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Monday, May 16, 2011

Hi everyone

If you've visited our My Nutrition page today you likely noticed some enhancements we made to our food tracker. We made some changes that will make the tracker easier for both new and experienced members, and also adding some new tools such as the ability to search your favorites.

You can click here to read our full announcement and explanation of the changes

If you have any comments or questions please leave a comment here, thanks!

Dave H.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It really is user friendly. I love the tracking feature. It makes you look at all you eat and how good or bad your choices are. I do several days ahead so I can make necessary changes if needed.
    2565 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2011 12:37:44 PM
    Why is it adding Activia Strawberry Parfait to my daily snack, counted as if I have eaten it? It's very annoying to have to delete it from each day. I am allergic to aspartame and sucralose so I would never choose it. Is there a way to permanently remove it from my tracker?
    2568 days ago
    Love this site!!! Love the new food tracker!!! Love the bigger font size, the search function on the "favorites" tracker, the checklist boxes on favorites so I can check off everything at once. Also like it that the search feature does not revert to the default setting if you are searching with certain parameters in place like "no fast food".

    Can you add a "move" feature for us blondes who put an entire list of foods under the wrong meal? Maybe it can check the time of day and a window can pop up that says "Did you really mean BREAKFAST?"

    Just an idea.
    PS My husband is getting jealous because I enjoy spending so much time with you and you're making me feel so good about myself. emoticon
    2571 days ago
    I love it! Thanks.
    2572 days ago
  • LALA0123
    2572 days ago
    Thanks for the update!!!
    2573 days ago
    The new tracker features are nice, but I still wish that more of the lines fit on one view, without having to scroll down the page to add foods. That's not a big deal, but I was pretty dismayed that today's Activia ad took up about 1/3rd of the screen!
    2576 days ago
    I like the new tracker! Now it will be easier to track my food, instead of always writing it in a notebook.
    2578 days ago
  • ARTIST2002
    Help! When I add a food to the Daily Tracker from my Favorites list, and I put in two servings, the tracker the tracker multiples the calorie count by 2000 instead of 2. Obviously, this makes tracking my total number of calories per day impossible. What can I do?
    2579 days ago
    Thank you SO much! I am dial-up internet because we live in a rural area- I had all but given up tracking food because it took so long. I am thrilled that I can track my food now!
    2581 days ago
    Dave: I am allergic to several foods and they keep coming up every day on the meal plan. Is there a way to stop having certain specific foods (like Oranges) show up in the meal plan.
    2582 days ago
  • JUNEBUG1944
    Thanks! It is so much easier and quicker to use! You rock!
    2584 days ago
    Woooow! I love the new Nutrition Tracker. It makes all the tracking SO much easier...! Thanks!
    2584 days ago
    Spot ON. I am so tickled with the new food tracker feature. I wish it would have been sooner, but I am now impressed. Congratulations, and I am back!!!! {{{Hugs}}}
    2587 days ago
    Great job on the updates! Thank you! ~Julie

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2588 days ago
    I've been meaning to stop by to say thanks for the added tracking features. It's been a huge help and time saver - especially on the days that I track the whole day in one sitting. Much appreciated!!
    2589 days ago
    Love the new enhancements - thank you Mr Spark! They are so much easier, faster and cooler!
    2589 days ago
  • CAPER85
    I love the new enhancements! Makes tracking so much easier! Thanks SparkPeople!
    2589 days ago
  • 4URYOU
    My hubby is diabetic , this is a great idea
    2589 days ago
    2589 days ago
    By the way, a week after the launch, just wanted to stop by and tell you that I really do love it!! So much faster to track.
    2589 days ago
    I love this new tracker! I can enter the whole day at once very quickly without pop-up windows. It's another way SparkPeople makes it easier for us.

    emoticon emoticon
    2590 days ago
  • JODY-S.
    I noticed it last week when I decided to start tracking again. I love the change. It's much faster than having to press enter and then waite for it to complete, after each entry.
    2590 days ago
    Dave, Sparkpeople's nutrition tracker has been very helpful, but I'm still waiting for the ability to copy entire days onto other entire days. The ability to add and rename meals/snacks is great, but how can I delete default meals like lunch? I've added an 11:00 AM Lunch and a 2:00 PM Lunch, so I don't need the default Lunch anymore.

