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Dusty Ankles & Spider Secrets

Monday, May 16, 2011

I walked along a local "lake" water reservoir trail for a few miles today with NEWSGIRL2177 (Heather) and another friend. We got our ankles all dusty from the brisk pace on the (mostly unpaved) trail! It was the first time I coordinated an event where I hadn't previously been, so I was particularly proud of myself. It worked out well, we had a good time and missed the drizzle that started well after we returned to our cars. Yay!

During the walk I was all dreamy and sighing about nature, and thinking about the few childhood years I spent in Fallbrook, CA, playing in empty fields, and exploring. Heather spotted a crazy yellow & black snake by a creek we decided not to cross. (Looked like this one)

I think it was a California King Snake (Heather - that's nonvenomous, and considered harmless to humans. Hooray!) Plus I think it was deceased.

When we were taking a short break on the boat dock, we saw a Forster's Tern take a dramatic dive into the water after food! The lake was populated solely by Clark's grebes. And there were plenty of Sage Sparrow, and a couple of Great-Tailed Grackles fanning their tails near our turnaround. I wished I had brought my camera.

Feeling like such a nature-girl, I was planning my next hike and explorations, had coffee, got essentials at Target, and finally returned home. After awhile of tracking the trail on Spark Fitness, I was drying off from the shower when I pulled out half of a dead spider FROM MY EAR! It was so weird that I was a bit incredulous at first, but quickly wanted to remove anything else that was in there with minimal damage to my body.

(Okay, side-note, one of the few actual fears I have is bugs in orifices. It's what makes the harmless silverfish bug so creepifying to me.)

So with my mind racing, I asked my husband to grab a tiny flashlight and look into my ear. He thought he saw something still.. I quickly grabbed the bulb irrigator from the bathroom that I've used a million times in helping him with ear wax, and go to the kitchen to prepare water for a flush. He said, "Okay! I'm going to shower now!" But I couldn't do it myself, and he had no experience using it, so it was frustrating for us both while my panic and creep-factor was rising. We managed.

I genuinely like spiders, just not when they are ON me (or in me, eww). I needed a method to help calm myself down, and start trusting that there aren't spiders hiding in my towels, or jumping onto me in the shower, etc., or that the risk of bodily invasion is too high to enjoy another trail. I've tried all day to think of this experience differently. Like: What secrets would a spider be trying to tell me that I could apply to my life & stressors?

So far I've only got a few:
*You can always make a new web!
*Diligent work pays off!
*Good things will come your way!

It's working! Mostly. ;D
I just want to recapture that nature girl feeling...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I lost track of you for a while (my ineptness, not yours) and was SO happy today when I saw your name pop up as I followed some friend feed activity!

    I like spiders and snakes too, although they do startle me a lot when they pop out at me. I like them best when I am the approacher and not the approachee!

    I enjoy very much your idea of getting the message from what is "bugging" you (sorry, couldn't resist). I do that with people all the time; I'm going to branch out now!

    Thanks for a fun & ponderable blog!
    2518 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/4/2011 8:09:23 AM
    Peroxide is the best thing. I live in the country and believe me. Bugs love me and spiders and Blackflies yell when I come out. Here she comes. Buffet.

    Spiders are freaky.

    Interesting blog but as Dawn said. She likes them.

    I am not a fan of spiders. Yikes.

    Continue your day then may the evening be awesome!

    2524 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/29/2011 1:01:39 PM
    The walk sounds lovely. Congrats on setting it up.

    Sorry to hear about the spider situation.
    2536 days ago
  • ABB698
    Ewww CREEPY Joce! Hope it's all better now and you are on the mend!
    2536 days ago
  • FLOWER1967
    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!! Spider in your ear !?!?!?!!? Ok...theres a good reason to listen to an Ipod while you walk !

    2537 days ago
    Yikes! A spider in my ear would freak me out, too....normally I don't mind them at all. I hope you get the nature girl feeling back. It's so nice to get out there and enjoy it - especially in the beautiful part of the world you're in with decent weather all year.
    2537 days ago
    Feeling really glad the exterminator came by our apartment today!
    2537 days ago
    My husband had a dead one in his ear a few years ago. I HATE spiders so upon seeing it I screamed, threw everything that was in my hands, and called my mother to come take care of it! Peroxide! You put a few drops in, it bubbles and the nasty little booger comes rolling out. I made him go to the Dr.'s to check for remnants, he said peroxide was the best thing we could have done and was also kind enough to explain exactly how common this is. I still sleep with cotton in my ears!
    2537 days ago
    Hopefully you got all the spider removed and can go on with your lovely day. Glad that you had an excellent walk. Sounds like fun. I personally love spiders. The message that I would get from being whispered in my ear is NEVER GIVE UP. No matter how many times someone or something comes along and destroys the spider's web... spin spin spin, they rebuild it again. Thanks for such an interesting Blog title. It brought me to your page and you write very well. Love, Dawn emoticon emoticon
    2537 days ago
  • NEWSGIRL2177
    ! The spider thing would have had me climbing walls! I'm glad it worked out OK. Yikes.

    2537 days ago
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time! The spider thing is freaky! I am not normally scared of bugs or animals, but I would freak if one were on me or in me. Eek. I love nature and hiking is something I want to do more of, now that I can. :)
    2537 days ago
    I do NOT like spiders.

    I think I would especially dislike one in my ear. The only good thing I think I could take away from that scenario is knowing that it was DEAD. And having half of it still in there??? Oh God.

    ...then I'd wonder if there were ANY MORE in there...


    The walk sounds awesome, though...

    2537 days ago
    Okay, the spider thing is the stuff of nightmares, but I'm glad you were able to turn it into something positive!
    2537 days ago
    2537 days ago
  • CAITB21
    Haha, ew! I would be totally creeped out too, but glad you are putting a very positive spin on it! It's a totally random event that I'm sure will never happen again! Sounds like you had a great hike, keep it up :o)
    2537 days ago
    sounds like you had a great hike, but bugs and snakes freak me out , especially if i come across them while on a walk.
    glad you are doing good, keep up the good work.
    2537 days ago
    Awww, nice that the hike worked out so well and I admit that I chuckled with the spider bit, though... I would have a small heart attack if that happened to me. Once, I was cutting the grass and went inside to take a shower and ran my finger through my hair and there was a TICK IN my head!!!! I was freaking out and my dad was like "would you calm down, please?" so relaxed. I was like "dude, there's nothing chewing on your scalp, get this thing off of me!!!" lol So yes, I understand. Bugs are good, just when they arent ON you :) Phew. hehe

    P.S. I love it that you are a nature girl :) XOXO
    2537 days ago
    aww that sounds like such a good time. Being a nature girl is so much fun, and kind of makes you feel like a kid again.
    2537 days ago
    Glad you had a nice time minus the spider. I am not a fan of bugs at all. I would of had a heart attack, sO I am happy to see that you have a positive side to all of this.
    2537 days ago
    beautiful nature always recharges you, bugs not so much lol i love your blog
    2537 days ago
    Good to know you worked out today (Sunday) and so did I! Miss our get togethers. I have been reading your past posts and I always feel like I can do what you do. Your - No matter WTH happens to me, attitude- inspires me. I understand the stressors of your life and marvel at how open you are. Here, in this safe environment called SPARKPEOPLE.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2537 days ago
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