Doritos! McDonald's! Ice Cream! Oh, my!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I always laugh when I see commercials for junk food. The people in them are actors, and are pretty much always thin and fit... but the reality is, if you scarf Whoppers and a 10-piece bucket of chicken often, it's pretty unlikely that you'd look like them. Then again, advertising exists to make you think you can have the best of every world! Be skinny AND eat our sugar- and/or fat-filled food! Unfortunately, you really can't. I WISH I could eat ice cream every day - and I used to, which was part of the reason I weighed 265 pounds as a teenager. But I can't do that anymore.

This is not to say that thin people never eat junk food or heavy people always eat junk food - I know for a FACT that that's a fallacy... but the more you indulge in junk food like Doritos or McDonald's chicken nuggets, the more likely you are to be unhealthy, and the more likely you are to carry around extra fat that your body doesn't need.

I got this thought while watching a commercial where Rachel Bilson leaps over cars to raid a truck full of ice cream. Let me tell you - I WANT that ice cream. Double chocolate ice cream bar? Yes, please! But I was on the treadmill at the time, and I tried to think of how many bars of ice cream (and other generally unhealthy foods) I was burning off... calories and fat I've collected for years... and it made me change my mind about wanting that ice cream.

I have a rule that I stick by pretty strictly. I won't buy anything that's advertised in commercials. (Maybe the occasional Subway sandwich or Apple computer, but not much else.) I buy mostly fresh food at the grocery store and steer clear of pre-packaged crap. Cars? Not for me. Clothes? I TOTALLY prefer thrift stores and clothing swaps to Macy's or Old Navy. I've come to tune commercials out. They never offer anything of value to me. Plus, as I've implied, they really only serve to tempt you. They make you feel like you have a problem or that you are flawed in some way, and that their product is the best and only solution. Unhappy? Buy our delectable pizza! Aging? Buy our specialty cream! Lonely? Gorge on Oreos with a friend! Ugly? Buy our new and improved make-up! Bored? Eat a Snickers! It's silly, really...

This only reaffirms for me the fact that I need to be on the ball when it comes to my food intake. I've been doing really well lately. I've avoided some strong temptations. But my desire to be healthy and fit and live is greater than my desire to fire off a few endorphins indulging in a bowl of ice cream (or two) for a few minutes of my life...

Anywho - just wanted to share this random thought of mine. Hope you're all doing well :]

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    I saw that commercial with Rachel Bilson and I laughed sooooo hard. I had the same thoughts as you. I was like: REALLY PEOPLE?! If you went nuts over ice cream like that, you would not be that skinny. Unless you were constantly running after trucks like that. Then maybe, the cardio would even out that situation.
    Every time I see a McDonald's commercial I feel like puking. Not really... but the thought of that greasy food is rather unpleasant.
    I totally agree with you about thrift stores. I love me some super sale priced clothing! Macy's prices are ridonkulous.
    I'm doing well! I hope you are too!
    3735 days ago
    I think it is great you avoid commercialized items! I do hate that so many bad and unhealthy things are glorified on TV making people who aren't knowledgable enough think that they should eat that stuff!! I love seeing a commercial for milk, veggies, etc. but they are rare.
    I saw Rachel Bilson was promoting the new Magnum Ice -Cream bars- They had them in London when I was there but I never had one so I looked at them when I saw they were here (mind you they were strategically placed next to "diet" ice-creams at teh store) and they have 290 calories in one bar!! Not completely out of control but not something that is acceptable for everyday either.
    Keep up the great work!! I love thrifting too!!
    3735 days ago
    TV commercials are definitely a trigger for me. Most of the TV I watch at home I have DVR'd, so I can fast-foward through them, but even at the gym on the treadmill, a Pizza Hut commercial can come on, and I'll suddenly want that for dinner! I have even had to limit my Food Network watching, because if anything is a trigger, it would be that. I love food tv, but it subconsiously makes me nibble all day.
    3735 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5399895
    Sometimes I think if we went old school and didn't have television people would be happier. You see commercials on tv and you want that dress, food, house, etc......Same with magazines, the people in them are airbrushed and not real yet that is are goal. idk. It's sad:( Great blog!
    3735 days ago
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