    2590 days ago
  • KITTY1970
    This is way easier to do the favorites & all but the "enter a food not listed" is not real easy to do b/c I'll have to go back & enter it in in the old way; which I don't mind to do. Thank you for your continued improvements.

    2590 days ago
  • VONN06
    I like it; makes it easier to track. Thanks
    2590 days ago
    Much quicker and easier to use, Thankyou
    2590 days ago
  • 77WENDY77
    Love the changes. Makes tracking easier.
    2590 days ago
  • FRED1027
    I think the new tracker is awesome, especially how you can choose from your recipes and favorites so easily. I will be using this on my iPad instead of the app in most cases for food. Maybe we can get something like his for the fitness tracker. Great job guys!!!!
    2590 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/22/2011 7:30:05 PM
    I have been using the new tracker since it was launched and I really love it. It is so much quicker and easier to use. Thanks for the updates.
    2590 days ago
  • MYSTIC48
    I love the new tracker set up!
    2590 days ago
    Very, very nice changes. I absolutely love the search tool in favorites and also that I can now add multiple favorites at one time and even choose what meal to add it to. Very slick! These new changes make the nutrition tracker easier and faster to use, IMO, but I think it's great that you left the old pop-up version as an option for those who might not want to change. You guys do a great job on this site! Thanks!
    2590 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/22/2011 4:58:11 PM
    I like it!
    2590 days ago
    I liked how it updates more than one item at a time. MUCH FASTER.
    Kudos.... emoticon
    2590 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/22/2011 3:36:13 PM
  • VCZK2TJ17
    new nutrition tracker is WONDERFUL! MUCH easier to deal with. Thank you.
    2590 days ago
    Love it. So much easier.
    2590 days ago
    I tried the new system, and didn't like it. Thanks for leaving the option to use the old popup system.

    I like the suggestion to add boxes for deleting multiple items after putting them on by mistake. I've done the same thing as someone else mentioned - copied a meal (love this feature) and then found out I copied it to the wrong place and then had to delete items one at a time...

    Thanks for everything!
    2590 days ago
    I just discovered the new nutrition tracker today. I have been tracking all week from my iphone. I love the new tracker. It makes tracking faster and easier. Thanks for always looking for new ways to improve things for us
    2590 days ago
    I have no problems using new tracker, however, I have times when I press "add food to tracker" and it ignores me (kind of like my teenage daughter!). emoticon I then go back to another screen and back into the nutrition tracker and it then adds food when I ask it to. Also, I notice sometimes my start page isn't up to date with the correct calorie counts. Again, I go into another page and go back and it updates then properly. Didn't have this issue with last nutrition tracker. Overall,I love the nutrition tracker (and the entire site)!!! It has helped me lose about 20 lbs. so far!! emoticon
    2590 days ago
  • -CORAL-
    The new changes are great! Thanks!!
    2590 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/22/2011 1:57:09 PM
    i am loving it!!! so much easier to use...
    2590 days ago
    I love this new change!!!! Thank you!!!!!
    2590 days ago
  • ALYLES123
    New process is awesome! Entering my data is much quicker and easier. A shout out to the team who put it together. Just one suggestion...On the tracker page: a box next to each item that can be checked so that multiple items can be removed at once rather than removing one item at a time. I erroneously copied a meal twice and had to delete each item one at a time. Not too much of a bother, but more time consuming.

    Thanks for the update! emoticon
    2590 days ago
    I actually really don't like the new system. I'm glad you left the old pop up version because that was much easier to use and that's the way I use it now.
    2590 days ago
    Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!! I just have one suggestion if i may!!! Is there anyway to make the favorites list unlimited cause everytime i put something new on my favorites it takes something else off!! or am I dont something wrong!! If i am can somebody let me know what I am doing wrong
    2590 days ago
    Thank you! It makes it so much easier to track!
    2590 days ago
    Thank you! The whole process is so much easier now -- no excuses for not logging every morsel!
    2590 days ago
    love it love it!!
    thank you thank you
    makes my life easier and way way faster


    it is great!
    2590 days ago
    I like being able to select multiple ingredients at once.
    2590 days ago
    Thank you!
    2591 days ago
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