1.53 miles into my goal

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ok, so my goal is to walk 8 miles a week. That doesn't seem like a whole lot, but to someone who hasn't really walked much in quite a few years (and who doesn't really have too much time to squeeze it in) it is quite a challenge. So, I made a pact with my children that we were going to walk the neighborhood every night, either after dinner or while it's in the oven, except Mondays and Tuesdays. Those days we are at Girl Scout meetings, so we don't even get home until 7:30 to 8!! Based on the walk we did today, it's approximately 40 minutes, right now, for us to walk the neighborhood. Get home at 6 pm, start dinner, eat, by 7 or 7:15 we should be out the door to walk around. Get back about 8, baths, bedtime for the girls 8:30 (in my dreams lol). So totally doable, right! emoticon At least summer's coming up and the girls don't have to get up to get ready for school, just going to their aunt's.
The walk today was fun. Kali, my oldest, is still trying to figure out the whole inline skating thing. Yeah, most of the first half of our walk was her holding on to me for dear life! Bless her heart, she is trying so hard! Debra, my middle child, was sick yesterday. She told the people at her extended day class that she didn't feel well. Thank God I was going to pick her up early, because she puked right in my van on the way home. Of course, we had to go to my nephew's graduation last night. We never made it. She puked again and we called it off. I didn't think she would have made the two hour trip. emoticon So, today, she's feeling a bit better, and walked with us half way. My youngest, Alexis, took her scooter, but returned it about half way because she didn't feel like taking it anymore! We've tried bicycles before, but the same thing, they don't want to take them the whole trip. C'est la vie, maybe they'll take their items the whole trip when mommy gets her bike!
Well, I think I've officially cooled off after our walk in the heat. The van's temperature gauge read 100 outside at about 4pm. Yikes! I know that's not the actual temperature, but it definately was close! Gotta run and put more clothes on the line. Yes, I do hang my clothes outside, one for a bit more exercise, and two for the wonderful savings in our electric bill! We've also started turning off the air conditioning if we are not at home during the day. Ugh, it's hot when we get home, but hoping to save a bit more in the end. Now, if I could just get the kids and hubby to turn off all the lights when they leave the room...
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    It is a great snack for after a workout or healthy activity because you have good carbs and proteins!!!!! good luck on the walking- keep letting us know how it goes!!!
    3683 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    most definately! my nephew is autistic, so i definately know where you're coming from. he went through phases of only eating mcdonald's chicken nuggets and another time only eating pbj sandwiches, pb on the bottom slice, and jelly on the top slice, but the two were never to meet! (bread, pb, bread, jelly) we have to be creative to get our kids to eat sometimes, but sometimes, they surprise me. they love fresh veges and fruit. i might try that rice cake smiley face, sounds delish!
    3684 days ago
    I try to do silly things- like yesterday we each had two rice cakes with all natural no sugar added peanut butter and we used raisins to make smiley faces. My son is really weird about textures of food (he is autistic) so snacks are a little tough- but all we can do is the best we can right? :)
    3684 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    thank you :) yeah, my oldest is the one really urging me to walk. the other two, could just jump on the "tramp" as the 5 year old calls it! lol
    we are trying, though the kids keep wanting snacks. of course, they could snack on yogurt and freezie pops and cheese just the same as a piece of chocolate cake. sometimes other kids think it's weird that they like the healthier stuff that much. i really have to work on my hubby, though. it'll be a challenge. though, if i keep bananas and pineapples in the house, he's happy!
    3684 days ago
    I have an idea- this might help both. Great idea turning the air off when you are not home, how about this. Come home flip the air on and the whole family take a walk for 15-30 minutes. The house will be cool when you get back :) Another idea is get the kids excited about health. Even if there is a reward for them. I tell my son this- for every hour of TV you want to watch you have to do something active with mommy for _____ amount of time. Make it a trade off. I was never an active child and my parents did force me to be which is why I think I struggle now. So just let the girls know that things might be changing and they may not like it at first however it is for their own benefit to get healthy and happy to live long wonderful lives. I have a 5 year old so this doesn't always work- so we just move on to- Because I said so and if you don't there will be no _____(insert childes favorite thing here)
    But besides being worried about the family- be proud!!! You are on the way to your goal and that is awesome!!! That is what matters. Also if getting out is not easy for you rent some work out DVD's. The library has hundreds for FREE!!! Also there are some fun yoga ones that the kids can do with you- it can be a contest to see who is closest to the person demonstrating. And to get hubby involved he can be the judge:) You are doing a great job. Feel free to ignore my advise (sometimes I ignore peoples because it just won't work for me) But I am just trying to offer what helped me. Good luck and I look forward to more blogs.

    emoticon emoticon WOW LOOK AT YOU WALKING! emoticon emoticon
    3684 days ago
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