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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I posted an ad yesterday on a local site basically looking for someone who runs that would be interested in helping me learn. I was more or less looking for someone to guide me, and support me but I wasn't looking for a price tag attached to this as I don't have a lot of 'extra' money. I had intended on perhaps meeting at my gym to be safe, and figure it out from there. Anyway, my ad has been viewed 35 times, and I've had only one reply which was from a personal trainer. I totally respect that her job is training, and as such there is obviously a fee for her services. I replied to her basically stating such, and indicated that I'd be interested in further discussing her services and fees etc. It got me wondering though what all the pros and cons are to having a personal trainer. Are the services rendered actually 'worth it'? And what are the typical rates for this?

I'm kind of curious if anyone reading this has had (or does have) a personal trainer and could offer me some information based on your personal experiences???
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    i had a trainer, although it can get pricey, IF YOU FOLLOW WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO, its worth it! i had a great experience with it and you learn a lot. but if your not in it 100 % your wasting your time and money.
    perks were, there was someone waiting on me so on days when i didnt feel like working out i knew i had to get there.
    i learned all the machines at the gym and then the free weights
    i was so much stronger, got tonner, lost 80 obs, saw so many positive changes. my trainer got me into running and soon i was doing 5k's. my trainer changed up my eating, she looked at my food logs every session or weekly if i was there alot, she kept me on track and if i hit a slump she would change things up for me. well worth it!! when i had training it was a couple hundred bucks for X amount of sessions, but i know all places are different. where i am, you cant expect to get PERSONALLY training under $300. but they also have group training (in buffalo) too. usually small groups and that cuts the price in half, its the same training just you have to spilt up the attention with a few other people,which is fine with me.
    good luck!!
    do you belong to a gym where you can post a flyer up that your looking for a buddy to meet up with at the gym??

    2891 days ago
    I signed up for 10 Training Sessions and am/was so glad that I did. Not only did he help me learn the machines and guide me through stretching sequences, he was a blast to work with. The one thing I got from him, that I could not have gotten on my own was that he pushed me past my comfort zone. I'm not a quitter or lightweight, it's just that I didn't get just how far I could actually go. It was $25 a session but worth every penny.
    He still gives me guidance once in a while and once I'm over this latest health challenge I'd love to work with him again.

    A couple of tips:
    I was flexible - since I'm not working, my schedule was a little more open. But when he didn't call or show up a couple of times I was assertive about my money and time.
    If he didn't work me the full 30 minutes, I didn't grumble. I figured he knew how I was doing with a particular work out and I just trusted he wasn't cheating me.(This was only a matter of minutes though.)
    I had seen him for a long time so I knew his style and thought it fit my persoanlity. I think that was important for me. He likes to have fun with it and so do I.
    Good luck! Oh yea, don't forget to check credentials. You definitely want someone who has training, education & experience. Tish emoticon
    2891 days ago
    I have a personal trainer at the gym. It was one of those - you get two sessions free and then yeah, I ended up signing up for more. I enjoy having a trainer. For me, I utilize my trainer for strength training sessions. I feel like I can do ok on cardio myself, but I am so clueless when it comes to how to strength train. There are like 3 machines I can figure out on my own, and the rest I'm not so sure.

    I haven't dropped a ton of pounds since working with a trainer, but I can tell you I sure am getting toned and a lot stronger.

    I really feel that my trainer has been worth it. It is way expensive, but I have already considered trying to come up with ways to pay for more sessions when mine run out in July.
    2892 days ago
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