The Mighty Powerful Square Box

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Funny how a little square that sits on the floor that may take a tiny battery can have so much power. Why do we let it control our moods, our progress, our lives?

Every morning I wake up and run to my little friend to see if he will tell me good news, "Oh Powerful One, please tell me what I want to hear" "I have worked so hard today and I'm really trying". Standing there waiting for the digits to move, grasping my hands looking down with anticipation and then it happens, the magical number appears. The Powerful One is laughing at me, saying sucker, I think I will mess with you and say you gained 3lbs. ha ha thats what you get for stepping on my so hard yesterday! I say "I'm sorry, I'll be better tomorrow", as I walk away with a frown on my face. Thinking what can I do to fix this?

Then the next day I step on the Powerful One and it says you lost 2lbs, woohoo!! The scale blankly looks up at me and thinks I got you under my control now. I'm so happy, I knew I could be better!! I love today, I feel great!!! I'm so excited for that 2lbs loss that I step on my little buddy, my best friend before bed to make sure I kept off that 2lbs., you know I'm loving him now, he told me I lost 2lbs, and it said I gained 2lbs, thats fine because I know when I step on him in the morning, he'll say you lost it. So I don't fret, I know I'm looking good and losing weight, I'm feeling sexy!!

Then the morning comes and the scale didn't move, what the "F"? Now I'm depressed, why did that happened? What did I do to my little friend to make him tell me horrible things? Why do I put so my emphasis on a little digital box on my floor. He can't tell me how much salt I had, he can't tell me how much muscle I gained, he can't tell me that ok, maybe you ate a little to much, he can't tell me what program to do to lose weight. I know all this, you know all this, so why do we let him get us down? I love my little friend when he tells me good news, but I can't let him upset me when he doesn't. From here on out, it's once a week visit to the Mighty Powerful Square Box that lives on my bathroom floor. We can't let him and all his friends dictate our moods and lives.

So long, I will miss seeing you everyday, but I think once a week is enough, don't you?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Very nice. Weighing daily can become a really horrible obsession. For me, it almost turned into a serious problem. Once, I lost 10 lbs in one month and freaked out because it wasn't enough (I had also been weighing in daily). Some nice friends in the forums over at Weight Watchers (before I discovered SparkPeople) told me I was being crazy. I stopped weighing in daily after that.
    3239 days ago
  • JANEY102482
    Love it! I just did the same thing recently and decided to "break up" with my scale, aside from one weigh in on the weekend. The scale really does have the power to make you feel awesome or horrible, and that is just no fun. Congrats to you on your wonderful success! You look GREAT and are truly an inspiration. :)
    3335 days ago
    Yes, I agree 100%. You are not a slave to the scale. It is your tool to help you. In the short term scales lie. In fact, google on "why the scale lies" and then read all the reasons. But in the long run the scale will reward your efforts. Just keep with it.

    Keep up your good eating and accurate tracking. Do the exercise you know you need to do, and you will see your efforts rewarded -- at least eventually. Never, never give up!! It is so easy to get discouraged and give up when all you really need to do is keep doing your best. You can do it! Keep it up.
    3369 days ago
  • TAMI1691
    use your common sense and dont play the game with the box.
    it silly how we let it control how we feel/
    notice how much better you will start the day when you get used to not weighing in all the time. we all know we fluctuate daily with our weight, but somehow we let it get in our head.
    keep looking forward and know that the long haul forward will be worth it.
    3371 days ago
    I don't know why we put soooo much emphasis on that little square box that also sits on the floor of my bathroom. I try to only visit it once a week (using the other bathroom) but it's voice seems to screech at me every morning when I have to visit that one. Now I gage the way my clothes fit and try to use the other room w/o the little box in it. You are so inspiring to me, keep up the good work.
    3371 days ago
    I absolutely do. I, too, was an everyday weigher. I think with trusting your hard work and weighing weekly, you are more apt to see your true progress - over TIME! We know our weight fluctuates, so seeing the progress week to week is definitely more accurate than day to day. emoticon
    3371 days ago
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