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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i decided to look at my tracker. i know i'm not moving down and in fact and fighting to re-lose the weight i gained recently. i hit 177 barely for a few days. but it teetered. and then i fell off the wagon pretty much and gained up to ? not sure.the scales i use (including gym) have been screwy. so up to 187/186 as of friday (today is monday) (well its technichally tuesday but i have to go to sleep still) then today it said 184... then who knows... ?? i am hopeing when i weigh myself in a few more days it will continue to go down.
i'm working very hard at the gym. i am catching up on this season of BL and i'm at week 10 now. i see the girls are pretty much in my wieght zone.(a lot of them) and i think boy they did sooo much! but still look so fat! thats what i look like! so there's a lot more effort and determination that i need to put forth.
i wish for a couple weeks with trainers like bob and jillian. to push me and to tell me what to do next at the gym and for how long. though if i use my brain i am sure i can make up a great plan for the day.
i am facing reality. no bob or jillian is gonna be here to push me. i need to find it in myself. and try some classes too, to change things up.
i am blessed with a gym membership. so i am back to going i went fri sat sun and monday and plan on going today too. i am finding my stamina is still in tact even though i bailed on the gym for a couple weeks. and in fact i am ready to be pushed more. today i did cardio, weights, some floor work and then went to zumba for an hour. and i could have done more.
i am hoping to see the target the red line on my tracker says i should be at now. 160 pounds. i am wayyyy off... yehh like 25 pounds off.
i think i'll do a clense in a week or so. for like 3 days and do a small like 5 day "diet" to reset my body. but all in all i know its just trying to eat good each and every day.
i hope i can offically log 177 on my tracker soon and continue on with the journey to 160 and below! this 177 has been haunting me. and i want to get sooo far past it that a 5 pound increase cant even touch it.
thanks for stopping by to read this. if you have any ideas to jump start this i would love to lose 5 pounds in a week. for a change. just to get things rolling again. :) take care!
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    i am on show 11 now! i didnt want to know who the final four were i already heard irene name tossed around though. darn. i have a lot of shows left to catch up on.

    thanks for reading my blabberings.. lol thanks for the encouragment! :) yeh i need to eat a balanced meal and i always NEEED protien and a carb to feel satisfied and not starving or sick feeling sometimes. when i am eating better i try to choose whole grain carbs as much as possible. i hardly ever eat potatoes anymore.

    yeh i feel like i could be pushed harder at the gym. so, since i dont have jillian or bob i am trying to get the courage to push myself out of my comfort zone and do things on my own that maybe i have done or not, but not alone.

    today i did the strider for 35 min hard the whole time.. then stretched good then went on the eliptical for a 5k.. i decided if the contestants can do it so can i. i was a spec short of 3.11 miles on the strider, 2.9 or something?
    anyway i hate the tredmill and i hate running. but i decided i need to do things that will cause muscle confusion and burn calories. so i walked at a brisk pace and did about 4 short sprints during the 52 minutes it took me to get to 5k (3.11 miles). i challenged myself to see if i could do 8.5 which was a big marker for hanna or her sister? in the show i watched yesterday. i did 7.5 and the last time did 8.5. i was scared i would get road rash tripping and face planting on the belt! so i think i did it about 30 seconds. (i was counting to myself) but i had to slow it down fast! lol cause i was scared! lol but i did it at least. and next time i'll practice "jumping" to the sides like they do. and doing it longer.
    thanks again for your encouragement. i think the reason i let myself kinda go more was that wall i hit for so long and barely getting to 177 but it goes up a few pounds in a few days. (i mean when i am trying not mess up). so prob cause of the few month platue i had i prob subconsiously was checking out a little bit.
    but i want to push past this wall and look back and say it was worth it.
    well i have to get up in 5 hours. gotta go do a massage today!
    ttyl! thanks again!
    3075 days ago
    That is cool how you came back and still have the stamina for your workouts. That means that you have not lost muscle!
    I have been watching the BL this season and I dunno how caught up you are but Right now they are down to the final 4! It's been a very exciting season. I am rooting for Olivia!!
    I got stuck at 184 a few weeks ago and it was very frustrating. I was losing hope! this will sound kinda gross but I was retaining water and shhhh....constipated! I dropped 2 pounds in one day so I know it wasn't weight from fat but weight from other things.
    If you really wannt speed up weight loss I would watch salt and carbs. Those two things make me hang on to weight! I could never give up those things permanently but for a few days I can handle it.
    I know you can do it! You have come so far! I am so happy for you taking a break and being able to come back and workout again! Way to go!

    3075 days ago
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