"Nothing Tastes As Good As Fit Feels"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A few days ago I heard the line: Nothing tastes as good as fit feels! And it's stuck in my head! I love it! For me, I find it's a quick and simple reminder... when I'm about to indulge or being faced with temptation. Like yesterday at work, some coworkers were going out for ice cream and offered... Um, no thanks! I've had a really great week - personally. I could have done more workouts. But overall, I say my week was certainly successful and exciting too! Someone said to me this week - "Where's the rest of you!?" and commented on how good I'm looking -- I'm not used to this kind of attention yet. And a coworker passed by behind me yesterday at work and she tapped my hips and said "Looking thin!"... It feels good! I am noticing and seeing and feeling the changes myself too. It's wild! I'm doing it - getting fit! Exciting! I'm very pumped to hit the gym on Tuesday and meet with the Coordinator who will help me start running. It calls to me, and draws me in - so I'm going to give it a shot! But in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my long weekend and not rush through it.

Addy and I have a rematch going for total fitness minutes this week, Saturday to Saturday. I find competition extremely motivating so this rocks! It's on Addy!!! ;)

Gotta go, I'm hitting the gym in a half hour!

Happy Saturday All!
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