Care to be on the safe side.

Just getting over my panic attack, they first called me into the back room to make sure it wasn't a full blown emergency. (At this point, other than the pain, I felt fine). Did my blood pressure and oxygen and all that, everything was totally normal. Sent in a real life doctore (which is pretty good considering I was in UC) and took my oxygen levels twice more which continued to be fine. He listened to my chest and then told me that he's gonna have me do an EKG.

That's when I was trying really hard not to freak out. All I could think of was that I'm 29 and dying and started to have another panic attack. He had told me it was probably nothing, but he just wanted to be on the safe side, and it would make me feel better. It made sense, but at that point in time, I was not feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Had my EKG, figured it wasn't an emergency, because they had me wait ten more minutes to see the doctor again. He came in and said my EKG was fine (thank GOD!!!) although he did notice that my heart rate was up.

He thought it could have been from my thyroid, because I am on medicine for it. I told him that I am required to have it checked once a year, so it could be that, but let him know I was really freaking out and he understood immediately. He said that being I am 29, it is unlikely that I was having trouble. He also said he felt a lot better knowing the EKG was normal and that when he pressed down on my chest, it really, really hurt (which is a costochondritis symptom). I also told him through all of this I had gotten through a pretty extensive 1.5 hour workout which seemed to seal the deal for him, because he said there would have been no way it would have happened had I a bad issue.

I don't know if it is possible, but I could literally feel my blood pressure lower. When you are in a state of anxiety, you know it. Although my blood pressure was only 130/80 during a panic attack, I kind of wished they would have taken it one more time so I could see how good it really was.

So I am in pain, not helped because I am constantly pushing on the area, which was sore to begin with but now hurts like heck. I am a much less worried about the situation, although I am supposed to kind of keep an eye on it. What a day.

Other than the fact that everything was ok, I managed to lose 2 more pounds since Saturday!! emoticon I had taken Saturday off, so I was really surprised, but I think I will wait to update my ticker.

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    My stress level and blood pressure are like BFFs, where one goes so does the other. I'm glad the EKG was normal.
    2889 days ago
    Oh wow how scary! I'm really happy that your EKG came back normal and everything. I hope you aren't in pain for too much longer. I also get panic attacks every now and then so I totally know how you are feeling regarding the blood pressure. Get better soon and congrats on the 2lb loss! :)
    2889 days ago
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