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Monday, May 16, 2011

When I look at my children and many others I get a disturbing view. I am afraid in our quest to give our children more than what we had we have created monsters. They are the entitlement generation. They want what they want now and with no strings attached. No personal responsibility either. I have witnessed first hand what happens when "I" becomes more important than anything else and it is scarey. The poor poor pitiful me nobody has ever had it as rough as I do mentality is rampant through todays teens and early twentys. I wanted to fix what I thought was bad about my childhood and now I am trying to figure out how to UN-fix it.
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    There are some excellent schools of thought here! I am also concerned with all the "Things" kids seem to think they must have....I see them everywhere, texting, nose stuck in a DSL, playing video games on a hand held gadget...often while sitting across from someone who is being totally ignored!!

    My granddaughter received a 4 wheeler for her 5th birthday...(yes, a real one!!) by the time she was six she was often too busy to talk, (DSL...) I have been the one who buys the majority of her clothes, and I admit I have gone all out....I do feel self image is a HUGE thing while we are growing up, and if they don't have nice enough clothes..., well you know how kids are....

    I am as perplexed and disturbed by the media as anyone, what is on TV during prime time family viewing hours is bout that "Lady GaGa"?? Don't even get me started on the movies that are invading our world...OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!Where is it going to end? Read revelations for that answer!!

    The only thing I know to say is, parents get them in a good, down to earth, non-judgmental, B I B L E teaching church at a young age, and do whatever it takes to keep them interested in that area of life!! Yes, I do realize that is very difficult to find that type of church! It can be done tho! My church is a great example of that very thing! The youth group is given TOP priority, they have the entire church on Wednesday evening. They are being taught that life is what you make of it, with self disciple, love of GODs word, respect, moral values, and self worth as their top issues! They are called H2O, and have their own dance, music, and also acting opportunities! I have seen several of their performances, it is obvious that when given the chance, lots of love and adult intervention, those kids bring so so much talent and enthusiasm to the is so uplifting to watch!!! I am serious, it blows me away how much talent they possess!! I wonder how many youth do not ever tap into the talents they are born with, because no one ever encourages them or guides them to do much wasted potential...

    Sorry I did go on and on here!! I share your concerns!!


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    3398 days ago
    Bill, you are so right. I am surrounded everyday by children and adults who all seem to have this sense of entitlement. We would like to think that by the time a person reaches the age of a "responsible adult", they would learn to take responsibility seriously, and not to force their "entitlement issues" on everyone else. As we all know, it is not necessarily so. This is a great blog, and I wish it could be published worldwide.

    3413 days ago
    I know exactly what you mean. When you figure it out, let the rest of us know. Glad to "read" you! Love, Dawn emoticon emoticon
    3415 days ago
    As a 24 year old, sadly I sometimes get lumped in with the "me" generation. It's appalling how much they want without giving anything in return! Entitlements have really ruined our society (being in the US) and I hope that conscientious people my age can raise our kids the way I was raised: grown-ups deserve respect because they're grown-ups, so say "Mr. And Mrs."; you need to work for what you get; and you should share your talents and abilities because you have them, not because someone "deserves" them. Sometimes, people don't "deserve" respect, but you give it to them anyway because, like right-of-way, it's something that can only be given not taken. But I think on top of all that, people need to stop blaming the media and "society" an realize that parents need to take responsibility for raising their kids and stop giving it to the TV. It all starts in the home! Thank you for sharing! :)
    3415 days ago
    We always want to believe every successive younger generation will "grow out of it" and become productive society members, but look at our congressmen and women, they want to cut spending for others but demand pork projects for their districts. More of the "I want it and want it now" mentality. It's nice to read that there are still some of us around who know what it is like to wait for something, to work and save before spending. Thanks for a good observation. -- Lou
    3416 days ago
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    Your words are very true! What I have found is parents and guardians who want to give their children everything. There seems to be no restraint or limit to how far some will go to provide their children with the best, brightest, most expensive toys and clothes, while missing the opportunity to give them what, thankfully my mother gave to me as a child...strong work ethic, honesty and integrity, civility, decency, respect for others.
    And, the most important of all the gifts that my mother gave me, she instilled in me, by example, the importance of a strong faith in God!!!
    3416 days ago
    I agree with you Bill.

    3416 days ago
    This is one of the reasons why we've chosen not to have children. No matter how well you teach them, society can and is a far greater influence at times leaving you dealing with behaviors that you would've gotten knocked into tomorrow for even contemplating. I'm embarrassed at the job my generation is doing at parenting or should I say not doing. Sometimes I think if we could go live in a neighborhood that is without technology (more than half the problem for all of the 'good' it brings) that we might've changed our minds but nope, not the way things are right now and the future doesn't look to right things.
    3416 days ago
    So true...but since we are at least partially responsible for them turning out this way, perhaps we can help them get back to where we really intended in the first place? Correction with loving respect? That might work. And, of course, continuing to be a good example of the values we want them to have. Sigh, not easy but could be done.

    I say "partially responsible" because I think a certain part of it is the message delivered by media that bombards them constantly.

    3416 days ago
    AMEN! from a 5x grandma.
    3416 days ago
    I think where some go wrong is they long to give to their kids, so they give them "stuff," instead of giving them what we didn't have... reasons to feel good about ourselves, reasons to be proud of our accomplishments, reasons to feel secure in our homes, certain of our parents' love, reasons to respect authority and to know what honor is, and to value it. It's a lot easier to buy our kids electronics and vehicles and outrageously expensive clothes than it is to invest in those other things on a day to day basis.
    3416 days ago

    3416 days ago
    Ahh, Bill, you are so RIGHT! It is tough, but I believe that even though we've really made a mess of things sometimes, GOD can straighten them out for us in His way. Uh-hem.. NO, this is NOT Missy talking, but I think I learned it from HER! emoticon
    3416 days ago
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