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From 278 Pounds to Triathlete (Well, Tomorrow...)

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm so excited that the big day is finally here!

I was worried that I would be so nervous and anxious today, the day before the triathlon. I'm happy to report, however, that I'm only excited and ready to go! I feel so ready after this training program. My coaches were just amazing, as were my fellow triathletes-in-training. What a great way to celebrate 138 pounds lost! :-)

So here's the numbers. Since January, I've been averaging about 20 miles of running a week, 4 miles of swimming a week, and about 50-60 miles of biking a week. Since the end of March, I also added in 3 days a week of weight lifting, have worked myself up from being able to do 7 push-ups to being able to do 50, and have done yoga 2-3 times a week. I lost 15 more total pounds and changed my body composition dramatically. I've gone from a size 10-12 to a size 6 (I was a size 24 when this journey all began!). I've improved my bike pace by 4 mph, improved my swim pace by about 20%, and taken my 5k time from about 30:15 (my Turkey Trot time--Thanksgiving Day) to 26:18 (my 5k time on my race April 30th). Exciting stuff!

But more important than that, I've had a total blast, made new friends, learned more about fitness and fueling for fitness, and gained more comfort and confidence in my body as it is. What a great way to celebrate the journey I've been on for the past 20 months! I feel so blessed that I get to do what I'm doing tomorrow!

I've stayed pretty mum about my journey on facebook, but I've recently opened up and shared my weight loss and that I'm attempting to complete a triathlon tomorrow. I don't talk much about sparkpeople or anything there, but feel free to find me there (by searching for Melissa Moore Fowler or my email Also, if you have any interest in keeping track of me tomorrow, the race director is using this nifty little feature where you can supposedly sign up for "real time" updates about my progress during the triathlon via email or text message. If you go to this website (
ab=confirmed_athletes ) and find me by my last name (Fowler), you can sign up for updates and support me "virtually." Two dislcaimers though: 1) I make no guarantees about how well or even IF this will work, ha. 2) I'm not looking to break any time records tomorrow, so no judgments! The goal for tomorrow is to finish and finish strong and uninjured. :-) I'm expecting to finish the swim in about 25 minutes (depending on how crowded my heat is), the bike in just over an hour, and the run in about 28 minutes. But finishing is the real goal!

Thanks so much for your support through it all, sparkfriends! I'm going to go enjoy my "rest day"--quotation marks because there's so much (fun) stuff to get done today!

Feeling grateful and excited!

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