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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have had so many great health related accomplishments lately that I should be proud and overjoyed by how far I’ve come. However, I cannot celebrate because the scale hasn’t budged. I continue to let the scale be my main indicator of success even though I know it’s not the best measurement. My clothes fit better, my running distances are getting longer and I physically feel myself getting stronger. Despite those great achievements I can’t get past the scale being stuck somewhere between 193.6 and 195.5 since mid-April.

Currently, according to my WW weigh-in last Friday, I am at 194.4. I wanted to get into the 180s by my first June weigh-in (6/3) but the way this month is going, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. When I started, losing weight was so easy. I only tracked about 50% of the time and I was easily dropping 1.5 lbs a week. My running was picking up the slack in my food intake. Well, as my body gets used to running, I can’t eat endlessly anymore and I’m having a hard time with that fact.

I love eating. I love food. It’s my hobby and my passion. I cook 5-6 nights a week. I could spend hours on food blogs and recipe sites. I read restaurant reviews the way people read books. However, I love it so much that I can’t slow down. Moderation is tough for me when the meal is really good. Heck, sometimes moderation is tough for me when the food is terrible. It’s a battle I’ve been fighting forever and right now I feel like its winning. Couple my love of food with my tendency to emotionally eat and you’ve got how I’ve ended up at almost 230 lbs.

I sound like a broken record but I need to get better with a) tracking and b) staying within my WW points. I’m usually fairly ok on the weekdays but on the weekends it all just blows up. We go out to lunch. We go to parties. I do long runs (which leave me ravenous). There’s alcohol and desserts and reasons to celebrate. I know I have 49 extra points and I just assume they will cover my less than healthy meals. They don’t.

I need to keep working on it. This isn’t an easy fix. I have 30 years of bad habits I need to overcome. I have emotional issues I need to face. I have successes in my running that I need to celebrate. I know I need to keep tabs on the scale. When I don’t weigh in regularly, I tend to stray even farther off course. A scale-free month will result in disaster. Despite that, I cannot let the scale define me either.

I will reach my goals of a healthy BMI, a wardrobe that doesn’t come from the plus sized section and closet full of race t-shirts. I just need to keep learning, keep plugging along and keep tracking, even when the tracking results show how poorly I’ve eaten.

It's going to time and work but I WILL get there.
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    I smiled when you said moderation is sometimes hard for you even if the food isn't good... I can completely relate! Congratulations on not giving up, even when the scale gets discouraging.
    3166 days ago
    Wow, GOOD FOR YOU!!! I totally feel you on the eating/cooking/foodie thing! But the fact that your clothes are fitting better, you're gaining health and your times are getting better--those are HUGE strides! You're doing great! I applaud you on the tracking and counting points!

    But here's a sparker that I ALWAYS think of whenever I hear the word 'plateau'! I think she's been on the same plateau since forever, but she's gone down I think 5 sizes!

    3166 days ago
    I also love to cooking and eat! Running has made a HUGE difference in my strength, endurance and inches lost however not alot is showing on the scale. I am also revamping my food habits, sodium intake and getting more weight/strength training in. You are right are so much more then a number on a scale! Be proud of your accomplishment and NSV (non scale victories) emoticon
    3166 days ago
  • JULIE2719
    You can do this! Add some weight training and the scale will move in time. I was not tracking my weight, just occasionally checking out the scale (which never budged) and then I added a trainer who kicks my butt once a week. I have gotten so strong. At first I still did not lose any weight, but after about 2 months of hard work and building muscle the scale suddenly moved, and is slowly continuing to move down. I still do not let the scale define me or define success. Your 8 mile run is a huge success.

    When you know you will be going out - look for the restaurant nutrition facts and pick what you will eat based on that - it really helped me one night when I knew we would be going to Olive Garden. I didn't eat a single bread stick, I ordered what I had planned, and I learned that my favorite soup was a better choice nutritionally than the salad! Go figure - for once what I really like is actually the better choice!
    3166 days ago
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