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Hello, Beautiful!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have been talking to myself today. Here is the gist of the conversation:

Hi Gorgeous!
You look great!
Sure, you haven't lost all the weight you want to. Yes, your health is not perfect. But you know what? You look better than you have in years! Sure, you did lose 28 lbs, and you have put on about 10 since the surgery. Even with putting a few pounds back on after surgery, you are still much better than when You began. Just imagine what you would have looked like if you had NOT begun. You still weigh 18 lbs less than when you began. Just think, facing surgery would have been horrific, and frightful if you had NOT lost that much weight first. Be patient, girlfriend. You will lose again, concentrate on your health, and keep on moving and eating healthy, and don't forget your water. Get your sleep, focus on keeping stress from swallowing you up and you will keep on going in the healthy direction, I am sure.

How about a photo shoot so you can see just how darn cute you look now? That's right, you are all dolled up anyway. Sure, I will wait for you to try a little makeup and don't forget to put on those new shoes!

Don't forget to grab that sweet hubby of yours and take a photo of him in those nice duds too. Sweet! You both are looking great. And I hear your hubby's weight is below 170! He's lost about 10 lbs in the last couple months. Woo hoo, girl! You need to catch up, and you will.

Take a look at that neck scar! Wow is it fading! Hard to believe you are 2 months post-op. You are doing really well! Hard to believe you had such an awful rash a week ago too! Looking good!

List those blessings:
Great husband! Great sons (two), a sweet daughter-in-love and grandson, and #2 son has a sweet girlfriend too.
A cute little house and a cute little yard.
Two warm fuzzy furballs, I mean cats.

Cute new sandals!

Me and my shadow, Peaches. He did not want to sit still for pictures.

Crackle glass "hornet catcher" that I am using as a candle holder instead (there is a hole on the bottom. - I do not know how to use it as a hornet catcher.) I love crackle glass, and how the light plays on the surfaces.
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